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Song Kang Holds Virtual Live Fan Meeting On 4th March, Free Admission For All Fans 

Song Kang fan meeting 

Head’s up – Song Kang will be holding a virtual live fan meeting on YouTube in partnership with Netflix on 4th March 2022. This fan event seems almost too good to be true – it’s free of charge! 

Virtual Song Kang fan meeting by Netflix

Song Kang fan meeting - Virtual Song Kang fan meeting by Netflix
Image credit: Netflix 

Song Kang’s virtual live fan meeting is good news on its own, but knowing that this is Netflix’s first time hosting an event for a Korean actor makes it all the more exciting. 

Thanks to his multiple collaborations with the streaming giant, starting with Love Alarm (2019), Song Kang has been dubbed the “son of Netflix”. He achieved worldwide recognition in Sweet Home (2020), a suspenseful thriller that explores the idea of humanity. 

Following his breakout role in the Netflix series, Song Kang starred in Nevertheless (2021) alongside Han So-hee. His latest drama, titled Forecasting Love and Weather, is gaining traction on Netflix too!

The virtual fan meeting allows you to engage with Song Kang on a personal level through a Q&A quiz hosted by Netflix. This means you get a peek into his day-to-day life as he shares more about his pastime and hobbies.

The event will be streamed via Netflix’s K-drama YouTube channel THE SWOON

Free admission for fans worldwide 

Song Kang fan meeting - Free admission for fans worldwide 
Image credit: Netflix 

The fan meeting hosted by Netflix will be held virtually, and anyone and everyone can participate for free!

There’s only one condition to fulfil: you must be a fan of Song Kang.

The one-hour fan meeting will be streamed in English simultaneously, so most international fans won’t have to worry about not understanding what oppa is saying.

After the event, the livestream will be uploaded with subtitles in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

If you’ve any questions for Song Kang oppa, ask away via this Google Form. Who knows, you might be the lucky one and have your questions answered!

Song Kang to hold fan meeting on 4th March

Song Kang fan meeting - Song Kang to hold fan meeting on 4th March
Image credit: Netflix

To all Song Kang fans, take note that the virtual live fan meeting will be held on 4th March 2022 at 8PM KST. All you have to do is visit The SWOON to engage with your oppa. We hope you have a whale of a time!

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Cover image adapted from: Netflix