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Seoul Vibe On Netflix To Be Released On 26th August, Stars Yoo Ah-in & Ko Kyung-pyo

Seoul Vibe on Netflix 

On 25th June 2021, the cast lineup of the upcoming film Seoul Vibe was confirmed. It has been slightly more than a year since the release of our stellar cast, and Netflix emerged from nowhere with not only the release date of the film, but also a 2-minute-long trailer to hype us up.  

Featuring a star-studded cast

Seoul Vibe Netflix - promotional poster
Image credit: Netflix 

Amongst other reasons, fans are anticipating Seoul Vibe because of the a solid cast with both experienced and budding actors. 

Yoo Ah-in, who previously worked with Netflix on Hellbound, is one of the protagonists in Seoul Vibe. 

Seoul Vibe Netflix - Yoo Ah-in and Ko Kyung-pyo in Chicago Typewriter
Image credit: tvN

Acting alongside him are Ko Kyung-pyo and Lee Kyoo-hyung, who proved their acting chops in Reply 1988 and Prison Playbook respectively. Coincidentally, Ko Kyung-pyo co-starred in Chicago Typewriter in 2017 with Yoo Ah-in.

The cast also includes budding actress Park Ju-hyun and idol-turned-actor Ong Seong-wu. You may recognise the actress from the Netflix series Extracurricular, as well as the popular thriller drama Mouse. Oh, and she also won a Baeksang Arts Award for her role in Extracurricular – no biggie.

Vibey trailer with impressive visuals

Seoul Vibe Netflix - starting scene of the trailer
Image adapted from: Netflix Asia

Hip hop and retro – combined to form “hip-tro” – are two prominent motifs in the trailer as it begins with a vibey beat from a tape titled “Seoul Vibe mixtape 1988”.

Seoul Vibe Netflix - racing car scene in the trailer
Image adapted from: Netflix Asia

The movie is set during the 1988 Seoul Olympics, and it revolves around a team of professional drivers called the “Samgyedong Supreme Team”.

Seoul Vibe Netflix - trailer scene
Image adapted from: Netflix Asia

The Samgyedong Supreme Team is hired to investigate a robbery that involves prominent figures.  

Don’t miss out on the trailer: 

Video credit: Netflix Asia

Catch Seoul Vibe this August on Netflix 

Seoul Vibe Netflix - promotional poster
Image credit: Netflix 

If you enjoy a good adrenaline rush and thrilling scenes, don’t sleep on Seoul Vibe. The film will be released globally on 26th August.

Seoul Vibe is only available on Netflix. 

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