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Sanrio Lovers Club: Pop-Up Store & Cafe In Seoul To Make All Your Sanrio Dreams Come To Life

Sanrio Lovers Club 

Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin – if you know all these characters, chances are, you’re a Sanrio fan. And if so, and you’re in Seoul, you’ll want to head to Sanrio Lovers Club, a pop-up store and cafe that’s furnished and decorated with all things Sanrio. 

Fair warning: you may just melt from the cuteness oozing out from every corner of this cafe. 

Sanrio decor brimming in every corner 

Sanrio Lovers Club - locker room
Image adapted from: 솜비

The first thing you’ll notice when you enter Sanrio Lovers Club is how the cafe is packed with photo zones. Literally every corner offers up a photo-op, including the super cute pink-and-purple locker room that has Sanrio character stickers pasted all over pastel purple lockers and plushies lying everywhere. 

Sanrio Lovers Club - Hello Kitty armchair
Image credit: ssun

In another corner of the same room, you’ll find a pink Hello Kitty armchair that you can sit and experience what it’s like to be Sanrio royalty.

Sanrio Lovers Club - bathroom style photo zone
Image credit: @_____uc___

There’s also a bathroom-style photo zone decorated with an entire wall of Sanrio character plushies and a standing bathtub that has a giant Hello Kitty lying in it.

Sanrio Lovers Club - Pompompurin zone and Pochacco zone
Pompompurin zone and Pochacco zone.
Image adapted from: @_____uc___ and 원정대

Each Sanrio character has a zone that is dedicated to them. These zones are decked out in furniture and decor that complements the Sanrio characters, so you can sit at your favourite character’s area and soak in their cute vibes. 

Sanrio Lovers Club - Sanrio standees and backdrop
Image adapted from: @xxsoniajxx and @be_gxin

After you’ve thoroughly explored the inside of the cafe, head outside to see and take photos with character standees and a huge Sanrio Lovers Club backdrop. 

Pop-up store with limited-edition goods

Sanrio Lovers Club - Sanrio goods
Image adapted from: 은비 and 겸디푸디

Sanrio Lovers Club has a pop-up store where you can get everything Sanrio-related – from keychains to pouches, notebooks and even building blocks.

Sanrio Lovers Club - Sanrio mugs and glasses
Image credit: @amy_a

There are mugs, glasses and tumblers that come in a variety of designs. The prices of mugs start from KRW15,000 (~USD11.43) and the tall glasses, KRW17,000 (~USD13).

Sanrio Lovers Club - sanrio building blocks
Image adapted from:

The pop-up store also sells Sanrio character building blocks. The prices of the building blocks vary depending on their sizes; smaller sets like the Cinnamoroll figure cost KRW55,900 (~USD42.76) each and bigger sets like the Kuromi figure are going for KRW61,900 (~USD47.35) each.

Sanrio Lovers Club - keyring
Image adapted from:

Sanrio Lovers Club - Acrylic sanrio keychains
Image adapted from: 낭만

There are also keyrings that are priced from KRW3,500 (~USD2.68) each, which make for great souvenirs for your fellow Sanrio fans who are not able to visit the cafe in person.

Sanrio Lovers Club - Sanrio plushies
Image adapted from: @rain_stone99

Before you leave the giftshop, you’ll want to bring one of these soft and cuddly Sanrio character plushies (from KRW23,000, ~USD17.61) home.

Seasonal desserts according to characters’ birthday month

Sanrio Lovers Club - Pochacco birthday cake
Image adapted from: 우당탱탱

Sanrio Lovers Club offers a different cake every month to celebrate the birth months of the Sanrio characters.

Sanrio Lovers Club - cinnamoroll birthday cake
Image credit: @lsss1994 

For example, Cinnamoroll’s birthday falls in March, so Sanrio Lovers Club had a limited-edition menu consisting of a cake and parfait that comes decorated with it that month.

Sanrio Lovers Club - Kuromi Cherry Chocolate Cake
Image credit: 예브

Sanrio Lovers Club also holds special events and celebrations that serve limited-edition desserts. Because Kuromi won the first place in the 2022 Sanrio character grand awards, Sanrio Lovers Club will be serving the limited-edition Kuromi Cherry Chocolate Cake (KRW12,000, ~USD9.18) from now till 31st August 2022.

Sanrio Lovers Club - sanrio desserts
Image credit: @haefww_

Other than these seasonal cakes, Sanrio Lovers Club also has a wide selection of desserts.

Sanrio Lovers Club - Sanrio character cupcakes
Image credit: @hey_seol

There are two types of cakes, the layered cakes and cupcakes. You can buy the Hello Kitty, Kuromi and Pochacco character cupcakes at KRW6,500 (~USD4.98) each

Sanrio Lovers Club - Pompompurin banana cake
Image credit: @purini_pompom

If you prefer the layered cream cakes, the cafe also offers Pompompurin banana cake, Cinnamoroll rainbow cake, Little Twin Stars rainbow cake, as well as My Melody strawberry cake which cost KRW7,500 (~USD5.74) each.

Sanrio Lovers Club - cookiepop and ice cream
Image adapted from: @haefww_ and 흙만지는영이

Those who are not fans of cakes can go for other desserts such as the Sanrio character cookie pops (KRW5,500, ~USD4.21) and Sanrio character ice cream (KRW5,000, ~USD3.83).

Getting to Sanrio Lovers Club

Sanrio Lovers Club - entrance
Image credit: @s_a_k_i_1054

Sanrio Lovers Club will be operating till 28th February 2023, so Sanrio fans will want to make their way there before it ceases operation! The cafe and pop-up store is located conveniently in an alley right next to the bustling Hongdae Festival street. 

​​How to get there: 

  • Take Line 2 to Hongik University Station and leave by Exit 9.
  • Walk for 13 minutes and you’ll arrive at Sanrio Lovers Club.

Take note that reservations are compulsory to enter the Sanrio Lovers Club. You can make your reservation here.

Address: 364-14 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Opening Hours: 12pm-9pm, Daily
Contact: 02-332-6110 | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @honostagraam, @travel_riha and @rain_stone99