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Peach Gray: A Cafe In Songpa Where You Can Watercolour Paint & Eat Pancakes At The Same Time

Peach Gray cafe in Songpa

Korea has a reputation for unique and aesthetic-looking cafes, and it seems like they’ve stepped up their game with Peach Gray, a cafe where you can entertain yourself by painting with watercolours while enjoying your food and drinks. 

Unwind while watercolour painting 

dessert on a tray shaped like a watercolour palette
Image credit: @peach_gray

Peach Gray may look like an ordinary cafe on the outside, but there’s something special on the inside – customers get to paint with watercolours.

top view of dessert and ade on a watercolour palette tray
Image credit: @peach_gray

After purchasing any item from the cafe’s menu, customers can pay an extra fee of KRW3,000 (~USD2.33) to receive a watercolour paint palette, a painting brush, and two pieces of watercolour paper.

two ades on a watercolour palette tray
Image credit: @peach_gray

The watercolour palette doubles as a tray for your food and drinks, as well as the essentials you need to paint away. Extra sheets of paper cost only KRW500 (~USD0.39) per piece, so don’t worry about accidentally messing up your artwork!

customers' drawings of studio ghibli characters
Image adapted from: @lexxierra

If you are not so confident in your artistic abilities, the cafe can provide you with templates and stencils. 

Cosy and colourful interior

Image credit: @zeroiron_pic

After completing your painting, you can choose to either bring your artwork home or pin it up on the cafe’s art board.

Image credit: @peach_gray

The vibrant art board is a welcome contrast to the neutral tones that drape the rest of the cafe.

Image credit: @bujowithbayaraa531

The art board showcases the customers’ artistic talents and their interests – some of them painted their favourite characters and celebrities such as Emma Stone’s rendition of Cruella de Vil, BTS’ Jungkook, and Toy Story’s Jessie.

interior of the cafe with art board
Image credit: @peach_gray

The interior of the cafe is clean and uncluttered, and is decorated with dried flowers and potted plants.

interior view of cafe with the outside surroundings in the background
Image credit: @peach_gray

Although the cafe is small in size and can accommodate only 15 to 20 customers, the atmosphere is not hectic and customers can immerse themselves in their craft while enjoying calming music and a peaceful atmosphere. 

Signature fluffy pancakes and fruit ades

snow pancakes with palette in the background
Image credit: @clarakelly.eats

It’s not compulsory to paint at this cafe – those who aren’t interested in watercolour painting can simply visit the cafe to enjoy their food and drinks.

Image credit: @peach_gray

Peach Gray’s signature menu is their fluffy pancakes, which range from KRW10,000 (~USD7.75) to KRW16,800 (~USD13.02).

top view of a plate of cream fruit pancakes
Image credit: @peach_gray

There are four variations of their fluffy pancakes: butter pancakes, snow pancakes, cream fruit pancakes, and choco brown pancakes.

dessert and ade on a watercolour palette tray
Image credit: @peach_gray

red grapefruit and strawberry milk
Image adapted from: @peach_gray and @peach_gray

Their menu also includes an assortment of drinks, such as red grapefruit (KRW7,000, ~USD5.43) and strawberry milk (KRW7,000, ~USD5.43).

beverages available in the cafe
Image credit: @peach_gray

Other beverages include coffee and fruit ades, which range from KRW5,000 (~USD3.88) to KRW7,000 (~USD5.43) and cater to all palates. 

Getting to Peach Gray

If just sitting in a cafe and chatting with your friends is too boring of an affair for you, Peach Gray is the perfect place for you to unwind by expressing yourself artistically.

Peach Gray is undergoing a break as of now and will be reopening in early June 2022.

How to get there: 

  • From Seokchon (Hansol Hospital) Station, go to Exit 1. 
  • From the exit, walk straight towards the Hyundai Real Estate Broker Office
  • Turn right when you pass by Hyundai Real Estate Broker Office and head towards Shine Animal Medical Center
  • After passing by Shine Animal Medical Center, turn left and walk towards Studio Kiwi
  • Upon seeing Studio Kiwi, turn right and walk for around 141m until you reach a restaurant called Aunet
  • Then, turn right and walk for 13m and you’ll reach Peach Gray.

Pro-tip: use Naver Maps to find your way around Korea.

Address: 2F, 25 Songpa-dong, Seoul
Opening hours: 12pm-9pm, Closed on Tuesdays

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Cover image adapted from: @y20jin, @peach_gray and @artbyawindow