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Alpaca World: The Largest Alpaca Ranch In Korea Where You Can Take A Fluffy Friend On A Walk

Alpaca World in Gangwon-do

Not to be confused with their larger cousins, llamas, alpacas are intelligent and gentle animals who love being around others.

At Alpaca World, you’ll be able to meet dozens of these fluffy giants and other exotic animals, and even interact with them up close and personal. 

Walk and interact with alpacas up close

Alpaca World - running alpacas
Image credit: @rrreum_11

Alpaca World opened its doors in 2017, and it’s the largest alpaca ranch in Korea. It’s located in Gangwon-do, a mountainous province outside of Seoul. 

With over 20 alpacas residing in the farm, it is heaven on earth for alpaca lovers and a great place for family-bonding. 

Alpaca World - Alpaca Healing WalkImage adapted from: @binnyrune

Unlike other zoos, where you can only observe the animals in their enclosure, Alpaca World allows you to interact with the animals up close. In fact, you can even get a chance to take an alpaca on a walk!

The experience will cost you just KRW10,000 (~USD7.88), and you’ll be able to take your pal-paca on a 15-minute walk. 

Do note that only card payment is accepted for this activity. 

Alpaca World - feeding alpacasImage adapted from: @s_kk_day

Another highlight of Alpaca World is the alpaca feeding activity, which is well-loved by adults and children alike. 

Alpaca World - Paca Coins
Image adapted from: @uning_daily

“Paca Coins” have to be purchased for this activity, and you can get them at the ticket office for KRW1,000 (~USD0.79) each. Each coin will grant you a cup of alpaca food. 

Make sure to bring enough cash as the vending machine doesn’t accept card payments.

Alpaca World - Alpaca Safari TrainImage credit: @seoyoung0626

At Alpaca World, you’ll also be able to sit on the Alpaca Safari Ride, where you get to go around the farm on a little train to feed alpacas for just KRW3,000 (~USD2.37)

Alpaca World - AlpacasImage adapted from: @alpacaworld_korea and @alpacaworld_korea

Other adorable animals in the zoo

Alpaca World - Other animalsImage adapted from (clockwise from left): @alpacaworld_korea, @alpacaworld_korea, Alpaca World, and @alpacaworld_korea

Besides spending your day with alpacas, you can also interact with other animals such as capybaras, fennec foxes, and deers. 

Alpaca World - RabbitsImage credit: @allwhite217

Many of the animals are free roaming, so you’ll be able to observe them up close.

Alpaca World - birdsImage credit: @allwhite217

Bird feeding is another popular activity – you can get a cup of bird feed for KRW1,000 (~USD0.79) and watch the birds flock around you while you pretend to be a Disney princess.

Restaurant and souvenir shop for all things alpaca

Alpaca World - Alpaca-themed foodImage adapted from: @raeran_

After spending your day at Alpaca World, head to the restaurant for an alpaca-themed meal that’s bound to excite young children. 

Alpaca World - Alpaca souvenirsImage adapted from: @triple_sss77

You can also head down to the souvenir shop to get your hands on alpaca plushies and merchandise for some keepsakes.

Alpaca World - Alpaca stickers
Image credit: @__zero_93

Getting to Alpaca World

Alpaca World - Alpaca World mapImage credit: Alpaca World

Admission tickets to Alpaca World cost KRW15,000 (~USD11.83). Do note that ticket office admissions close at 4.30PM, and the “Healing Walk” activity ends at 5PM.

Alpaca World - children-friendlyImage credit: @haaayul.o

For children under 36 months, passports have to be shown when the tickets are being purchased. 

For detailed directions on how to get to Alpaca World, visit their website

Address: 310 Pungcheon-ri, Hwachon-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do
Opening hours: 10am-6pm, Daily
Contact: 01899-2250

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Cover image adapted from: @rrreum_11, @s_kk_day, @binnyrune, @alpacaworld_korea