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Nevertheless Finale Review: What We Loved About It & What Could Have Been Better

Nevertheless finale review

The final episode of Nevertheless aired on 21st August, and we finally found time to bid adieu to one of the hottest K-drama couples, Yoo Na-bi and Park Jae-on. 

Nevertheless is widely loved by K-drama fans all over the world, so much so that many viewers root for Song Kang and Han So-hee to get together in real life. In this finale review, we collate and discuss what we loved about the last episode, and what we thought could have been better. 

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What we loved 

1. Na-bi pouring her heart out in the rain

Episode 10 of Nevertheless picks up from the previous episode, where Jae-on was crying in the pouring rain while Na-bi was sobbing her heart out in her room.

Nevertheless Finale Review - jae-on asking na-bi about her feelings in the rain
Image adapted from: JTBC

In the opening scene of the final episode, Jae-on asks Na-bi, “Do you regret what we did?” To this, Na-bi hesitates for a moment, but her hesitation is followed by a firm reply: “Yes. I regret it.”

Nevertheless Finale Review - na-bi being honest about her feelings
Image adapted from: JTBC

However, she goes on to say that she doesn’t blame Jae-on. Instead, she says, “I knew there was no happy ending for us, but I was an idiot for getting my hopes up and thinking you could be sincere.”

Nevertheless Finale Review - na-bi says she does not want to see jae-on again
Image adapted from: JTBC

Na-bi stands her ground as she ends off with a heartbreaking statement: “I don’t want to see you ever again.”

Nevertheless Finale Review - jae-on's hurt expression
Image adapted from: JTBC

Upon hearing Na-bi’s words, Jae-on wears a stunned and heartbroken expression on his face. Na-bi is finally honest with herself as she admits that her relationship with Jae-on is not love.

2. Na-bi’s art piece reflects her relationship with Jae-on

Following their talk in the rain, Na-bi struggles emotionally. To put it simply, she’s not doing okay. 

Nevertheless Finale Review - na-bi's sculpture broke into pieces
Image adapted from: JTBC

Despite her heartbreak, Na-bi does her best to complete her final project. She makes her way to the studio, only to find that a ceiling fan has fallen on her torso sculpture. Her project piece has now been shattered into pieces. 

Nevertheless Finale Review - na-bi's sculpture broke into pieces
Image adapted from: JTBC

Here, we see that her art piece is a metaphor for her relationship with Jae-on. At this point, Na-bi is falling apart and her relationship with Jae-on is broken. The broken torso sculpture is a reflection of Na-bi’s state of mind, as well as her faltering relationship with Jae-on.

Nevertheless Finale Review - jae-on wants to fix the sculpture
Image adapted from: JTBC

Once a relationship is broken, it has to be mended. And that’s when Jae-on offers his help to rebuild the sculpture, which symbolically shows that he is trying to mend their broken relationship. Jae-on promises Na-bi that he will keep his distance after helping her.

Nevertheless Finale Review - na-bi and jae-on fixing the sculpture
Image adapted from: JTBC

With Jae-on’s help, they rebuild the sculpture. A masterpiece is born, and this foreshadows the happy ending of Nevertheless.

3. Do-hyeok’s unwavering courage 

Before the opening of the exhibition, Do-hyeok heads over to Na-bi with excitement. He strikes up a conversation with Na-bi, commenting on how difficult it must have been to rebuild the broken sculpture. However, his heart sinks when he finds out that Jae-on was by Na-bi’s side when she was rebuilding the sculpture.

Although Do-hyeok is troubled, he does not give up on pursuing Na-bi and remains hopeful.

Nevertheless Finale Review - do-hyeok giving na-bi flowers
Image adapted from: JTBC

The exhibition begins, and Do-hyeok visits Na-bi with a bouquet of flowers. After Na-bi receives the flowers, she spots Jae-on in the crowd. She frantically passes the bouquet back to Do-hyeok and heads out of the exhibition hall to look for Jae-on.

At this point, Do-hyeok already knows that Jae-on is the chosen one, but he still gives his best shot till the very end.

Do-hyeok leaves the exhibition hall to look for Na-bi. After Do-hyeok finds her, he approaches her with the bouquet of flowers in his hands. 

Nevertheless Finale Review - do-hyeok expressing his feelings to na-bi
Image adapted from: JTBC

Do-hyeok does not beat around the bush – instead, he asks Na-bi if she likes Jae-on. To this, she responds that she thinks she likes Jae-on. But she goes on to express how happy she was while spending time with Do-hyeok.

Nevertheless Finale Review - do-hyeok expressing his feelings to na-bi
Image adapted from: JTBC

Do-hyeok is not sour about Na-bi’s response. He even thanks Na-bi and tells her not to feel sorry for rejecting him.

By now, we know that It’s not easy being the second lead. They often go through numerous rejections, and have no choice but to hide their jealousy and pain from the main character in hopes to be the chosen one.

Do-hyeok is no exception. Although he does not end up with Na-bi, his unwavering courage and affection towards Na-bi is commendable.

4. Na-bi asks Jae-on out

The class pulls through the semester, and the art exhibition comes to a close.

Nevertheless Finale Review - end of semester dinner
Image adapted from: JTBC

Na-bi’s masterpiece gets acknowledged by her professor, and she enjoys a night out with her friends to celebrate the end of the semester. Everything is going smoothly, and it’s supposed to be a happy occasion. 

Nevertheless Finale Review - na-bi misses jae-on
Image adapted from: JTBC 

But Na-bi’s expression says otherwise. She feels incomplete, and the reason is Jae-on’s absence.

Nevertheless Finale Review - jae-on at the exhibition
Image adapted from: JTBC

Na-bi leaves her friends and heads back to the gallery. As she enters the exhibition hall, she sees Jae-on staring intently at the sculpture they rebuilt together.

Nevertheless Finale Review - na-bi asking jae-on out
Image adapted from: JTBC

Jae-on asks Na-bi if he still has a chance to be with her. Na-bi responds, “I really hate you, but I feel better now that I see you. So don’t go anywhere and stay by my side.” Following Na-bi’s confession, she proceeds to ask Jae-on out. 

What could be better

1. A typical happy ending of bad-boy-turned-good

The conclusion is typical – Na-bi and Jae-on decide to get together despite knowing that it isn’t going to be an easy relationship.

Nevertheless Finale Review - typical happy ending
Image adapted from: JTBC

When Na-bi chances upon Jae-on in the gallery, Jae-on asks Na-bi whether she will regret going out with him. To this, she replies that although she will regret it, she will go out with him nevertheless.

This is not the final scene, but it leads to the conclusion of the drama. Many viewers were conflicted by this scene – some viewers think that Na-bi’s response is iffy, and that she is digging her own grave by getting together with Jae-on. However, others believe that their happy ending lives up to the title of the drama, Nevertheless.

Nevertheless Finale Review - random girls asking jae-on for his number
Image adapted from: JTBC

In the final scene, Jae-on waits for Na-bi to go on a date with her. Out of the blue, two strangers come up to him and ask for his number, but he turns them down – something he wouldn’t have done in the beginning of the drama. 

This final scene highlights Jae-on’s abrupt character development after getting together with Na-bi. 

2. The drama diverges from the webtoon

In the drama, Na-bi ends up with Jae-on, and it’s a fairytale-like ending. However, in the original webtoon, Na-bi and Jae-on part ways. Instead, she chooses to be with Do-hyeok.

Nevertheless Finale Review - happy ending
Image adapted from: JTBC

The webtoon is unique because the protagonist gets together with the second lead – something that is not common in K-dramas and webtoons. However, the drama took the common route by creating a happy ending for Na-bi and Jae-on. 

Nevertheless Finale Review - the ending of the drama
Image adapted from: JTBC

The conclusion of the webtoon takes a realistic approach by giving us an insight into the repercussions of an unhealthy relationship, depicting manifold challenges that must be overcome. However, the ending of the drama is more idealistic as it gives the two protagonists their happy ending.

Nevertheless finale review: a romance drama like no other

The happy ending of Nevertheless may romanticise tough love and difficult relationships, but the drama also sheds light on realistic relationship troubles faced by regular people. 

It’s a bonus that our eyes are constantly entertained by the breathtaking beauty of the main characters.

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