Kim Seon-ho scandal 

On 18th October, the internet was flooded with news reports and speculations surrounding netizen “A” and Korean actor “K”, who was rumoured to be the rising star Kim Seon-ho.

Here are 10 facts you need to know about the scandal:

1. An anonymous post about actor K appears on Nate Pann 

Kim Seon-ho scandal - kim seon-ho
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According to JoongAng Ilbo, a Korean daily newspaper, a post implicating the actor was uploaded on an online community called Nate Pann on 17th October. This post was uploaded by a netizen known as “A”. In the post, she shared that she was pregnant while dating “K”, who was then rumoured to be Kim Seon-ho.

2. Post claimed that Kim Seon-ho forced her to have an abortion

According to her post, A wanted to keep the baby. However, she claimed that K forced her to have an abortion. Hence, A proceeded with the surgery. But K’s attitude towards her allegedly changed after the abortion. 

She stated that since K gave her KRW2 million (~USD1,702) for the surgery and hospital expenses, she sent him the hospital bill to let him know about the expenditure. But A claimed that K got angry upon receiving her message. 

3. Kim Seon-ho broke up with his girlfriend after the abortion

Kim Seon-ho scandal - kim seon-ho broke up with his ex-girlfriend after the abortion
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According to Hankook Ilbo, a Korean daily newspaper, A alleged that before the abortion, K had promised to marry her in two years’ time. 

However, A then shared that K ended things with her over the phone, out of the blue. When A cried upon receiving the call, K allegedly expressed his worry about financial damages, as well as losing popularity. 

4. Advertisers drop Kim Seon-ho from ads

Kim Seon-ho scandal - kim seon-ho dropped out of ads like domino's pizza
Image credit: Domino’s Pizza

According to a Korean web portal Nate News, several brands that featured Kim Seon-ho as their model, such as Domino’s Pizza and Canon Korea, have either made their advertisement posts private or deleted them from their official social media accounts.

11STREET, an online shopping platform, has also dropped Kim Seon-ho from their advertisements.

5. S.A.L.T Entertainment responds two days later

S.A.L.T Entertainment, the company home to Kim Seon-ho, released their statement addressing Hankook Ilbo’s report on 19th October. S.A.L.T Entertainment apologised for the delay in their response and stated that they are currently investigating the matter.

Finally, S.A.L.T Entertainment concluded by urging netizens to be patient as the facts of this matter have yet to be confirmed. 

6. Fans threaten to file lawsuit

Kim Seon-ho scandal - fans threaten to file lawsuit
Image adapted from: DC Inside Male Celebrity Gallery

Amid the speculations and rumours, Kim Seon-ho’s fans posted a statement on the DC Inside Male Celebrity Gallery. In the statement, they warned netizens against spreading fake news about Kim Seon-ho and threatened to take legal action. The fans also urged netizens to delete all defamatory posts that could tarnish Kim Seon-ho’s reputation.

7. Kim Seon-ho admits to scandal 

Kim Seon-ho scandal - kim seon-ho admits to the scandal
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Following the rumours surrounding netizen A and actor K, Kim Seon-ho released an official apology on 20th October.

According to Chosun Ilbo, a Korean daily newspaper, Kim Seon-ho’s official statement began with an apology for the delay in his response. He stated that he caused his ex-girlfriend pain despite dating her with good feelings in the past. 

Kim Seon-ho proceeded to explain that he wanted to meet his ex-girlfriend to apologise personally, but he has not been able to do so. He wants to apologise to his ex-girlfriend through his apology statement. 

He concluded by apologising to his fans, and the people working with him.

8. S.A.L.T Entertainment releases official statement of apology 

S.A.L.T Entertainment also stepped forward to apologise for the trouble and disappointment caused by the scandal. You can read their statement here

9. Kim Seon-ho dropped from projects

Kim Seon-ho scandal - kim seon-ho leaves 2 days & 1 night season 4
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According to Yonhap News, the production team of the variety show 2 Days & 1 Night announced that Kim Seon-ho will be leaving the program. They also said that the episodes filmed prior to the scandal will be edited to minimise the appearance of the actor as much as possible. 

In addition, Kim Seon-ho will be dropping out of future projects, which include Two O’Clock Date, Sad Tropics and Dog Days

10. Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend uploads new post

After the release of Kim Seon-ho’s apology, his ex-girlfriend uploaded another post on Nate Pann.

She began the post by apologising for causing damage to so many people. She explained that she doesn’t feel good about Kim Seon-ho’s downfall as they were once in love. The ex-girlfriend also mentioned that she received an apology from Kim Seon-ho, and expressed that there were some misunderstandings between the two of them.

Finally, Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend said that her heart feels heavy as the scandal caused great damage to so many people. She concluded the post by saying that she will take the post down soon.

Kim Seon-ho embroiled in abortion scandal 

Kim Seon-ho is one of the hottest actors in Korea at the moment, as seen from his success in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. However, the abortion scandal has indeed caused damage to his acting career.

Since it seems like both parties have made their peace, we wish them well. 

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Article last updated on 21st October 2021. 

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