Lee Hyun-woo joins Korean Money Heist cast

On 31st May, Netflix Korea confirmed that Lee Hyun-woo will be starring in the Korean spin-off of Money Heist. This marks Lee Hyun-woo’s first small screen project after a 3-year hiatus.

Money Heist is getting a Korean remake

Money Heist is a crime drama about a mastermind, nicknamed the Professor, who plans to carry out the “biggest heist in history”. To do so, he recruits a group of 8 criminals. 

Their 1st heist takes place at the Royal Mint of Spain, where they plan to print out 2.4 billion worth of money in 11 days without any casualties.

lee hyun-woo money heist - the gang
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There are a few familiar faces in the line-up, such as Park Hae-soo, who’s known for his role as Lee Je-hyuk in Prison Playbook, and Jun Jung-seo, who won the Best Actress award at the 57th Baeksang Awards for the film category. Hae-soo will be acting as the Professor’s right-hand man, Berlin, and Jong-seo will play Tokyo, the protagonist who’s also the narrator of the show.

The cast features veteran actors such as Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Won-jeong, and Lee Kyu-ho. They’ll act as the Professor, Moscow, and Oslo respectively. Kim Ji-hoon, from Flower of Evil, will play Denver, Moscow’s son.

Other members of the gang include model-cum-actress Jang Yoon-ju as Nairobi, and Kim Ji-hun as Helsinki.

lee hyun-woo money heist - hyun-woo
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The latest addition to the cast is Lee Hyun-woo. He will be playing the genius hacker, Rio, who’s the youngest of the gang. Hyun-woo will be replacing Park Jung-woo, who dropped out of the drama due to unspecified reasons. 

lee hyun-woo money heist - task force and hostages
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The members of the task force set up to stop the heist include Kim Yun-jin, who will act as Seon Won-jin, and Kim Sung-o, who will play Cha Moo-hyuk. The hostages of the heist, Cho Young-min and Yoon Mi-sun, will be played by Park Myung-soo from Parasite, and Lee Joo-been from Lovestruck in the City.

The Korean version of Money Heist will consist of 12 episodes.

Lee Hyun-woo’s recent works

After his military discharge in 2019, Lee Hyun-woo appeared in IU’s music video for above the time. He is currently starring in 2 movies that are slated for release later this year.

He will be playing Kim In-sun in the movie Dream, starring alongside Park Seo-joon and IU. Filming has already begun for this movie, and his close friend, Kim Soo-hyun, even sent a coffee truck to show his support for Hyun-woo.

lee hyun-woo money heist - coffee truck
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Hyun-woo is also starring in a movie called Hero. The movie is based on a 2009 musical of the same name. Hero is based on true events that took place in 1909, when the Japanese Resident-General of Korea, Hirobumi Ito, was assassinated by Ahn Jung-geun, a member of the Korean independence movement. 

Check out the trailer here:

Video credit: CJ ENM_Movie

Lee Hyun-woo to star in Korean remake of Money Heist

We’re excited to see Lee Hyun-woo return to the small screen after a long 3 years. 

The official airing date of the Korean remake of Money Heist has yet to be released, but we look forward to seeing what the cast has in store for us.

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