Lee Do-hyun and Kwak Dong-yeon cast in Hounds

According to an industry insider, Lee Do-hyun and Kwak Dong-yeon have been cast in the Netflix adaptation of a popular Naver webtoon titled Hounds. The 2 are currently reviewing their offers.

An action-drama about escaping debt

Hounds tells the story of 3 individuals who get entangled with each other thanks to their debts. They are nicknamed “hounds” by the debtor as the 3 make use of fraudulent ways to repay their debts.

do-hyun dong-yeon hounds - hounds webtoon
Image credit: Naver Webtoon

The live-action adaptation of Hounds will span 8 episodes, and it will be directed by Kim Joo-hwan, who’s known for his works in films such as Midnight Runners and The Divine Fury

Lee Do-hyun and Kwak Dong-yeon’s recent works

Lee Do-hyun has proved his acting skills with Sweet Home and 18 Again, earning himself the Best New Actor Award in the TV Category in the recent 57th Baeksang Awards.

He’s currently busy with the drama Youth of May, where he plays Hwang Hee-tae, a medical student who returns to Gwangju to fulfil his dear friend’s last wish. 

do-hyun dong-yeon hounds - lee do-hyun
Image credit: KBS

Meanwhile, Kwak Dong-yeon has recently wrapped up Vincenzo, which scored an average of 10.441% viewership ratings nationwide. He is currently working on a new movie titled 6/45.

do-hyun dong-yeon hounds - kwak dongyeon
(From left to right) Dong-yeon in Vincenzo and 6/45.
Images adapted from: tvN and @kwakdongyeon0

In 6/45, Dong-yeon will be playing Kim Min-cheol, a South Korean soldier. The movie depicts a comical encounter between soldiers from North and South Korea, squabbling over prize money when a South Korean sergeant strikes the lottery. 

Fans’ reactions to their casting in Hounds

International fans got excited at the unexpected crossover between their favourite actors.

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Image adapted from @thekimseonho

do-hyun dong-yeon hounds - i-fans' reaction 2
Image adapted from: @18dohyun

Some Korean fans are just as excited as international fans, saying that they can’t wait for the 2 actors to appear in one drama together.

do-hyun dong-yeon hounds - k-fans' reaction
“I’m so looking forward to Lee Do-hyun X Kwak Dong-yeon”
Image adapted from: @bornite_dh0411

Lee Do-hyun and Kwak Dong-yeon received offers for Hounds

The 2 actors are booked and busy following the successes of their recent dramas. We hope to receive news of them taking up their casting offers in Hounds, and to see them act together soon. 

Keep up with the latest updates on Lee Do-hyun and Kwak Dong-yeon’s whereabouts through their Instagram accounts, @ldh_sky and @kwakdongyeon0.

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