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The popular legal drama Law School aired its last episode on 9th June. Law School’s final episode was well-received in Korea and earned a good rating of 6.1% nationwide. The drama did well on Netflix as well. However, there were mixed reactions to Law School’s finale. Some believe that the drama ended well, while others believe that the conclusion could have been better. 

After finishing the drama, we decided to express our opinions on the final episode. Read on to find out what we loved about the final episode, and what we felt could have been better. 

What we loved

1. Justice is served as Ko Hyeong-su is arrested 

law school finale - ko hyeong-su
Image adapted from: JTBC

Assemblyman Ko Hyeong-su is finally arrested for his crimes.

The final episode begins with the students and Professor Yang Jong-hoon discussing a plan to take Hyeong-su down.

After Jong-hoon and Sol A shock Hyeong-su with a search warrant, Hyeong-su panics and calls Prosecutor Jin Hyeong-woo. He tells Hyeong-woo to destroy evidence by getting rid of the burner phone.

law school finale - yang jong-hoon
Image adapted from: JTBC

Jong-hoon meets with Hyeong-woo to convince him to work against Hyeong-su. Jong-hoon plays a voice recording, and Hyeong-woo realises that Hyeong-su is involved in a murder case.

After news of the search warrant broke out, Hyeong-su holds a press conference and tells the public that he’s being framed. Hyeong-su is desperately trying to avoid arrest.

However, he gets arrested.

Later, Hyeong-woo meets Hyeong-su in the interrogation room, and Hyeong-su is furious to find out that Hyeong-woo didn’t get rid of the evidence. Hyeong-woo plays the recording that Jong-hoon passed him, and tells Hyeong-su that murder is “out of line”. Therefore, he will no longer be associated with him.  

law school finale - Sol A
Image adapted from: JTBC

Erica Shin, Sol A’s twin sister, shows up as a witness at Hyeong-su’s trial. Convinced that Erica is Sol A in disguise, Hyeong-su demands that her identity be checked. However, Sol A makes a surprise appearance, quickly dissolving any doubts about Erica’s identity.

Hyeong-su is eventually found guilty and sentenced to jail. 

2. Ye-seul helps a victim of domestic abuse

law school finale - ye-seul
Image adapted from: JTBC

It was heartwarming to see Ye-seul, who was a victim of abuse herself, help a girl who is stuck in an abusive relationship. 

It’s not easy to get out of an abusive relationship. However, Ye-seul succeeded in doing so, and with her experience, she’s able to advise the girl on how to protect herself and break up with her violent partner. 

Gently, Ye-seul breaks down the apology letter from the girl’s boyfriend, which was creepily written in blood. The girl is unsure of his sincerity, and Ye-seul confirms that he’s insincere. She tells her that he’s likely to continue his abuse.

The girl breaks down in tears and Ye-seul holds her hands to comfort her. She tells the girl that she’s not alone, and she will find a way to help her get away from her abusive boyfriend.

This scene was short, but it was impactful as it shows Ye-seul recovering and growing from her traumatic experience. 

3. Joon-hwi’s team sticks to their beliefs & loses the competition 

law school finale - joon-hwi and the team
Image adapted from: JTBC

Much to Sol A’s dismay, her team is assigned to be the defense counsel, instead of the prosecution counsel. Sol A is distressed as she feels that the prosecution team has a better chance of winning. However, she realises that she has to do well no matter what. After all, in reality, there will inevitably be difficult cases to defend. 

The team is working on a child abandonment case. The mother is accused of child neglect, which caused the child to succumb to the side effects of a flu vaccine and pass away. As the defense counsel, Joon-hwi, Sol A, and Sol B have to come up with arguments to defend the mother.

The trio work hard to come up with points that can counter the prosecution’s. However, just 30 minutes before their mock trial, Sol A thought of a strong argument that could be vital to winning the case for their client. However, they already submitted their arguments prior to the competition. Adding an argument during the competition will result in penalty points.

Sol A believes that they should add the argument. However, Sol B is against it because the penalty points will most likely cause them to lose. She also argues that it’s just a mock trial, but Sol A says that the mock trial is meant to prepare them for real-life situations. The final decision is left to Joon-hwi.

law school finale - mock trial competition
Image adapted from: JTBC

During the competition, Joon-hwi raises Sol A’s point and gives her the opportunity to explain. The judge realises that the argument was not included in the documents they submitted. 

After an encouraging glance from Joon-hwi, Sol A says, “If our client must suffer the consequences of our careless mistake, as her defense attorneys, we should take responsibility and accept the penalty.”

Their team lost, but what matters is that they stayed true to their beliefs. 

4. Kang Sol A & Park Geun-tae open a law firm

law school finale - law office kang & park
Image adapted from: JTBC

The drama brings us a few years forward in time, and we see Sol A working as an attorney in a law firm called “Law Office Kang & Park”. The firm is owned by both Sol A and Park Geun-tae, the prosecutor who has worked closely with Joon-hwi, Sol A, and Jong-hoon since the 1st episode. 

It’s amazing to see how far she has come. Judging from the small office and clients, it seems like her firm is dedicated to helping the less fortunate. In the 1st episode, during Sol A’s law school admission interview, she mentioned that she wanted to become a lawyer who can help the poor get justice. Sol A has achieved her goal.

law school finale - park geun-tae
Image adapted from: JTBC

While Sol A is busy dealing with clients, Geun-tae is chilling in an office of his own. Suddenly, Sol A has to leave and attend to something, so she knocks on Geun-tae’s door and tells him to take over. Geun-tae strolls out to greet the clients, but instead of the crowded office that was shown earlier, the office is completely empty. 

It seems like everyone left when Sol A left because they didn’t want Geun-tae to handle their cases. This scene was hilarious, and we feel slightly sorry for him. He has a good heart, but he probably has to stop slacking before people can start to trust him. 

law school finale - joon-hwi, jong-hoon and sol a
Image adapted from: JTBC

We also find out that Joon-hwi is now working as a prosecutor. The 2 of them meet Jong-hoon at the university, and the drama ends with the trio walking coolly though the law school’s lobby. 

What could have been better

1. The rest of the study group were not shown at the end

law school finale - law school study group
Image adapted from: JTBC

We never got to find out what happened to the rest of the study group, which is a huge pity. The group of friends played a huge role in the drama.

Did they manage to pass the bar exam? Are they still in contact with one another? These are questions that will probably never be answered.

The drama should have briefly shown us what the group has been up to after graduation. Joon-hwi, Sol A, and Jong-hoon walking together was cool, but it doesn’t tell us much. 

Perhaps the drama could have been better concluded by showing us a reunion of the students and professors. That way, we would have seen the rest of the study group, as well as Professor Kim Eun-suk, who played a vital role in the drama too. 

2. Sol A & Joon-hwi didn’t officially become a couple

law school finale - joon-hwi and sol a
Image adapted from: JTBC

Many fans of Law School were rooting for Sol A and Joon-hwi to become a couple, but unfortunately, that never happened. 

The 2 of them are close, and they have some intimate moments that caused many people to ship “Solhwi”. 

It can be argued that their romantic relationship can be inferred from the ending scene, when they excitedly left their offices to meet each other. Some fans have also mentioned that they prefer not knowing the relationship status of Sol A and Joon-hwi, because Law School isn’t meant to be a romance drama in the first place. 

However, the drama could have placated “Solhwi” shippers by showing some romantic moments in the last episode. It would have been nice to see their relationship develop into something more, after everything they went through as students. 

Law School finale – our final thoughts

Law School’s finale may not have been perfect, but it managed to tie up most of the loose ends from previous episodes and give us a satisfactory conclusion.

The drama is all about getting justice through law. We’ve learnt that it takes an honest and determined lawyer to ensure that justice is served, because unscrupulous people will always find ways to evade justice. 

We’ve also learnt that teachers are extremely important. Professor Yang Jong-hoon has shown us that a good teacher can inspire students to do great things. He reminds us that teachers can have a great impact on students’ lives.

All in all, Law School was a meaningful legal drama, and we are sad that it has ended. Season 2 is not in the works, but there’s no harm in hoping for one, just so that we can see more of Sol A, Joon-hwi and Jong-hoon.

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