Kakao Friends X Ottogi

Last year, we saw our favourite Kakao Friends characters turn into Christmas trees and reindeers. But that’s almost half a year ago, and perhaps sensing our need for cute goods, Ottogi recently collaborated with Kakao Friends to create a line of merch that sees Ryan turned into a well-loved condiment – ketchup.

Kakao Friends’ past collaboration with Ottogi

kakao friends ottogi - jin ramen
Image credit: @saranghanee0628

The 2 brands have done a number of merchandise collaborations in the past. Kakao Friends’ most recent collaboration with Ottogi featured the popular Jin Ramen front and centre, and the lineup included ramen bowls, sandglass timers, mousepads, and more adorned with Kakao Friends characters. 

kakao friends ottogi - jin ramen 3
Ryan ramen bowl and chopsticks
Image credit: @lee_seyoun

The ramen bowl came in 2 designs, and they cost KRW19,000 (~USD17.05) each. The bowl has a marking to indicate that the cup is 475ml full – the perfect volume to hold a bowl of ramen.

kakao friends ottogi - jin ramen 2
Ryan sandglass timer
Image credit: @jinaday_s

The sandglass timer (KRW15,000, ~USD13.46) acts as both a cup lid and timer – super nifty when it comes to cooking your favourite instant noodles.

kakao friends ottogi - jin ramen 1
Ryan mouse pad
Image credit: @bboissi

The cute mouse pad, featuring Ryan tucking into a bowl of Jin Ramen, is priced at KRW5,000 (~USD4.49).

Besides these merchandise, Ottogi has also incorporated Kakao Friends characters into their instant food. For example, Ottogi’s Jjajang Tteokbokki (black bean paste rice cakes) features the character Muzi on the packaging of the cup, as well as Ryan-shaped fish cake flakes.

kakao friends ottogi - tteokbokki
Images adapted from: 빛이 있기에 행복하다

Ottogi’s 2nd collaboration with Kakao Friends

kakao friends ottogi - ketchup art
Image credit: 카카오 프렌즈 샵 

This time round, their collaboration features 4 types of goods – phone stands, iPhone phone cases, Samsung Buds cases, grocery shopping bags, and pencil cases – all incorporating Ottogi Ketchup into the design.

라이언 X 오뚜기 이번엔 케챂!
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라이언 X 오뚜기 이번엔 케챂!

Video credit: 카카오 프렌즈 

kakao friends ottogi - pencil case 2
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

This plush pencil case, with Ryan taking on the shape of a squeezy ketchup bottle, is the perfect classroom companion for hardworking students who just need an emotional support bear to get through the day.

You can also use this pencil case as a pouch to store your coins, lip makeup, hand cream or even hand sanitiser. 

The pencil case retails at KRW15,000 (~USD13.47)

kakao friends ottogi - pencil case 1
Image credit: 카카오 프렌즈 샵 

There’s also a phone stand shaped as if the tip of the Ottogi ketchup bottle has been compressed.

kakao friends ottogi - phone stand 2
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

This phone stand (KRW19,000, ~USD17.06) helps to prop up your phone while you’re catching up on your favourite Netflix shows or YouTube videos.

kakao friends ottogi - phone stand 3
Image credit: 카카오 프렌즈 샵 

kakao friends ottogi - phone stand 1
Image credit: 카카오 프렌즈 샵 

Samsung Buds users should give this Buds case a go. This Samsung Buds case (KRW17,000, ~USD15.26) is suitable for the Live and Pro versions of the Samsung Buds.

kakao friends ottogi - buds
Images adapted from: @kakaofriends_official and 카카오 프렌즈 샵 

The handy dandy strap attached to the Buds case will surely prevent you from dropping or losing your Samsung Buds by accident.

kakao friends ottogi - buds strap
Image credit: 카카오 프렌즈 샵 

For the iPhone gang, there are iPhone 11 Pro, 12, and 12 Pro cases available to give your iPhone a beta carotene-infused new look.

kakao friends ottogi - phone case 2
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

The iPhone cases are priced at KRW12,000 (~USD10.77) each.

kakao friends ottogi - phone case 1
Image credit: 카카오 프렌즈 샵 

Finally, the grocery bag (KRW12,000, ~USD10.77) will be your new eco-friendly supermarket companion.

kakao friends ottogi - bag 3
Image credit: 카카오 프렌즈 샵 

kakao friends ottogi - bag 2
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official 

When folded, its compact pocket size makes it easy to carry around as you go about your daily activities. Besides looking cute, the eco-bag also helps reduce the usage of plastic bags when doing you’re doing your grocery shopping.

kakao friends ottogi - bag 1
Images adapted from: 카카오 프렌즈 샵  and 카카오 프렌즈 샵 

Where to get the Ottogi ketchup merch

If you’re keen on purchasing their latest merchandise, you can do so via the Kakao Friends’ online store or head down to their physical outlets in Korea. 

kakao friends ottogi - ketchup
Image credit: @arammm00

Customers will get Ottogi’s Mini Ketchup (65g) for free with every purchase of the Kakao Friends X Ottogi merchandise.

Kakao Friends’ collaboration with Ottogi

This adorable collaboration brings fans of Kakao Friends characters and daily consumers of the Ottogi brand together. We’re here for cute and useful merchandise that make our daily activities easier and more enjoyable.

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Cover image adapted from: @kakaofriends_official and @ottogi_daily

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