Gong Yoo on IU’s Palette

In the latest episode of IU’s Palette, fans were treated to an explosion of visuals as Gong Yoo, the renowned actor, paid IU a visit.

Catching up on lost time

gong yoo iu - first meeting
Image adapted from: 이지금 [IU Official]

The duo last appeared on the same radio show together in 2009, when Gong Yoo served his military service in the public relations department. The radio show was called Gong Yoo Waits For Hour 20.

090721 Gong Yoo Radio Interviews IU 공유가 기다리는 20시 아이유
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090721 Gong Yoo Radio Interviews IU 공유가 기다리는 20시 아이유

Video credit: lala lala

In this episode of IU’s Palette, Gong Yoo looks back on that radio show and reminisces how the then 16-year-old IU was bursting with youthful energy and showed great potential as a soloist despite how young she was.

gong yoo iu - gong yoo's prediction
Image adapted from: 이지금 [IU Official]

IU also recalls Gong Yoo telling her that she would be a successful composer or singer-songwriter in the next 10 years, and his prediction actually came true. In recent years, IU is known as a “digital monster” as she constantly tops the charts for digital downloads with every song she releases.

gong yoo iu - iu's lilac chart performance
The performance of IU’s latest release, “Lilac”, on iChart as of today.
Image credit: @instiz_ichart 

They also had a conversation about Gong Yoo producing a self-directed movie about music and how he would cast her in it. He jokingly said that he’d even sponsor the movie too – just that it would be “extremely low-budget”.

gong yoo iu - radio conversation
The duo’s radio conversation about starring in a movie together.
Image adapted from: 이지금 [IU Official]

That said, IU does hope to work with Gong Yoo in the future and turn that conversation into reality.

Gong Yoo praises IU’s acting & music

Since the radio show they did together, Gong Yoo has kept tabs on IU’s career. 

gong yoo iu - praises iu's acting skills
Gong Yoo praising IU’s acting in “My Mister”
Image adapted from: 이지금 [IU Official]

He was pleasantly surprised after watching IU’s acting in My Mister because he thought she did a fantastic job in that drama. 

Gong Yoo also felt that IU did well in portraying the different characters she’s played so far, especially in Hotel Del Luna where she got to show a humorous side of herself.

gong yoo iu - similar acting and music
Image adapted from: 이지금 [IU Official]

Similarly, Gong Yoo feels that IU has a knack for channeling a variety of emotions through her songs – some songs are lighthearted, while others convey maturity and sadness that belies her age.

The unexpected reunion between Gong Yoo & IU

gong yoo iu - gong yoo
Image credit: @management_soop

Few expected 2 of the Korean entertainment industry’s biggest names to come together in one video, let alone catch up with one another since they last worked together in 2009. Like everyone else, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed in hopes of seeing them in the same movie soon.

Catch the full episode of IU’s Palette below:

[아이유의 팔레트] 팔레트에 설치된 와이파이 (With 공유) Ep.8
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[아이유의 팔레트] 팔레트에 설치된 와이파이 (With 공유) Ep.8

Video credit: 이지금 [IU Official]

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