Kakao Friends collabs with Nongshim

Kakao Friends just released news of their collaboration with Nongshim, the largest instant noodles and snack company in South Korea. From airpods cases modelled after traditional snacks to cute snack bowls, the adorable collaboration has brought fans of Kakao Friends and the Nongshim brand together. 

Limited edition merchandise by Kakao Friends & Nongshim

Kakao Friends collabs with Nongshim - array of merchandise
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

Their collaboration lineup features snack bowls, tongs sets, snack sealing clips, cushions, reusable bags, AirPods cases, sticker packs and more. 

Kakao Friends collabs with Nongshim - prawn plushie
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

The Kakao Friends X Nongshim collaboration sees Ryan turning into an adorable shrimp plushie (KRW32,000, ~USD26.72) that is the perfect size for cuddling. 

Kakao Friends collabs with Nongshim - airpods case
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

There are also cute AirPods and Samsung Buds Live cases modelled after the packaging of traditional Korean snacks such as twisted doughnuts and shrimp crackers. These cases will cost you KRW18,000 (~USD15.03) each.

Kakao Friends collabs with Nongshim - snack clips
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

Keep your snacks airtight and crunchy with these adorable chip bag resealers (KRW8,900, ~USD7.43), which come in two designs with Ryan and his pet cat, Choonsik.

Kakao Friends collabs with Nongshim - eco friendly bag
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

The eco-friendly grocery bag featuring Ryan as a shrimp cracker mascot costs KRW15,000 (~USD12.53) and is spacious enough to fit enough bags of potato chips to fuel you through a Netflix marathon session. 

Kakao Friends collabs with Nongshim - foldable bag
Image credit: Kakao Friends

The lightweight bag is convenient and space saving as it can be easily folded and stored so you can bring it along wherever you go.

Kakao Friends collabs with Nongshim - chip tongs
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

Keep your fingers clean while snacking on finger food with these handy chip tongs, which are sold as a set with a cute snack bowl emblazoned with a picture of Choonsik as a honeybee for KRW20,000 (~USD16.70). 

Where to get the Kakao Friends X Nongshim merch

Kakao Friends collabs with Nongshim - snack bar with chair
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

For those in Korea, you can visit the physical Kakao Friends stores in Gangnam and Mapo-gu to purchase the limited edition merchandise. These stores also have snack bars that sell Nongshim snacks. 

Kakao Friends collabs with Nongshim - smaller snack bar
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

Although the official online store doesn’t offer international shipping, you can engage a parcel forwarding service to get your hands on these adorable goods.

Kakao Friends X Nongshim merch is great for gifting

The collaboration we didn’t know we needed is here, and the cute and practical merchandise will make for great gifts for Valentine’s day if your significant other is a fan of Kakao Friends.

Check out their website for more information on the merchandise. 

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