Possible Hospital Playlist season 3

The five main leads of Hospital Playlist recently appeared on the Instagram feeds of fans once again, and fans have been itching to know if this was a hint at a possible season 3 of the beloved series. 

Jung Kyung Ho teases with full squad photo

On 14th February 2022, actor Jung Kyung-Ho, who plays Kim Jun-Wan in Hospital Playlist, posted two photos of the main cast reunited. One candid shot captures the five actors donning the familiar white gown, blue scrubs and carrying paper coffee cups. 

Hospital Playlist season 3 - Kyung-ho's instagram post with the full cast
Image adapted from: @jstar_allallj and @jstar_allallj

The other was an endearing selfie with fellow cast member Kim Dae-Myung. Jung Kyung-Ho cheekily captioned his post with three smiley emojis and the hashtags #HospitalPlaylist, #MidoandFalasol, #Gomtingi. 

Kim Dae-Myung follows up with a squad selfie

Hospital Playlist season 3 - the 99z cast of Hospital Playlist
Image credit: @daemyeung.kim

ActorYoo Yeon-seok, the talent behind the lovable character Yang Seok-Hyeong, also shared an adorable selfie of the crew looking as close-knit as ever. 

He captioned the post with five emojis, perhaps to represent each cast member, and the hashtags #MidoandFalasol and #HospitalPlaylist. 

Jeon Mi-Do joins in on the fun

Hospital Playlist season 3 - Mi-do's post with the cast of Hospital Playlist -
Image credit: @mido_ring

Who could forget about the “rose among thorns” in the 99z squad, the prodigal neurosurgeon Chae Song-Hwa? 

Jeon Mi-Do, who plays Chae Song-hwa, joined in on the fun by sharing a candid photo of the cast. The accompanying caption reads, “Long time no see. Dinosaur ridge.” 

Hospital Playlist season 3 - netizen reaction regarding the possible release of season 3

Image adapted from: @mido_ring

“Dinosaur ridge” refers to the 99z squad’s group chat and band name, and it’s a cheeky Easter egg for fans of the show. 

Netizens react with excitement 

The unexpected posts from the cast members surprised netizens, who surmised that those were possible hints of a season 3 of Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist season 3 - netizen's reaction regarding the possible release of season 3
Image adapted from: @daemyeung.kim

Predictably, both international and Korean fans flooded the actors’ posts with questions about the possibility of a new season of the well-loved K-drama. They even started speculating that the actors’ got fresh haircuts to prepare for season 3 of Hospital Playlist

Hopes for Hospital Playlist season 3 arise 

While the production team has previously stated that there are no specific plans for a third season, fans can’t help but anticipate the reunion of their favorite characters, and the wonderful story that might play out. 

Could these hints be a teaser for the next time the 99z crew meets again? We don’t know, but we sure hope so!

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