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Forecasting Love & Weather Review: Romance In A Meteorological Agency Brings Rain & Shine

Forecasting Love & Weather review

A rom-com telling the love story between employees working in the Korea Meteorological Agency is a breath of fresh air compared to other typical office romance stories. Supplemented with intriguing details about weather forecasting, Forecasting Love and Weather is a drama for rom-com lovers seeking an unique narrative. 

Romance and drama between two weather nerds

Forecasting Love and Weather revolves around two leads, Jin Ha-kyung and Lee Si-woo, who work at the Korea Meteorological Agency.

Jin Ha-kyung is a forecaster who plays by the book and is stern about procedures. Lee Si-woo, who works at a metropolitan branch office, is free-spirited and passionate about anything related to weather.

Their paths cross when they begin working together, and their lives intersect in many ways. As the drama title suggests, the protagonists’ relationship parallels the unpredictable weather. 


1. The importance of weather forecasting

Unless you actively check your weather app or habitually follow weather forecasts, things like rain and shine may not be at the forefront of your mind at all times.

forecasting love & weather review - a car accident almost happens
Image adapted from: Netflix

However, Ha-kyung’s division fails to report a hailstorm, and it adversely affects the livelihoods of citizens. The incident is a sneak peek at the importance of weather forecasting and forecasters, who are unsung heroes.

A car almost swerves into an incoming truck due to its windshield being pummelled by hailstones, nearly causing a traffic accident.

forecasting love & weather review - a greenhouse is destroyed
Image adapted from: Netflix

Harvest is ruined as farmers were not prepared for the storm, and rescue efforts are postponed as rescue vehicles are unable to operate.

forecasting love & weather review - rescue helicopter is unable to fly due to the rain
Image adapted from: Netflix

Later on in the episode, we also see how a simple rainfall forecast affects the day-to-day lives of people.

forecasting love & weather review - weather update to employees
Image adapted from: Netflix

forecasting love & weather review - military receiving updates on the weather forecast
Image adapted from: Netflix

Many sectors of the society, such as the military, agriculture, and even ordinary citizens, have to adjust their daily activities to accommodate the weather forecast.

These scenes not only shed light on the intricate process of weather forecasting, but also set a necessary backdrop to the lives of our main characters. 

2. Ha-kyung flares up at Si-woo’s brazenness

Ha-kyung and Si-woo’s first encounter is far from perfect – in fact, it is downright unpleasant.

After defying Ha-kyung’s decision and issuing a heavy rain advisory on his own accord, Si-woo is confronted by Ha-kyung, who personally travels to the Metropolitan Office to berate him.

forecasting love & weather review - hakyung argues about manpower that could be wasted
Image adapted from: Netflix

forecasting love & weather review - hakyung arguing about the cost of making a forecast alert
Image adapted from: Netflix

Due to the sudden collapse of her superior, Ha-kyung is laden with responsibility as the acting director of Chief Team Two.

She explains that she accounts for multiple factors in every decision she makes – mistakes could potentially cause backlash and monetary consequences.

forecasting love & weather review - siwoo arguing with hakyung that people suffered
Image adapted from: Netflix

However, Si-woo is insistent on his perspective that weather that is foretold must be reported. He believes that broadcasting weather predictions should take priority, even if there is a slight possibility that the prognosis may be inaccurate.

forecasting love & weather review - hakyung shocked by siwoo's brazenness
Image adapted from: Netflix

Si-woo disagrees with Ha-kyung’s uptight work attitude, and Ha-kyung is taken aback by Si-woo’s baseless confidence about his predictions.

forecasting love & weather review - hakyung scolds siwoo
Image adapted from: Netflix

Throughout the heated conversation, our leads share several intense stares, as if they’re trying to figure out the other’s character and motives.

True to Si-woo’s prediction, it starts to pour.

Ha-kyung is in disbelief at how this impudent young man managed to prove her wrong, even with insufficient evidence. 

3. Si-woo & Ha-kyung break up with their partners

forecasting love & weather review - siwoo's messages are ignored by yoojin
Image adapted from: Netflix

Throughout the episode, hints of Si-woo’s unstable relationship with his girlfriend, Yoo-jin, were dropped.

forecasting love & weather review - hakyung receiving messages about her wedding
Image adapted from: Netflix

Similarly, Ha-kyung’s rapport with her fiance, Ki-jun, doesn’t appear to be as strong as a 10-year relationship should be.

Despite being engaged to marry in a month’s time, Ki-jun keeps acting suspiciously.

For Ha-kyung, the situation reaches a climax when she discovers that her fiance has not been following up with their wedding plans, and nothing is ready for their ceremony next month.

forecasting love & weather review - hakyung crying
Image adapted from: Netflix

As she connects the dots in her own head, she realises with horror that Ki-jun has been cheating on her.

forecasting love & weather review - hakyung's starting monologue
Image adapted from: Netflix

Ha-kyung’s inner monologue in this scene parallels the starting soliloquy of the episode, and the premise of the show.

The correlation foreshadows the downfall of her relationship, and compares her unsettling romance to the turbulent weather.

forecasting love & weather review - yoojin asking to break up with siwoo
Image adapted from: Netflix

forecasting love & weather review - siwoo's reaction when yoojin wants to break up
Image adapted from: Netflix

As viewers may have already guessed, Yoo-jin is the third-party in Ha-kyung and Ki-jun’s relationship.

After Ha-kyung discovers her fiance’s affair, Yoo-jin returns to her shared apartment with Si-woo and asks to break up.

Si-woo is surprised at her demand, but Yoo-jin detachedly tells him that she has been planning their separation for some time.

Near the end of the episode, both leads face a painful closure to each of their relationships, their anguish paralleling the heavy downpour in the background. 

Verdict: 3.5/5

K-dramas regularly employ the office romance trope, but the uncommon careers of our leads adds an extra spice, leaving us wanting for more.

The first episode focused on the denouement of the two leads’ relationship, but the overload of information about weather forecasting was rather dreary. 

Forecasting Love & Weather review: Storms, sunshine, and love 

Having the queen of rom-coms and Netflix’s darling in one show was bound to garner much anticipation, which was fulfilled in just the first episode.

We’re excited to see further chemistry between the characters and how their day-to-day life working in a weather forecasting agency unfolds in further episodes.

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