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12 Lee Do-hyun Facts Including His Favourite Monster In Sweet Home, Dating Style & Girlfriend 

Lee Do-hyun facts you should know

Baeksang award winner Lee Do-hyun is steadily increasing in popularity. His potential shone through his support roles in dramas such as Hotel Del Luna and Clean With Passion For Now, and he had his breakthrough with lead roles in 18 Again and Sweet Home

His handsome face, acting skills, and great sense of humour have caused people like us to flock to him like moths to a flame. To help you get to know more about the charming actor, we’ve collated 12 Lee Do-hyun facts, including his dating style, lifestyle, and family. 

1. He wants to be a “romcom monster”

lee do-hyun facts - romcom monster
Image credit: @ldh_sky

Giving viewers comfort and strength are some of the reasons why Do-hyun started acting. He believes that the romcom genre has the power to bring a smile to people’s faces, and allows them to forget their worries temporarily.

By acting in more romcom dramas, he hopes that people will see him as an actor who can make them smile. 

In a romcom fantasy drama called 18 Again, Do-hyun played the role of the 18-year-old Hong Dae-young. Dae-young is actually 37 years old, but after experiencing multiple regrets in his life, he finds himself back in his teenaged body 

Do-hyun won “Best New Actor” at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards for his lead role in 18 Again, which proves that he does well in romcom dramas. 

2. Gil Oh-dol in Clean With Passion For Now matches his dating style

lee do-hyun facts - dating style
Image adapted from: JTBC

In an interview with GQ Korea, Do-hyun was asked to compare his characters’ dating styles to his own. 

Do-hyun said that his character in Clean With Passion For Now, Gil Oh-dol, matches his dating style the most. 

Do-hyun is able to relate to Oh-dol’s straightforward nature as he’s the type to give his all if he likes someone. But if the girl doesn’t reciprocate his feelings, he will give up and get over it quickly. 

3. He wants to film a melodrama with IU

lee do-hyun facts - do-hyun and IU
Image credit: @ldh_sky

One of Do-hyun’s most notable roles was Go Chung-myeong in Hotel del Luna. The chemistry between Chung-myeong and Man-wol was exceptional, and it left fans of the drama in distress over a romance that never happened. Although Do-hyun only appeared in the drama for a short while, he left a lasting impression.

In the same interview with GQ Korea, Do-hyun talked about his chemistry with IU, who acted as Man Wol. He revealed that they have a close friendship, and if they were to act in a melodrama, their chemistry would be amazing. 

He also mentioned that he would like to act in a fight scene with IU. He believes it would be very realistic since they are good friends in real life. 

 4. He thinks he could have done better in Hotel del Luna

lee do-hyun facts - hotel del luna
Image credit: tvN 드라마(Drama)

Do-hyun revealed that he always has regrets whenever he monitors his roles. In particular, his role as Go Chung-myung in Hotel del Luna caused him to have the most regrets. 

As it was his first time filming a historical drama, Do-hyun felt anxious and approached IU and the director for advice. He also told IU that he was worried about how viewers would react to his acting. 

IU shared a piece of advice: since Do-hyun was doing his best at that moment, even if he redid the scene, he wouldn’t be able to act as well as he did before. 

Nowadays, Do-hyun keeps her advice in mind whenever he monitors his acting, and tries not to think too much about the parts that he feels he could have done better. 

5. He sets 6-7 alarms to wake up in the morning

lee do-hyun facts - needs 6 alarms to wake up
Image credit: @ldh_sky

On important days, Do-hyun has to set six to seven alarms to ensure that he wakes up on time. The alarms ring every five minutes. 

If he doesn’t set multiple alarms, he wouldn’t be able to wake up. We are sure this resonates with many of us. 

6.  He doesn’t eat breakfast

lee do-hyun facts - doesn't eat breakfast
Image credit: @ldh_sky

Do-hyun is not the type of person to have breakfast. If he really has to have something in the morning, he will only have a protein drink.

While he was still living with his parents, Do-hyun drank a lot of protein drinks. Since he seems to be a huge fan of protein drinks, we’re curious to know what type of shakes he likes. Unfortunately, he didn’t share that information. 

7. He likes to spend afternoons at home & nights outside 

lee do-hyun facts - likes to spend afternoons at home
Image credit: @ldh_sky

In response to a question on whether he prefers to spend a leisurely afternoon at home or outside, Do-hyun said that he likes to spend the afternoon indoors and the night outdoors. 

At home, he likes to watch a movie, play with his dog, and take a nap. 

8. He prefers night to day

lee do-hyun facts - prefers night to day
Image credit: @ldh_sky

Do-hyun loves the night air during summers and winters. He likes the view at night as well. 

He believes that there are more things to do at night. He walks his dog at night because there’s no one around. He also goes to the gym at night because there aren’t many people there – it seems like Do-hyun doesn’t like crowds. 

9. The Tongue Monster was his favourite Sweet Home monster

lee do-hyun facts - do-hyun in sweet home
Image credit: Netflix

In Sweet Home, Do-hyun acted as Lee Eun-hyuk, a pragmatic and seemingly ruthless leader of the survivors in the Green Home apartment. 

lee do-hyun facts - tongue monster
Image adapted from: Netflix

Among all the monsters in Sweet Home, his favourite was the Tongue Monster. 

Do-hyun mentioned that the actor who played the Tongue Monster had a hard time on set because they had to wear long prosthetic fingers. 

He affectionately refers to the monster as “our Tongue Monster hyung”, which is hilarious because the Tongue Monster was one of the first few monsters shown in the drama, and it was terrifying

10. His younger brother has an intellectual disability

lee do-hyun facts - do-hyun's younger brother
Image credit: @ldh_sky

In an interview with W Korea, Do-hyun talked about his younger brother, who has an intellectual disability. 

Do-hyun revealed that when he was younger, he felt embarrassed by his younger brother at one point. However, when he heard that his younger brother was being bullied at school, he stood up for his younger brother and reprimanded the bullies. From then on, Do-hyun stopped feeling embarrassed and started to take care of his brother.

His younger brother’s condition isn’t serious, so he was able to get a job. Whenever Do-hyun has time, he will visit his brother at his workplace. 

11. He broke up with his girlfriend to perform better in his role

lee do-hyun facts - ex-girlfriend
Image credit: KBS 드라마

In the past, Do-hyun accepted the role of a character who lost a girl he loved. Naively, he thought that he needed to experience a breakup in real life in order to portray his character well. At that time, he was either 21 or 22 years old.

During an interview with Esquire Korea, Do-hyun said that he wasn’t sure why he thought that breaking up was a good idea, and his ex-girlfriend thought it didn’t make sense to break up with her because of a role in a drama. However, his career was his priority. 

In the end, although the drama was cancelled, Do-hyun said that he grew from the experience.

12. He is a variety show star

lee do-hyun facts - running man
Image adapted from: SBS

Do-hyun shines in variety shows, so much so that he appeared on Running Man thrice. It’s uncommon for guests on Running Man to appear more than twice, much less thrice. 

He was a guest on Running Man in episodes 496, 499, and 510.

Do-hyun was also on the popular variety show Knowing Brothers. He appeared alongside Kim Ha-neul and Yoon Sang-hyun in episode 246.

His impeccable sense of humour won the hearts of many. Some viewers of Running Man and Knowing Brothers became Do-hyun’s fans even though they haven’t watched his dramas. 

Lee Do-hyun facts

Knowing these 12 Lee Do-hyun facts is just the tip of the iceberg – there’s a wealth of content out there for you to delve into. We recommend watching his variety shows and interviews if you haven’t already done so.

His most recent drama, Youth of May, has successfully concluded. He is in talks to star in Melancholia and Hounds, and we can’t wait to see him in another drama.

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