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Kim Tae-ri Wins Best Actress At 58th Baeksang Awards For Role In Twenty Five Twenty One

Kim Tae-ri wins Best Actress at 58th Baeksang Awards

A tough competition for the Best Actress award came to a conclusion on 6th May 2022, with Kim Tae-ri, who wowed with her role in Twenty Five Twenty One, bringing home the prize.

The 58th Baeksang Awards was broadcasted live on JTBC. It was hosted by actress Bae Suzy, comedian Shin Dong-yup, and actor Park Bo-gum. 

Nominated for her role in Twenty Five Twenty One

best actress 58th baeksang - kim taeri
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Kim Tae-ri
was nominated for her role in Twenty Five Twenty One, a drama about youth, nostalgia, and determination. She played Na Hee-do, a high school fencer who is passionate about fencing and idolises a national fencer who is also her age.

Na Hee-do had been in a performance slump since her elementary school days. But when faced with the possibility of having to quit fencing forever, she has to reach her maximum potential again in order to get a second chance at playing the sport, even if it means going up against her idol. 

Other nominees for Best Actress

best actress 58th baeksang - picture of lee se-young, kim hye-soo, park eun-bin, and han so-hee
Lee Se-young, Kim Hye-soo, Park Eun-bin, and Han So-hee.
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Kim Tae-ri managed to emerge as winner from a competitive pool of talented actresses with outstanding performances. The nominees were as follows:

  • Kim Tae-ri in Twenty Five Twenty One
  • Kim Hye-soo in Juvenile Justice
  • Park Eun-bin in The King’s Affection
  • Lee Se-young in The Red Sleeve
  • Han So-hee in My Name

best actress 58th baeksang - kim hyesoo
Image credit: @NetflixKR

Kim Hye-soo was nominated for her role in Juvenile Justice, a law drama that talks about crimes committed by juveniles, and how these offenders are punished in the eyes of the legal system.

The drama gained traction due to its adaptation of real-life infamous juvenile delinquency cases, and its crude depiction of brutality and violence.

Kim Hye-soo plays Sim Eun-seok, an uptight and aloof judge from the Yeonhwa District Court Juvenile Criminal Division. Most prosecutors who deal with juvenile offenders are expected to be caring and compassionate, but Eun-seok claims to despise juvenile convicts, and she deals with them with harsh and uncustomary punishments.

best actress 58th baeksang - park eun-bin
Image credit: @eunbining0904

Park Eun-bin was nominated for her role in The King’s Affection, a historical drama. When the Crown Princess Consort gives birth to a set of twins, the twin girl is ordered to be executed due to a superstitious belief.

However, the Crown Princess Consort managed to secretly save her daughter. Years later, after the death of the twin son, the twin daughter is brought back to be raised as her brother.

Park Eun-bin plays Dam-yi, the twin daughter of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess Consort. Due to her heavy responsibility of having to pretend to be the Crown Prince and having to hide her real identity, she distances herself from others and adopts an standoffish personality.

best actress 58th baeksang - lee se-young
Image credit: MBC

Lee Se-young was nominated for her role in The Red Sleeve, a historical drama depicting the love story between the King of Joseon and a court lady. She plays Sung Deok-im, a court lady who caught the attention of King Jeongjo. The King wants to make her his concubine, but she is reluctant to accept the offer.

Sung Deok-im is an intelligent and strong-willed woman who greatly values her freedom and liberty. She believes that becoming one of the King’s many concubines will not bring her happiness and allow her to be independent.

best actress 58th baeksang - han so hee
Image credit: @NetflixKR

Han So-hee was nominated for her role in My Name, an action noir drama packed with crime, thrill, and violence. She plays Yoon Ji-woo, whose father is murdered by an unknown enemy right in front of her eyes. Driven by rageful revenge, Ji-woo enters the police force in a guise with the help of the boss of the biggest drug gang in Korea.

Ji-woo is a strong-willed and tough heroine who is single-minded on seeking vengeance on her father’s killer. She is ready to go through any lengths to reach her goal, no matter the sacrifices that she will have to make.

Kim Tae-ri takes home Best Actress award at 58th Baeksang Awards

Congratulations to Kim Tae-ri for clinching the Best Actress award at the 58th Baeksang Awards. We look forward to her future projects and to how she will continue to showcase her skills!

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