Lee Jun-ho wins Best Actor at 58th Baeksang Awards

The 58th Baeksang Awards ceremony has finally arrived, and Lee Jun-ho won the Best Actor award for his role in The Red Sleeve.

The prestigious event has captured the attention of viewers all over the world, and it was hosted by Shin Dong-yup, Bae Suzy, and Park Bo-gum. 

Nominated for his role in The Red Sleeve

Best Actor 58th Baeksang - Lee Jun-ho
Image credit: MBC

Lee Jun-ho was nominated for his role in The Red Sleeve, a drama that delves into the love story between Crown Prince Yi San and royal concubine Seong Deok-im. 

Lee Jun-ho takes on the role of Yi San, an aloof and perfection-loving prince. Whilst being haunted by his father’s death, he is focused on taking the throne after his grandfather, the cruel and ruthless king, dies. 

Other nominees for the Best Actor award

Best Actor 58th Baeksang - Best actor nominees
Images adapted from: SBS, @from_jjlee, MBC and Netflix

Lee Jun-ho was against other competent actors, and the nominees were as follows: 

  • Kim Nam-gil in Through the Darkness
  • Lee Jung-jae in Squid Game
  • Lee Jun-ho in The Red Sleeve
  • Im Si-wan in Tracer
  • Jung Hae-in in D.P.

Best actor 58th Baeksang - Kim Nam-gil
Image credit: SBS

Kim Nam-gil was nominated for his role in Through The Darkness, a dark and gritty drama about South Korea’s first criminal profiler who struggled to catch serial killers when random murders began to overwhelm the country. 

Kim Nam-gil plays Song Ha-young, a charismatic crime profiler who investigates crimes and tries to analyse the human mind. 

Best Actor 58th Baeksang - Lee Jung-jae
Image credit: Netflix

Lee Jung-jae was nominated for his role in Squid Game, the hit series that became a global phenomenon. The series revolves around 456 players who are invited to a mysterious location to play a few children’s games for a large cash prize, but the consequences are unexpectedly deadly. 

Lee Jung-jae played the role of Seong Gi-hun, a divorced chauffeur and gambling addict. He’s struggling to support his crumbling family, and decides to participate in the game to settle his debts. 

Best Actor 58th Baeksang - Im Si-wan
Image credit: MBC

Im Si-wan was nominated for his role in Tracer, a drama about the people working at the National Tax Service. 

Im Si-wan plays Hwang Dong-ju, the team manager for the Investigation Bureau of the National Tax Service, and he works hard to trace money that mysteriously disappears from the tax service.

Best Actor 58th Baeksang - Jung Hae-in
Image credit: Netflix

Jung Hae-in was nominated for his role in D.P., a series which follows the story of a team of Korean military police with their mission to catch deserters, also known as soldiers who abandon their military duties. 

Jung Hae-in takes on the role of An Jun-ho, a calm but inflexible soldier who has excellent observation skills. He gets transferred to the D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) team, and discovers the systemic issues plaguing the Korean military. 

Lee Jun-ho named the Best Actor at 57th Baeksang Awards

Congratulations to Lee Jun-ho, the winner of the Best Actor award at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards. With the recognition of this award, we are sure that his career will continue to prosper and thrive!

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