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This Shampoo With Brewer’s Yeast By HiteJinro & Kundal Proves That Beer Isn’t Just For Drinking

Kundal beer shampoo

Chimaek (chicken and beer) is a popular food combination in Korea, but what about beer and shampoo? Kundal and HiteJinro recently worked together to produce a new shampoo made with brewer’s yeast, and who knows, this could become your next haircare necessity. 

Beer maker meets personal care brand

Kundal is a Korean personal daily care brand that prides itself on using all-natural ingredients. Most of their products have received the EWG Green Grade, which certifies that they are free of chemicals that could potentially harm our hair and body.

beer shampoo - kundal products
Image credit: @kundal.official

Notably, Kundal had a merchandise line with BT21, which included products such as hand creams, shampoos, and hair treatments.

beer shampoo - kundal with bt21
Image credit: @kundal.official

HiteJinro is a Korean company that’s the world’s leading producer of soju.

beer shampoo - chamisul brand
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Some household names under HiteJinro include Hite, Terra, and Chamisul.

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HiteJinro has chosen to use Terra’s branding for the beer shampoo collaboration. Terra is a beer brand that markets itself as a “clean” beer as it utilises malt grown in Australia, a country with clean air.

Since green is considered a cool colour, the green packaging of the beer shampoo helps to emphasise the refreshing image of the wacky product. 

Yeast from beer can help with scalp care

Kundal X Terra Brewer’s Yeast Hair Loss Shampoo is produced using healthy ingredients such as organic barley seed, beer yeast extract, and plant-derived surfactant.

beer shampoo - advertisement photoshoot with canned terra beer
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It contains a large amount of brewer’s yeast extract, which can provide effective nutrients to the hair.

beer shampoo - advertisement photoshoot with shampoo and terra glass bottle beer
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According to HiteJinro, a research study done by German beer factory employees in the 1960s found that the amino acid structure of beer yeast is similar to that of hair, which suggests that the nutritional components of beer yeast can aid in hair and scalp care.

Beer shampoo with brewer’s yeast will keep your hair healthy

Once launched on 23rd March 2022, the product will be sold in limited quantities on the digital shopping websites ELEVEN STREET and Kundal Official Mall.

The combination of beer and shampoo may seem bizarre at first, but brewer’s yeast has been scientifically proven to enhance hair growth and improve the condition of newly grown hair.

We can assure you that the shampoo won’t smell like stale beer, so no worries about smelling like a raging alcoholic there.

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