Seoul Book Bogo

In 2019, the Seoul Metropolitan Government opened Seoul Book Bogo (서울책보고), a bookstore, library and cultural space in collaboration with 25 other bookstores nationwide.

Seoul Book Bogo houses more than 120,000 books and comprises 4 spaces value, sharing, enjoyment and experience where visitors can read, purchase books, and participate in various programmes held in the facility. What’s more, admission is free for all.

Eye-catching arched bookshelf

seoul book bogo arch shelf 1
Image credit: @domsoreal

The one-of-a-kind bookshelf in the Space of Value has become a popular photo spot in Seoul Book Bogo. 

seoul book bogo arch shelf 2
Image credit: @arch_oo

seoul book bogo arch shelf 3
Image credit: @clarissaacindy

This unique bookshelf was even featured as a backdrop in episode 2 of Hotel Del Luna.

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[#호텔델루나] "여기가 무슨 무당집입니까?!" 귀신 호텔을 불신하는 인간 구찬성 EP2-03

Video credit: 디글 :Diggle

In the Space of Value, shelves of secondhand books go for as low as KRW2,000 (~USD1.75) – less than half the usual price of your usual secondhand books. To purchase these books, all you have to do is place an order using the computers in the store.

seoul book bogo how to purchase books
Placing an order for books on the computers in-store
Image credit: HAEUN IS GARDEN

Things to do at Seoul Book Bogo

seoul book bogo space of sharing
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Spend the day browsing through books written and donated by professors, scholars, and renowned writers as you chill in the Space of Sharing. 

seoul book bogo space of enjoyment
Image credit: @yang_cookie

Discover independent publications in the Space of Enjoyment and check out the Book Market where more books and magazines are sold. You can also join in the Book Talk segments and other free programmes held in the Space of Experience.

seoul book bogo space of experience 3
Image credit: @condition79

TBS, a Korean broadcasting network, held its 29th-anniversary celebration in Seoul Book Bogo and it was broadcasted in an episode of Book Concert. 

tbs창사 29주년 북콘서트 '스물아홉, 청춘' l 북콘서트
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tbs창사 29주년 북콘서트 '스물아홉, 청춘' l 북콘서트

Video credit: TBS 시민의방송

seoul book bogo space of experience 2
Image credit: @condition79

Book club sessions are also held in the event space. A session has been scheduled to take place at the end of this month, and visitors are free to register until slots run out. Find out more here or on their official Instagram page. 

seoul book bogo book talk
Image credit: @seulyeju

When you get thirsty, you can visit the small Book Cafe located next to the information counter. 

seoul book bogo book cafe
Image adapted from: La mia campagna, 나의 들판

As the consumption of food is not allowed in Seoul Book Bogo, the cafe only sells drinks.

Drinks like coffee and non-caffeinated beverages are priced from KRW3,500-4,500 (~USD3.07-3.94). Fruit juice is available at KRW1,500 (~USD1.31) too. 

Do note the cafe only accepts payment by card or Zero Pay, a payment service that collects payment via a QR code, and it closes at 7PM.

How to get to Seoul Book Bogo

seoul book bogo exterior
Image credit: @_flowercrush_

It’s easy to find Seoul Book Bogo as it’s only a 2-minute walk from Jamsilnaru Station. 

Getting there:

  1. Alight at Jamsilnaru Station, Seoul Subway, Line 2.
  2. Turn left upon coming out from Exit 1, and you should see a grey warehouse building across the road.
  3. Cross the road and you will reach Seoul Book Bogo.

Address: 1 Ogeum-ro, Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: Tues – Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat, Sun & Public Holidays 10AM-8PM (Closed every Monday, New Years Day, Lunar New Year, and Chuseok)
Telephone: 02-6951-4979

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