Best picnic spots in Seoul

From eating finger foods to reading under the sun, how special can a picnic experience truly be? Our list of picnic spots in Seoul will show you that the experience in Korea is like no other – you know it hits different when you can rent a full picnic set that includes artificial flowers and a heart-shaped mirror.

1. Yeouido Hangang Park

Picnic Seoul - Yeouido Hangang Park
Image credit: @neer_and__deer

Yeouido Hangang Park, also known as Yeouido Han River, is the most popular picnic spot in Korea.

It’s also a hot spot during the cherry blossom season as visitors get to admire rows of cherry blossoms.

Picnic Seoul - cycling at Yeouido Hangang Park
Image credit: @anheezzang

Apart from the spacious green field facing the Han River, there’s a beautiful cycling trail you must check out to enjoy the full Hangang Park experience. 

There are bicycle rental shops on both sides of Yeouinaru Station, which is the nearest train station to Hangang Park.

Fret not as the rental fees won’t burn a hole in your wallet. They are affordably priced at KRW3,000 (~USD2.39) for the first hour, and KRW5,000 (~USD3.98) for two hours.

If you’re planning to cycle with a friend or significant other, you can consider renting a couple’s bicycle. It costs KRW6,000 (~USD4.78) for an hour, and KRW10,000 (~USD7.96) for two hours.

Pro tip: remember to bring an identity card along with you!

Take note that additional costs will be incurred if you exceed the time limit.

2. Yanghwa Hangang Park 

Picnic Seoul - Yanghwa Hangang Park
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Yanghwa Hangang Park is the epitome of peace and tranquillity with a wide open field and clear blue river.

May is the best time of the year to visit this place as roses begin to bloom throughout the park.

Picnic Seoul - picnic at Yanghwa Hangang Park
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If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, it’s your sign to head down to Yanghwa Hangang Park and take a breather.

Picnic Seoul - picnic set up at Yanghwa Hangang Park
Image credit: @jeongsgi

Bring along a picnic mat, iced coffee, and finger foods – you’re all set for the picnic experience!

For more active and energetic folks out there, you can make use of the athletic facilities for sports such as football and basketball.

Picnic Seoul - picnic date idea at Yanghwa Hangang Park
Image credit: @__hyuniiii0

This picnic spot is so beautiful that it looks like it jumped straight out of a painting.

Given the serene atmosphere, it’s the perfect space to have heartfelt conversations with your significant other and friends.

Pro-tip: you can borrow a pram or wheelchair at the information centre.

3. Seoul Forest 

Picnic Seoul - Seoul Forest 
Image credit: @do.onng

Seoul Forest is another hot spot among youths in Korea.

This park is unique as it comprises four parts – Culture and Art Park, Educational Experience Park, Eco-forest Park, and Riverside Park along Hangang River.

If the idea of eating and chatting by the river bores you, don’t worry. There are several places that will capture your attention, such as the butterfly garden and an insect garden.

Picnic Seoul - picnic at Seoul Forest 
Image credit: @lwlub_

Fun fact: in the past, Seoul Forest was used for horse racing as the space served as a royal hunting ground for kings.

There are plenty of cafes around Seoul Forest, which makes it convenient for those who plan on getting take out food and drinks to complete their picnic set.

Picnic Seoul - Seoul Forest 
Image credit: @1004_k__

The park is only a 5-minute walk from Seoul Forest station Exit 3. 

Like many picnic spots, there’s a bicycle rental shop at Seoul Forest. You can make your way to Entrance 5 to rent a bicycle.

The minimum rental time is an hour, and it costs KRW4,000 (~USD3.19). 

Here’s a trick: simply pay RW10,000 (~USD7.96) to rent a bicycle for an entire day. This way, you don’t have to pay additional charges if you lose track of time and end up riding for a few hours!

4. Banpo Hangang Park

Picnic Seoul - Banpo Bridge Moonlight Fountain Show
Image adapted from: @ma1rang0.0 and @ma1rang0.0

If you ever pay a visit to Banpo Hangang Park, you mustn’t miss the Banpo Bridge Moonlight Fountain Show.

Take note that the show only begins at night. Each show is about 20 minutes long.

Here’s the Banpo Bridge Moonlight Fountain Show schedule: 

April-June & September-October:
Weekdays: 8PM, 8.30PM, 9PM
Weekends: 7.30PM, 8PM, 8.30PM, 9PM

Weekdays: 7.30PM, 8PM, 8.30PM, 9PM
Weekends: 7.30PM, 8PM, 8.30PM, 9PM, 9.30PM

Picnic Seoul - Banpo Bridge Moonlight Fountain
Image credit: @926._min

Fun fact: the Banpo Bridge Moonlight Fountain was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest bridge fountain!

The fountain is made of approximately 400 rainbow-coloured jets that span a total of 1.14km. 

Picnic Seoul - night picnic at Banpo Hangang Park
Image credit: @hjhj_star

Who says picnics should only take place when the sun is out? There’s something therapeutic about having a picnic at night with mood lighting. 

If you want to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Seoul landscape, Banpo Hangang Park is where you need to be ASAP. By the way, the best time to visit is April, June, September, and October. 

5. Olympic Park 

Picnic Seoul - Olympic Park
Image credit: @jjiwoo__

Did you know that the Olympic Park was built to host the 1988 Summer Olympics? 

Although it was actively utilised as a sports arena, it is now better known as a place of relaxation.

The park is enormous, so much so that it would take hours to explore the entire space.

Besides the picnic spot, there are several places you can visit, including the Cultural Art Park, Environmental Eco-Park, Leisure Sports Park, and History Experience Park.

Picnic Seoul - spring in Olympic Park
Image credit: @_luv.lian

Olympic Park is also a flower paradise. In April, the park brims with cherry blossoms, while red poppies bloom from May to June.

And as summer goes and autumn comes, you’d be greeted by yellow cosmos everywhere!

Picnic Seoul - Olympic Park
Image adapted from: @_luv.lian and @evelinbysuzy

There’s even a fast food restaurant and convenience store at Olympic Park, which means you don’t have to prepare food in advance for your picnic.

Make sure you check out the one-tree hill when you visit Olympic Park. It’s famously known as the “lonely tree” as there’s literally only one tree on that hill, and it’s one of the most iconic spots for photos.

6. Nodeul Island

Picnic Seoul - Nodeul Island
Image credit: @arago__o

Nodeul Island may ring a bell if you’ve watched the popular Korean drama Start-Up, starring Nam Joo-hyuk and Suzy.

The business incubator Sandbox located on Nodeul Island made an appearance in the drama.

Picnic Seoul - sunset at Nodeul Island
Image credit: @u_bokyung

This mini island is located in the vicinity of Seoul’s financial hub, but you can enjoy a serene atmosphere nonetheless.

There are several amenities on Nodeul Island, such as convenience stores, a book cafe, camping rental shop, and even a stage for singers and dancers.

Picnic Seoul - picnic at Nodeul Island
Image credit: @nijeeh__

Fun fact: Nodeul Island used to be a farm, but it was redesigned to interweave culture and nature. The newly designed space opened its doors to the public in 2019.

Picnic Seoul - sunset at Nodeul Island
Image credit: @becoming.locals

Nodeul Island offers the best sunset view – the sight of Hangang bridge silhouetted against the setting sun is something to write home about. 

7. Ttukseom Hangang Park 

Picnic Seoul - duck boats at Ttukseom Hangang Park
Image credit: @s_zeung

Ttukseom Hangang Park is another ideal place in Seoul for a picnic party.

This place is known for pedal duck boat rides. Make your way to Exit 2 of the Ttukseom train station and you’ll find the rental shop.

For a 30-minute pedal duck boat ride, it’ll cost KRW18,000 (~USD14.52). The motor duck boat costs KRW25,000 (~USD20.16) for a 30-minute session.

Take note that a maximum of three persons can ride a boat at a time. 

Picnic Seoul - hangang ramyun at Ttukseom Hangang Park
Image adapted from: @heerockbubu and @immmrecordyoon

You know what they say – Hangang ramyun is the best ramyun.

All you have to do is choose a ramyun brand at a convenience store and cook it with the amazing ramyun-boiling machine.

After you place the ramyun on the machine, press the start button and wait for it to cook.

If you want to take your ramyun experience to the next level, purchase additional ingredients such as sausage and cheese strings as toppings for your noodles.

Picnic Seoul - picnic at Ttukseom Hangang Park
Image credit: @dan_silver_122

Ttukseom Hangang Park’s biggest flex is how spacious the place is. This means that you’d never have to fight for space!

You can easily spot groups of people playing games while having a picnic here. It’s popular among university students carrying out their orientation activities and bonding sessions.

Picnic Seoul - cycling at Ttukseom Hangang Park
Image credit: @heoming_h

Besides riding a duck boat, you can also rent a bicycle for KRW3,000 (~USD2.17) per hour.

The rental shop is located near Exit 2 of the train station.​

8. Seonyudo Park

Picnic Seoul - Seonyudo Park
Image credit: @uu_dinee

Known as a hidden gem in Seoul, Seonyudo Park is a tranquil spot hidden away from the chaotic city. 

Seonyudo Park was initially used as a sewage treatment plant. When the Hangang Renaissance Project was implemented, it was redesigned to function as Korea’s first recycling park. 

Picnic Seoul - Seonyudo Park
Image credit: @luv.elllie

There are several instances of reforming spaces in Korea, such as the Bucheon Art Bunker. It used to be an incineration plant, but is known as an arts and cultural space today.

Picnic Seoul - picnic at Seonyudo Park
Image credit: @uu_dinee

Several popular Korean dramas, including Boys Over Flowers, Princess Hours, and IRIS were actually filmed here!

If you have time, check out the Seoul Design Gallery and botanical garden located in Seonyudo Park. 

Picnic Seoul - cherry blossom at Seonyudo Park
Image credit: @sjb_pic_

While this space is beautiful all year round, it’s particularly breathtaking during spring.

In fact, it’s a hidden spot for cherry blossom viewing – you don’t have to squeeze yourself into a crowd of visitors here.

9. Yongsan Family Park 

Picnic Seoul - Yongsan Family Park
Image credit: @kwonji_wony

Yongsan Family Park is another popular Korean drama filming location. Playful Kiss and Something In The Rain were filmed here.

Besides, it’s also a kid-friendly space where all children are cordially invited to run and play. 

This may not seem like a big deal in some countries, but considering the presence of several no kids zones in Korea, it’s a huge perk for families. 

Picnic Seoul - picnic board
Image credit: @kwonji_wony

Instead of the regular picnic basket and sandwich meals, why not create your very own charcuterie board by taking inspiration from Pinterest for maximum bougie points?

Pair your charcuterie board with a fine glass of wine and your picnic experience will instantly be levelled up.

Picnic Seoul - Yongsan Family Park
Image credit: @sw._.1o_26

There’s actually history behind Yongsan Family Park – when Japan invaded Korea during the Imjin War, the surrounding area was used as a military base. 

It was also used by the US military as a golf course in the past.

Thankfully, the park is used for more peaceful purposes today. 

10. Mangwon Hangang Park

Picnic Seoul - Mangwon Hangang Park
Image credit: @classic_bogyeom

Did you know that Episode 10 of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo was filmed at Mangwon Hangang Park?

Besides playing sports and riding a bicycle, you can also enjoy activities such water skiing and windsurfing here.

Picnic Seoul - picnic at Mangwon Hangang Park
Image credit: @happy_bongsigi

It’s also a place where all furry friends get to run around and mingle with one another. Who knows, you may even befriend fellow pet owners!

Picnic Seoul - Mangwon Hangang Park
Image credit: @bubucoffee_

If you’re all about the aesthetic, you can rent a full picnic set without having to go through the hassle of planning finger foods and choosing the colour of your picnic mat.

There are several businesses that provide picnic services. One such business is Picnic 109 – look up @picnic109 on Instagram to check out the different types of picnic sets that they provide!

Picnic spots in Seoul that are magical

If you love being outdoors, why not plan a unique picnic experience during your stay in Seoul? After all, it’s the perfect activity for romantic dates, group outings, and quality family time.

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