Park Gyu-young stars Dal Li and Gamjatang

Park Gyu-young has been confirmed to star in a new KBS rom-com, Dal Li and Gamjatang. This will be her 2nd lead role after tvN’s The Devil’s Justice. Before this, she starred in the hit dramas It’s Okay Not To Be Okay and Netflix’s Sweet Home.

Park Gyu-young joins Kim Min-jae as main leads

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Park Gyu-young has been in talks to star in this drama since January. Lee Jae-wook from Extraordinary You was also offered a role as the main character in January, but he turned it down a month later.

On 9th March, it was confirmed that Kim Min-jae, who last starred in Do You Like Brahms?, will be playing the lead role in the drama. Subsequently, Kwon Yul and Yeon-woo took up the supporting roles 10 days later.

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(L-R) Kim Min-jae, Yeonwoo & Kwon Yul.
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Park Gyu-young will be playing the female lead, Kim Dal-li, and Kim Min-jae will take on the role of the male lead, Jin Mu-hak.

Since the line-up of the cast has been confirmed, filming of the drama will begin in mid-April. Dal Li and Gamjatang is scheduled to air in the later half of 2021.

Synopsis of Dal Li and Gamjatang

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Dal Li and Gamjatang is about Kim Dal-li, a polyglot-cum-museum director who often forgets to take care of herself. She is considerate towards others, elegant, and smart.

On the other hand, Jin Mu-hak, the director of the global food company Dondon F&B, is far behind Dal-li in terms of intelligence and only cares about money.

As the drama progresses, an unexpected romance blossoms between Dal-li and Mu-hak after the latter tries to take over Dal-li’s museum.

Park Gyu-young’s promising future

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In It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, she played a nurse who is demure but has an inferiority complex, and in Sweet Home, she acted as a badass who can compartmentalise her feelings – and that’s just 2 of the many sides of her we’ve seen so far. We can’t wait to see her as a successful career-oriented woman in Dal In and Gamjatang, and what she has in store for us in the future.

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