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Koo Wook Hee Cafe: Dessert Shop To Binge On Freshly Baked Cookies & Swing Your Worries Away

Koo Wook Hee Cafe

Hidden along a street near Seoul Forest Park, Koo Wook Hee Cafe is a heaven for those with a sweet tooth. Serving all kinds of desserts, from cookies to scones and cakes, the cafe’s bright and cosy interior will make you feel at home too

Freshly baked cookies & desserts

Koo Wook Hee Cafe - cookie display
Image credit: @_daily_lifeeeee

Step into the cafe, and you’ll be welcomed by a spread of freshly baked cookies and desserts.

Koo Wook Hee Cafe - Oreo Cookie
Image credit: @relaxbin

Find cookies such as Caramel Lotus, Red Velvet, Matcha and many others. Koo Wook Hee Cafe’s signature cookie is the Oreo Cookie (KRW5,300, ~USD4.02), topped with melted marshmallows and Oreo cereal for an extra crunch.

Koo Wook Hee Cafe - Sweet Potato Cup Cookie
Image adapted from: 소핸

If you are not a fan of cookies, there are other desserts such as cakes, scones and cup cookies too. Another popular item at Koo Wook Hee Cafe is the Sweet Potato Cup Cookie (KRW4,800, ~USD3.64), which has layers of cream cheese, sweet potato sauce and injeolmi crumble.

Koo Wook Hee Cafe - Lemon Cake
Image credit: @soon2__yummy

Also try the Lemon Cake (KRW7,000, ~USD5.19), a spongy lemon cake topped with lemon-flavoured icing and a slice of dried lemon as garnish.

Each dining space exudes a different vibe

Koo Wook Hee Cafe - ground floor and entrance
Image credit: @cafeof_today_records

The cafe spans three stories, and has a rooftop. Each level has a different vibe, so you have the option to dine in your preferred space. 

The entrance and ground floor of the cafe is decorated with pebbles and a stone path. You can choose to sit here under the shade of the trees and enjoy your cookies.

Koo Wook Hee Cafe - Swing
Image adapted from: @seungri.98

Walk out to the back of the cafe to find a swing to relive your childhood and take your OOTD photos.

Koo Wook Hee Cafe - interior
Image adapted from: @mnbkng03 and @jellykim_food

Other than the ground floor, you can find more seats on the first and second floors of the cafe. Each area is furnished with stools, chairs and even comfy sofa seats.

Koo Wook Hee Cafe - rooftop
Image credit: 커피내리던애

The rooftop is decked out with colourful tables and chairs for you to enjoy the great weather and beautiful view in the morning. At night, strips of light bulbs illuminate the area and give it a totally different vibe from daytime

Koo Wook Hee Cafe - pet-friendly cafe
Image credit: @kimpotato___

The rooftop is also decorated with artificial grass so you’ll feel like you’re having an outdoor picnic. It also makes for a great play area for your cute furry friends, seeing as Koo Wook Hee Cafe is a pet-friendly cafe.

Featured in the variety show I Live Alone

Koo Wook Hee Cafe - I Live Alone
Image adapted from: 엠뚜루마뚜루 : MBC 공식 종합 채널

Avid viewers of I Live Alone might recognise Koo Wook Hee Cafe from the variety show.

In episode 451, the show featured the life of the professional golfer Park Se-ri. She went bakery hopping around the Seongdong neighbourhood and bought many pastries and desserts for the production crew. 

Koo Wook Hee Cafe - Park Se-ri's pick
Park Seri’s pick.
Image adapted from: @koowookheecafe

One of the bakeries she visited that day was Koo Wook Hee Cafe. If you are interested in getting the same desserts as her, here’s the list to buy: Earl Grey Scone, Salted Caramel Scone, Mugwort Injeolmi Scone, Matcha Cookie and Red Velvet Cookie.  

Getting to Koo Wook Hee Cafe

Koo Wook Hee Cafe - entrance
Image adapted from: eunnndoo

Koo Wook Hee Cafe is definitely worth a visit for its homely vibes and dessert offerings, especially for those who love cookies and everything sweet. 

How to get there:

  • Take the Suin-Bundang Line to Seoul Forest Station and leave by Exit 5.
  • Walk straight for about 196m, then turn left and continue walking for 256m.
  • Turn right and walk for 24m, and you’ll arrive at Koo Wook Hee Cafe.

Address: 12-22 Seoulsup 4(sa)-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: 12pm-10pm, Daily
Contact: 0507-1413-7799 | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @im._.meng, @mnbkng03 and @koowookheecafe