Kim Se-jeong in Today’s Webtoon

Following the success of her new drama Business Proposal, Kim Se-jeong seems to be on a roll as Jellyfish Entertainment has confirmed that she will be taking on the lead role in the Korean remake of Sleepeeer Hit!, a popular Japanese drama. 

Korean remake of Sleepeeer Hit!

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Sleepeeer Hit! is a drama that revolves around Kokoro Kurosawa, a former Olympic judo athlete who now works for a manga magazine company called Baibusu.

Through her new job, she becomes fascinated with the editorial world and tries her best to stay afloat as the publishing industry goes through a turbulent time. 

Kim Se-jeong to take on lead role in Today’s Webtoon

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In the highly anticipated Korean remake Today’s Webtoon, Kim Se-jeong will take on the lead role of On Ma-eum, a rookie employee in the webtoon editorial department.

Like in the Japanese version, On Ma-eum has to give up her dreams of being an athlete after sustaining an injury, and she resolves to start her life afresh.

She is convinced to join the company after coincidentally delivering food to the webtoon editorial department, and her life takes a turn for the better.

Today’s Webtoon slated to air in second half of 2022

Kim Se-jeong in Today's Webtoon - Kim Se-jeong
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Today’s Webtoon is expected to air in the second half of 2022, and Nam Yoon-su is in talks to join Kim Se-jeong as the other lead character in the SBS drama. 

If you can’t get enough of Kim Se-jeong after watching Business Proposal, fret not as there is more of her to look forward to soon! 

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