Seo-hyun & Na In-woo in The Jinx’s Lover

On 10th August, Yonhap News confirmed that Seo-hyun and Na In-woo will be the main leads for the upcoming fantasy romance drama The Jinx’s Lover

What is The Jinx’s Lover about?

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The Jinx’s Lover is a fantasy romance drama based on the Korean webtoon of the same title. It follows a man who has submitted to his unhappy and unlucky destiny, and a goddess who jumps into the human world in order to lift her curse. 

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Seo-hyun will take on the role of Lee Seul-bi, a goddess who’s able to see the future of the person she touches. Seven years ago, she escaped the secret room she grew up in.  She meets Gong Soo-gwang, and they spend a dream-like day together. Ever since then, she has been dreaming of entering the human world and meeting Soo-gwang again.

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Na In-woo will play the role of Gong Soo-gwang, who sells fish at a traditional Korean market for a living. After meeting Seul-bi seven years ago, Soo-gwang’s life completely changed for the worse. Little does Soo-gwang know that he will meet Seul-bi again.

Filming for The Jinx’s Lover has started

According to Sports DongA and News1 Korea, production of The Jinx’s Lover commenced after Seo-hyun and Na In-woo accepted their offers. However, the broadcast channel and airing date have yet to be confirmed. 

Na In-woo & Seo-hyun to star in The Jinx’s Lover

The plot of the drama is intriguing, and we’re looking forward to seeing the chemistry between Seo-hyun and Na In-woo on screen. Na In-woo has proved his acting chops in River Where The Moon Rises, where he had to deliver results under pressure. Likewise, Seo-hyun has been getting praise for her last few dramas.

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