Chung Jung One honsool fan

Chung Jung One is a Korean food company. Hence, many were pleasantly surprised when they launched a mini electric fan. But of course, it’s no normal fan – it’s a handy honsool fan that doubles as a drinking buddy for those who drink alone. 

What to know about Chung Jung One’s fan 

Honsool Fan - fan
Image adapted from: 청정원 

In Korea, the act of drinking alone is called honsool”. This handy fan is aptly namedhonsool fan” because it’s meant to act as a drinking buddy for those who like to honsool

Korea’s honsool culture has been becoming increasingly common as more and more people enjoy a drink or two by themselves. Also, social distancing has made it particularly challenging for people to drink with their friends outside. Hence, the fan was made in hopes to soothe and comfort people without a drinking buddy. 

Honsool Fan - cheersImage adapted from: Auction

The fun-sized fan has a hand-shaped attachment that’s capable of holding a soju glass. This enables the drinker to toast with the fan, just like how one would toast with a friend. Gimmick aside, the honsool fan functions just as well as its regular counterparts, which makes it handy for driving away the merciless summer heat

You get to enjoy a variety of Chung Jung One’s anju (drinking snacks) as well. The fan is only available as part of a set, which includes five types of Chung Jung One’s anju, such as cheese boneless chicken feet and stir-fried cartilage. 

Netizens’ reactions

Following the launch of Chung Jung One’s handy honsool fan, there was a heated discussion on @insight_trend’s Instagram page. 

Honsool Fan - comment
Image adapted from: @silfeman_ 

Instagram user @silfeman_ showed support for the product by commenting “Good item.” 

Honsool Fan - comment
Images adapted from: @qkrwldnjs_01 and @jy117__

There were also hilarious instances of netizens tagging their friends. Instagram user @qkrwldnjs_01 tagged @jy117__ and commented, “This is meant for you.” 

Honsool Fan - comment
Images adapted from: @hanna00700 and @o_e_ye

Instagram user @hanna00700 left a comment for @o_e_ye, which said “Unnie, buy this for me.”  

Where to buy Chung Jung One’s fan 

Honsool Fan - cheersImage adapted from: Auction

Chung Jung One carried out pre-orders of the fans on Auction, a Korean online auction site, but just one day after its launch, all 1,200 honsool fans were sold out. Due to popular demand, a second round of pre-orders took place on the 22nd of July on major online sites such as Naver Shopping, Gmarket, and 11th Street. The second pre-orders were sold out as well

According to Chung Jung One’s official website, the marketing team is preparing for a third round of sales in the first week of August. Although the date has yet to be specified, you should keep a lookout for any updates on the Instagram page @chungjungone_anjuya.

With the world on a never-ending series of lockdown and social distancing, the handy honsool fan may just become your new drinking companion. Although it may seem unusual, the handy fan is an innovative and practical product that not only accompanies you through lonely nights, but also keeps you cool – literally. 

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