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10 Hostels In Seoul From USD13/Night That Will Put Female Solo Travellers At Ease

Female-friendly hostels in Seoul

hostels in seoulImage adapted from : Agoda, Hostel Haru, and

Compared to hotels, hostels are a cheaper alternative for solo travellers. It’s also a great option for those who like to meet people from different walks of life. But for female travellers, there’s additional stuff to worry about, such as safety, privacy, and whether the dorms are mixed-gender or not. We’ve done the legwork for you, so take a look at these 10 hostels in Seoul perfect for the ladies. Now you can begin planning your first ever female solo trip with a peace of mind. 

1. Miss Hongdae Guesthouse – female-only hostel with minimalist design

Miss Hongdae Guesthouse
Image adapted from: Agoda

Miss Hongdae Guesthouse is a female-only hostel that is well-loved for its squeaky clean interior and convenient location. Located right in the heart of Hongdae, it’s only a short distance from popular shopping streets and cafes. 

Miss Hongdae Guesthouse bed
6-bed female dormitory
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From USD16/night, you can get a single bed in a 6-bed female dormitory room. Each bed comes with 4 power sockets so you don’t have to worry about running out of outlets to charge your phone, camera, power bank and other electronics you need for the next day. For added privacy, each bunk bed has an attached blind you can lower to your liking.

Miss Hongdae toilet
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The communal bathrooms here are clean and well-maintained. On top of that, the hostel also provides a minimum of 3 hairdryers on each floor so you and your roommates don’t have to fight over who gets to dry their hair first.

In addition, each toilet cubicle comes with a bidet, which is definitely a luxury for the price you’re paying. 

Miss Hongdae Guesthouse camera
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Safety is a top concern of many female solo travellers, and Miss Hongdae Guesthouse understands this. There are CCTVs installed right outside of the property and in the communal areas. On top of that, dorm rooms have a password touchpad lock installed to make sure no one besides your bunk mates has access to your room.

You’ll also have access to a safety deposit box located inside of your room to store all valuables such as your passport, wallet, and handphone. 

Rates: From USD16/night (single occupancy in 6-bed female dormitory)
Address: 3-28, Hongik-ro, Mapo-gu, Mapo-Gu, 04040 Seoul, South Korea
Telephone: 010-4003-8438

2. Ultari Hostel – clean and chic hostel with a bar

Ultari Hostel
Image credit: @chiii__k_fr 

Nestled in Jongno-gu, Ultari Hostel exudes major Muji Hotel vibes with its minimalist exterior. 

Ultari common area
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As you make your way into this hostel, you’ll be warmly welcomed by a large and cosy living area. This space also doubles as a seating area late into the night, when guests flock to the adjacent bar on the first floor to have some drinks and wind down. 

Ultari menu
Image credit: @ultari_hostel

Ultari runs a cafe-slash-bar which opens daily from 11AM-11PM. Instead of heading out for drinks at night, ladies can head to this bar and not worry about how you’ll get back to your accommodation after having one too many. From a bottle of Guinness (KRW6,000, ~USD5) to a bourbon on the rocks (KRW6,500, ~USD5.40), this small bar serves up a variety of alcohol that suits different palettes. 

Ultari dorm
4-bed female dormitory
Image credit:

From USD14/night, you can get a single bed in a female dormitory room with 4 bunk beds. You can also opt for a double bed private room (from USD37/night) if you want more privacy

Ultari double bed private room
Double bed private room
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Apart from being only a 5 to 10 minutes’ walk from either Jongno 3-ga subway station or Anguk subway station, this is also one of the hostels in Seoul that is located near tourist hot spots such as Changdeokgung Palace and Gyeongbokgung Palace. 

Gyeongbukgong Palace
Image credit: @kramtayag

Rates: From USD14/night (single occupancy in 4-bed female dormitory)
Address: 24, Yulgok-ro 10-gil, Jongno-gu, Jongno-Gu, 03134 Seoul, South Korea
Telephone: 010-2931-1313

3. Seoul Cube Itaewon – hostel with Arabica-like cafe

Seoul Cube Itaewon
Image credit: @seoulcubehostel

Located 200m away from Itaewon Station, Seoul Cube is one of the most convenient hostels in Seoul for those in search of accommodation in the city’s hip and foreigner-friendly neighbourhood. Besides being home to eateries aplenty, Itaewon is also known for its vibrant nightlife. 

Seoul Cube Itaewon Cafe
Image credit: Agoda

On the ground floor, you’ll find a cafe reminiscent of Arabica, the famous coffee chain hailing from Kyoto, Japan. On days when you want to chill at a cafe and take a breather, all you have to do is step out of your room and head to the first floor. 

Seoul Cube bed
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The dormitories at Seoul Cube Itaewon are segregated by gender – females and males do not share rooms. Each capsule in the dormitory is decked out with a mirror, power plug, three hanging knobs and even a window, which helps to brighten up the small space (from USD12/night)

Seoul Cube Itaewon toilet
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The shared bathroom for women has a shower cubicle, two toilets and two sinks. It is also brightly lit, which is perfect for ladies who need to put their makeup on. 

Rates: From USD12/night (single occupancy in 8-bed female dormitory)
Address: 8, Usadan-ro 14-gil, Yongsan-gu,, Yongsan-Gu, 04405 Seoul, South Korea
Telephone: 010-4912-2929

4. Upflo Hostel – boutique hostel with spacious rooms

Upflo hostel
Image credit: upflo HOSTEL

Upflo Hostel is nothing like one those dormitory-type hostels in Seoul. Instead of bunk beds, you’ll find spacious private rooms that come with en-suite bathrooms.

Upflo Hostel single bed
Single-bed room
Image credit: Agoda

The single rooms (from USD34/night) fit a single bed, private shower, two desks, a small hanging rack, and plenty of space for you to unpack your luggage

Upflo single room
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The room also includes a mini fridge and coffee maker. You won’t have to change out of your pyjamas and make your way down to the communal dining area to get a coffee or breakfast fix.

Upflo hostel double bedStandard double room
Image credit: upflo HOSTEL

With a USD5 top-up, you can get a standard double room (from USD39/night) that wouldn’t be out of place in a hotel. On top of having a large double bed, a 42-inch flat screen television, and a vanity area, you can also get your room made every morning – a service usually only offered at hotels. 

Upflo Hostel reception
Image credit: upflo HOSTEL

Upflo Hostel has a large common area called the UP SQUARE for travellers who want to mingle around with like-minded people. UP SQUARE also serves as a dining area.

Upflo hostel common area
Image credit:

Upflo holds free movie screenings every Friday night at 9PM in the lounge area. It’s another great opportunity to bond with your fellow travellers and chill out without having to leave the compound.

Rates: From USD34/night (single room) and from USD39/night (standard double)
Address: 18, Seocho-daero 56-gil, Seocho-Gu, 06633 Seoul, South Korea
Telephone: 02-3474-1214

5. Philstay Myeongdong Boutique – easy access to shops, cafes and sights

Philstay Myeongdong dorm
Image credit: @philstaymdbtq

Don’t be fooled by its humble exterior, for Philstay Myeongdong Boutique boasts a modern and chic interior. On top of that, it’s located in Myeongdong, a must-visit area if you’re into Korean beauty and fashion. According to people who have stayed at this female-only hostel, it’s only a 2-minute walk from Myeongdong Station exit 4.

Myeongdong shopping street
Image adapted from: @travelledpic

The hostel has 2-bed, 4-bed, 6-bed and 8-bed dormitories. A single bed in an 8-bed female dormitory starts from USD17/night. Each sleeping pod has a pull-down blind, 4 power sockets, and even a small fold out table. There’s also a well-stocked pantry, clean showers, and other basic amenities we’ve come to expect from a good hostel.

Philstay bed
Image credit:

Rates: From USD13/night (single occupancy in 8-bed female dormitory)
Address: 11, Toegye-ro 16-gil, Jung-gu, Jung-Gu, 04631 Seoul, South Korea
Telephone: 10-5719-1128

6. The ASW – traditional Japanese house-turned-hostel in Itaewon

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The ASW is the hostel for those who are ready to zen out on a relaxing solo trip. Despite being located in Itaewon – a neighbourhood known for its vibrant nightlife – this hostel provides a peaceful space for those who want to rest and recharge.   

The ASW hallway
Image credit:

In contrast to the bright red walls on the outside, the interior of the hostel is tranquil thanks to the use of natural wood and white walls.

The ASW dorm
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A single bed in either a mixed or female-only dorm starts from USD21/night. The rooms are simple but you can expect all essential amenities from towels to hairdryers to be provided. 

The ASW toilet
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The female bathroom is clean and comes with two shower cubicles and two separate toilets. 

Rates: USD21/night (single occupancy in 4-bed female dormitory)
Address: 22-34, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu,, Yongsan-Gu, 04404 Seoul, South Korea

7. Huayuan House Hongdae – shared rooms with cosy living space and attached bathroom

Huayuan House
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Huayuan House is a guesthouse situated a short distance away from the bustling main streets of Hongdae. Besides being close to Hongik University Subway Station, this is one of those hostels in Seoul that is near sights like E-Land, Kakao Friends Concept Museum, and War and Women’s Human Rights Museum.

Huayuan House dorm
Image credit:

In the dorms, you’ll find Nordic-style bunk beds with clean white sheets and a cubby to store loose items. At USD15/night, your room also comes with a small living area and a private bathroom that’s shared with 3 other roommates.  

Huayuan House toilet
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The shared bathroom is spacious and comes with a shower area, sink and toilet. Shampoo and shower gel are also provided.

Rates: From USD15/night (single occupancy in 4-bed female dormitory)
Address: 19-6, World Cup buk-ro 6-gil, Mapo-Gu, 03991 Seoul, South Korea

8. Bunk Guesthouse Hostel – meet new friends with Bunk’s parties and tours

Bunk Guesthouse
Image credit: Bunk Guest House

Bunk Guesthouse Hostel is run by a fun and easy-going owner called Bunk, who named the hostel after himself. It’s conveniently located only 500m away from Hongik University Station.

Bunk tours
Image credit: Bunk Guest House

Bunk likes to spend time getting to know his guests and show them around Seoul. That’s why he regularly holds events like tours exploring parts of Seoul and BBQ parties at the hostel’s patio or rooftop. It’s a safe and fun way for female solo travellers to make new friends.

Bunk Guesthouse dorm
4-bed female dormitory
Image credit:

You can also pick between a female or mixed dormitory for your stay. The former only comes in a 4-bed option (from USD15/night) while the latter comes in either a 4 or 6-bed option (from USD13/night)

Rates: From USD15/night (single occupancy in 4-bed female dormitory) and from USD13/night (single occupancy in mixed dormitory)
Address: 9-1, Wausan-ro 29ra-gil, Mapo-gu, Mapo-Gu, 04053 Seoul, South Korea
Telephone: 010-9180-6905

9. Dongdaemun Egghouse – private bathroom and only 100m away from station’s exit

Dongdaemun Egghouse
Image credit:

Dongdaemun Egghouse is only a 100m walk from Dongdaemun Station. The short and brightly lit path to the foreigners-only hostel makes it a perfect location for solo female travellers – no need to worry about cutting through dark or shady alleys at night. 

Dongdaemun Egghouse single bed
Single bed with en-suite bathroom
Image credit:

From just USD15/night, you can rest up at one of the single-bed rooms. It comes with an ensuite bathroom so you don’t have to wait in line when nature calls. 

While the area might seem a little small, having a private room all to yourself as a female traveller is a plus as you don’t have to always keep your guard up. 

Gwangjang market
Image credit: Samantha Chew

This is one of the hostels in Seoul that’s near famous attractions like Dongdaemun Gate, Dongdaemun Market, Gwangjang Market, and Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

Rates: From USD15/night (single room)
Address: 305-3, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Jongno-Gu, 03106 Seoul, South Korea
Telephone: 070-7755-4042

10. Hostel HARU – minimalist interiors and personal TVs

Hostel Haru
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Hostel HARU is one of those hostels in Seoul that are perfect for individuals who are looking for a no-frills, yet comfortable accommodation.

Hostel Haru dorm
8-bed female dormitory
Image credit: Hostel Haru

The rooms come with a simple and clean design but they have all the essentials (from USD24/night). On top of the usual charging outlets and individual reading lamps, there are also small night lights installed along the walkway to help guests get around easily at night. 

Hostel Haru room
Image adapted from (from right): Hostel Haru and

Each bunk comes with a television and you’ll also have access to a locker big enough to store your daily necessities, including a pair of shoes. 

Hostel Haru toilet
Image credit: Hostel Haru

Much like other parts of the hostel, the bathrooms are squeaky clean and little touches like semi-tiled walls and paintings help elevate the aesthetic of the space.

Hostel Haru common area
Image adapted from:

You can also enjoy the free breakfast provided while looking out at the view from one of the window seats in the lounge area. 

Rates: From USD24/night (single occupancy in 6-bed female dormitory)
Address: 10F-12F, 61, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-go, Seoul
Telephone: 02-732-1101

Cheap yet safe hostels for female solo travellers

It’s normal to feel intimidated at the prospect of travelling alone as a woman. Instead of just worrying, take actionable steps like booking your stay at one of these female-friendly hostels in Seoul. 

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