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Hospital Playlist X SPAO Collab Has Pyjamas That Look Like Yulje Medical Centre Scrubs, Launches 2/7

Hospital Playlist x SPAO collab on sale on 2nd July

On 1st July, Korean clothing brand SPAO announced a collaboration with one of the most popular medical dramas of all time, Hospital Playlist. It’s a great start to the month of July for fans of the drama – not only do they have new episodes to look forward to, they also have new merch to buy. 

The Hospital Playlist x SPAO collection officially launched on 2nd July. Read on to find out more about the items included in the collection, and how to buy them.

The collection includes T-shirts, pyjama sets & an eco bag

hospital playlist spao collab - shirts
Image credit: @spaofriends

The collection includes T-shirts, pyjama sets and an eco bag. Some items are emblazoned with Yulje Medical Centre’s logo, and some simply have the title of the drama, Hospital Playlist, printed on them. 

There are 4 different T-shirts in the collection, and each T-shirt costs KRW19,900 (~USD17.55)

hospital playlist spao collab - pyjama sets
Image credit: @spaofriends

The collection also includes pyjama sets that resemble the scrubs worn by the characters in Hospital Playlist

hospital playlist spao collab - pyjama
Image credit: SPAO

These pyjamas come in 3 different colours. Each pyjama set includes a button-up top with short sleeves and a pair of baggy shorts, which are perfect for hot summer nights. 

The pyjama sets cost KRW29,900 (~USD26.40) each.

hospital playlist spao collab - eco bag
Image credit: @spaofriends

If you don’t fancy the clothing items in the collection, consider getting the eco bag instead. The eco bag only comes in 1 colour, ivory, and has the Yulje Medical Centre’s logo printed on it. 

The neutral colour of this eco-bag makes it easy to pair with any outfit. Each bag costs KRW15,900 (~USD14)

How to buy the items in the collection

You can get your hands on these Hospital Playlist merchandise by ordering them on SPAO’s website

Unfortunately, there’s no international shipping option. If you live outside of Korea, you can either engage a concierge service or get a friend in Korea to buy it for you.

hospital playlist spao collab - giveaway
Image credit: @spaofriends

If you’re staying in Korea, SPAO is holding a special giveaway for everyone who purchases anything from the Hospital Playlist x SPAO collection via their website, from 2nd July to 18th July. The lucky winner will be announced on 19th July, and they will walk away with a T-shirt signed by the 5 main characters of Hospital Playlist. Good luck! 

Hospital Playlist x SPAO collab 

The Hospital Playlist x Spao collection is a dream come true for fans of the medical drama. 

The 2nd season of Hospital Playlist is currently airing – if you haven’t watched it, read our Hospital Playlist 2 review to get started, but do watch out for spoilers. 

You can watch both seasons of Hospital Playlist on Netflix.

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Cover image adapted from: @spaofriends and @spaofriends