Doom at Your Service finale

For many of us, Doom at Your Service has been a source of happiness for the past 2 months. Now that the fantasy romance drama has ended, we are grappling with the absence of Doom in our lives. 

Doom at Your Service has brought us through a rollercoaster of emotions, and our prayers were answered when Myul Mang and Dong-kyung finally received the happy ending that they deserved. Here’s what we loved about the Doom at Your Service finale, and what we felt could’ve been better. 

What we loved

1. Dong-kyung is cured of her sickness

doom at your service finale - dong-kyung cured
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Though this happened in the penultimate episode, we felt that it was worthy of a mention. 

In the 1st episode, Dong-kyung was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a cancer that doesn’t have a cure. Doctor Jung Dang-myun, a quirky character we’ve grown to love, told her that she only had 100 days to live.

However, in episode 15, Dang-myun is gobsmacked when he realises that Dong-kyung’s tumour has shrunk. He predicts that the tumour will be completely gone in a week. Confused, he wonders if he had misdiagnosed Dong-kyung’s condition, but she assures him that she’s simply lucky.

But we know the real reason – Myul Mang exchanged his life for Dong-kyung’s, choosing to disappear forever so that the love of his life could live. Despite the good news, Dong-kyung remains quiet and doesn’t seem happy. 

It kills us to have to choose between Myul Mang and Dong-kyung. While watching episode 15, we were hoping for Myul Mang to return.

2. Myul Mang returns as a human

doom at your service finale - dong-kyung meets myul mang
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Our prayers were answered in the finale of Doom At Your Service. Dong-kyung, who has been struggling to live without thinking of Myul Mang, gapes in shock when she sees him standing next to her in the bus.

They alight, and Myul Mang tells her that they will need to use an umbrella as he no longer has the ability to stop the rain. He’s human now, and has returned to Dong-kyung’s side to be with her till the end.

doom at your service finale - dong-kyung and myul mang embracing
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Overcome with emotions, Dong-kyung hugs him tightly, causing him to drop his umbrella. This scene was a callback to the kissing scene in episode 6, where Myul Mang leans in to kiss Dong-kyung in the rain before vanishing into thin air.

3. The goddess allows everyone to remember Myul Mang

doom at your service finale - myul mang and sun-kyung
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The next day, Dong-kyung worries about reintroducing Myul Mang to her family and friends. She believes that her family and friends may remember Myul Mang differently.

Thankfully, everyone remembers Myul Mang as he is. Sun-kyung, Dong-kyung’s younger brother, rushes to hug Myul Mang upon seeing him. He tells Myul Mang that he missed him. 

Dong-kyung stares at the reunion in confusion. Myul Mang is similarly bemused, but surmises that it was probably the goddess’ doing. This is great because things would have been a lot more complicated if everyone around Dong-kyung had forgotten about Myul Mang. 

doom at your service finale - goddess
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The goddess is a confusing character. Her words are often cryptic, and she speaks in a manner that makes us unsure if she’s a good person or not. However, judging from what she has done so far, it seems like she really does love humans, and she has been helping Dong-kyung and Myul Mang. 

4. Ji-na agrees to be Joo-ik’s girlfriend

doom at your service finale - ji-na and joo-ik
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Ji-na finally admits that she has feelings for Joo-ik and agrees to be his girlfriend.

Viewers have had mixed feelings about their relationship. In fact, there seems to be 3 camps for this love triangle: Team Hyun-kyu, Team Joo-ik, and Team Ji-na. People in Team Ji-na believe that she should take some time away from both men in order to truly reflect and understand what she wants. After all, she was still struggling with her feelings for Hyun-kyu not long ago.

However, Joo-ik has always been transparent about his feelings. Even though he may seem a little aggressive when it comes to pursuing Ji-na, he has good intentions. We’re happy that the 2 of them are officially a couple.

5. Myul Mang is now Kim Sa-ram, a doctor

doom at your service finale - kim sa-ram
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We’re glad that the drama shows Myul Mang adjusting to life as a human, instead of simply ending with Myul Mang’s return. When Dong-kyung’s aunt asks him about his career, he tells her that he will take on the same “job” as before – being a doctor.

In the 1st episode, Myul Mang appeared in a doctor’s white coat, but without a name tag because he was Doom in disguise. This time, he dons the white coat with a name tag, which tells us that he’s officially the real deal. His name is now Kim Sa-ram – sa-ram literally means “person” in Korean. 

doom at your service finale - kim sa-ram
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Although he doesn’t have magical powers now, Myul Mang is still skilled. He manages to save a pregnant lady who was involved in a car accident. Later in the episode, the lady’s husband grasps Sa-ram’s hand tightly and thanks him for saving his wife and baby. In response, Sa-ram holds the husband’s hands and tells him that he’s thankful that they are alive.

We enjoyed seeing Myul Mang’s character develop from a person who hates humans into someone who is now actively saving humans.

6. Myul Mang & Joo-ik make kimchi together

doom at your service finale - making kimchi
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The 1st half of the final episode was filled with emotional reunions, so the comedic scenes in the next half helped to calm our hearts and dry our happy tears. 

At Joo-ik’s office, Myul Mang meets Joo-ik for the 1st time after his disappearance. Dong-kyung tells Joo-ik that she brought Myul Mang to work because he has no friends, and she’s worried about leaving him alone at home. Joo-ik raises an eyebrow and questions her. Seeing this, Myul Mang whispers, “If you don’t like him, should I kill him?”

The 2 of them meet each other again at Dong-kyung’s aunt’s house, to help make kimchi. An argument starts when Myul Mang questions the need for Joo-ik, and he tells Joo-ik that he’s helping with the kimchi because he’s family. Joo-ik doesn’t miss the chance to ask him if he has married Dong-kyung. Myul Mang admits that he hasn’t, but he will soon. 

Joo-ik tells Myul Mang that he can’t be sure of marriage because no one knows what will happen in the future. Before the argument escalates, Sun-kyung shouts at them to do their work properly. 

When asked who he was referring to, Sun-kyung says that he’s referring to his brother-in-law. But his reply only triggers Myul Mang and Joo-ik, who demand to know who the “brother-in-law” is. Sun-kyung is exasperated. Dong-kyung and Ji-na just shake their heads and continue with their work.

7. Kevin welcomes Myul Mang to the family

doom at your service finale - kevin and myul mang
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Now that Myul Mang is human, he will need to adhere to human traditions and customs, and that includes taking part in the mandatory “father and boyfriend” talk. Kevin is the husband of Dong-kyung’s aunt, Soo-ja. After Dong-kyung’s parents passed away, Kevin and Soo-ja became parental figures to Dong-kyung and Sun-kyung. 

Halfway through a family dinner, Kevin signals Myul Mang to meet him outside of the house. Kevin tells him that he’s family now, so both himself and Myul Mang have to be responsible for the family, and for the happiness of Soo-ja, Dong-kyung and Sun-kyung. Kevin also tells Myul Mang that he will be responsible for Myul Mang’s happiness, since he’s part of his family. 

Though it was a heartwarming conversation, we couldn’t help but giggle at the strange way the 2 of them communicated. Kevin spoke in English while Myul Mang replied in Korean. 

What could be better

1. Myul Mang & Dong-kyung should have gotten married

doom at your service finale - dong-kyung and myul mang
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The Doom at Your Service finale tied up loose ends nicely, so there really isn’t anything we disliked. However, it’s regrettable that Myul Mang and Dong-kyung didn’t get married in the end. 

In episode 14, Myul Mang told Dong-kyung’s family that he plans to marry Dong-kyung, shocking everyone – including Dong-kyung. When Sun-kyung brings Myul Mang aside to talk privately, he gives Myul Mang his savings and tells him to use the money for the wedding. Ji-na is shocked as well, but she tells Dong-kyung to do everything with no regrets. 

At the end of the last episode, Myul Mang tells Dong-kyung that they should get married soon, and she laughs. After everything they have been through, it would be nice to have a wedding scene, especially when marriage was brought up so often. 

Nevertheless, the drama concluded beautifully, with the couple teasing each other under a night sky with shooting stars – stars that brought them together in the 1st episode. 

Doom at Your Service finale – our final thoughts

Sun-kyung deserves a special mention for his transition from a selfish and childish person to the mature and caring brother that Dong-kyung needs. 

After learning about his sister’s illness, he did everything he could to make her happy, and the most touching part was when he offered Myul Mang his savings for his sister’s wedding. The Sun-kyung we saw in the 1st episode wouldn’t have that.

In conclusion, Doom at Your Service wrapped up nicely, and it was an enjoyable drama from start to finish. Mondays and Tuesdays won’t feel the same without episodes of Doom at Your Service to look forward to, but we have new dramas to add to our watch list in July. 

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