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New Samcheong Baskin Robbins Store In A Hanok Brings Newtro Flavours To You For The Ultimate Nostalgia Trip

Baskin Robbins store in Samcheong-dong

Baskin Robbins – an American ice-cream chain – has opened a new store in Korea, but what makes it special is how it sits in a hanok. The Baskin Robbins Samcheong Madang store not only lets customers travel in time but also serves fusion Korean desserts that mix traditional and modern flavours together.

First Baskin Robbins hanok store

Baskin Robbins Hanok Samcheong - Night view
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With the rise of hanok cafes, it’s no surprise the Baskin Robbins has decided to jump onto the bandwagon and open their first hanok store in Korea. The Baskin Robbins Samcheong Madang store recently opened its doors on 23rd October 2020. The new store’s name includes “madang”, which means “courtyard”, as the cafe’s layout includes a courtyard typical of traditional hanoks.

Baskin Robbins Hanok Samcheong - Counter
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Baskin Robbins Hanok Samcheong - Interior
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Customers can sit inside the store, which is furnished with modern wooden furniture. If you want to immerse yourself in nature, you can sit outdoors in the madang and bask in the sun, just like people did back in the day.

Baskin Robbins Hanok Samcheong - Courtyard, madang, outdoor seats
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Red bean and sweetcorn toppings used for the ice creams are stored in 2 golden traditional Korean stoves at the counter, further driving home the newtro appeal of the hanok store.

Baskin Robbins Hanok Samcheong - Korean traditional stoves
Golden traditional Korean stoves at the counter
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Desserts and drinks are served on a modern gujokban – a portable dining table commonly used during the Joseon dynasty – and customers are provided with traditional golden sujeo (cutlery). 

Limited edition menu with retro fusion flavours

Baskin Robbins Hanok Samcheong - Madang packaging
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The new hanok store comes with an exciting menu featuring newtro flavours where traditional Korean favourites, such as black sesame and rice cakes, are incorporated into modern desserts and drinks.

Baskin Robbins Hanok Samcheong - Madang Soft Serve
Madang Soft Serve (Black Sesame) (left) and Madang Soft Serve (Corn) (right)

Image adapted from: @baskinrobbins_look and @baskinrobbins_look

Fresh on the menu is the Madang Soft Serve (KRW4,500, ~USD3.99), which comes in two flavours – black sesame and corn. The soft serve is drizzled with light sesame oil to add a savoury finish to it.

Baskin Robbins Hanok Samcheong - Wawa Tteok
Wawa Tteok

Image credit: @baskinrobbins_look

The Wawa Tteok (KRW5,800, ~USD5.15) transforms Korea’s traditional tteok – also known as rice cake – into the shape of a waffle. The waffle is crispy on the outside and filled with chewy injeolmi tteok on the inside. The dessert is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Baskin Robbins Hanok Samcheong - Sibjeondaebo Tea Blended and Black Sesame Zzontteok Blast
Sibjeondaebo Tea Blended (left) and Black Sesame Zzontteok Blast (right)
Image adapted from: @baskinrobbins_look and @baskinrobbins_look

Try the Sibjeondaebo Tea Blended (KRW5,900, ~USD5.24), which gives you a taste of unique Sibjeondaebo herbs in perfect harmony with pear slush. The drink is topped with honey-dipped walnuts and jujubes. For the same price, you can also get the Black Sesame Zzontteok Blast, which combines savoury black sesame with sweet mochi.

Baskin Robbins Hanok Samcheong - Sweet Pumpkin Sikhye Blast
Sweet Pumpkin Sikhye Blast
Image credit: @baskinrobbins_look

The Sweet Pumpkin Sikhye Blast (KRW5,900, ~ USD5.24) is a sweet pumpkin sikhye (rice punch) blend with yugwa – a traditional Korean crispy snack.

Baskin Robbins Hanok Samcheong - Madang Sundae
Madang Sundae (Honey Butter Corn) and Madang Sundae (Black Sesame & Red Bean)
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The Madang Sundae (KRW5,200, ~USD4.61) is the store’s main signature item, only sold at the Samcheong-dong Madang branch. It comes in 2 flavours – Honey Butter Corn and Black Sesame & Red Bean.

Baskin Robbins Samcheong Madang store

Baskin Robbins Hanok Samcheong - Madang shop logo
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The new Baskin Robbins store is located in the peaceful neighbourhood of Samcheong-dong – also home to the Bukchon Hanok Village. Customers with the HappyPoint app can enjoy a 30% off for purchases made at the new branch from now till 19th November 2020.

Address: 74 Yulgok-ro 3-gil, Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: 10AM-9PM, Daily

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Cover image adapted from: @jahn625 and @baskinrobbins_look