All Of Us Are Dead ending explained 

While the title of All Of Us Are Dead sounds like all hope for humanity is lost, the ending of the first season of the blockbuster Netflix series left us with glimmers of hope and mysteries that illuminate a possible season two. 

Here is a breakdown of the All Of Us Are Dead ending explained – spoilers ahead!

Not all of them are dead

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Contrary to the show’s title, six students survive and make it to the quarantine camp alive: Nam On-jo, Lee Su-hyeok, Jang Ha-ri, Park Mi-jin, Yang Dae-su, and Seo Hyo-ryeong. 

Choi Nam-ra, who’s turned into a human-zombie hybrid, also survived, but she’s isolated from the rest of her friends as she tries to suppress her thirst for blood as a half-zombie. 

Our beloved Lee Cheong-san appears to have perished in flames together with his mortal enemy, Yoon Gwi-nam. However, our instincts tell us that there is a possibility that they could have survived.

Nam-ra and the other evolved zombies

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Months after staying in the quarantine camp, On-jo sneaks out to a memorial she made on a mountain tree for her fallen friends – I-sak, Cheong-san, and Nam-ra. 

There, she notices a campfire lit on the rooftop of their school, and concludes that Nam-ra could still be alive. Earlier in the series, Nam-ra said that they should light a campfire together if they were to ever meet again. 

All of us are dead ending explained - nam ra will be back
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True enough, Nam-ra emerges from the darkness to reunite with her friends. She says that there are other evolved zombies like her, which sets up an intriguing premise for her character in the possible second season. 

The Jonas Virus – the zombie virus in All Of Us Are Dead – can mutate into variants to form evolved zombies that retain their original personality and rationality – just like Nam-ra. A similar storyline was also explored in a 2021 Korean zombie series called Happiness.  

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Although Nam-ra is infected, she retains her sanity and does not completely turn into a mindless monster. However, she faces a lonely battle as it is difficult for her to assimilate back into society and stay with her friends. 

With her character’s studious nature, it is possible that she can help find a cure for the raging outbreak of zombies in Season 2 of All Of Us Are Dead. 

Cheong-san and Gwi-nam’s possible survival

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As seen in the second last episode of the series, Cheong-san was bitten by his half-zombified schoolmate, Gwi-nam, while the former attempted to sacrifice himself for his friends. 

He is then plunged into a pit of fiery flames with Gwi-nam, and appears to have met a tragic death as all that remained of the scene were a pile of ashes and bodies. 

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But as with most Korean thrillers, we should expect the unexpected – it wouldn’t be a surprise if Lee Cheong-san defies death and comes back from the dead. We never actually got to see Cheong-san’s corpse on screen, after all. 

However, if Cheong-san does come back, there is also a possibility that the pesky Gwi-nam will survive together with him. 

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Since Cheong-san was bitten, perhaps he’ll return as a half-zombie in Season 2, and a rematch between him and Gwi-nam may await us. 

Potential vaccine could be exploited

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Lee Byeong-chan, Hyosan High’s science teacher, was the root cause of the zombie outbreak as he was the mastermind behind the Jonas Virus. 

He intended to instill strength in the weak and tried to protect his son by exposing him to the Jonas virus so that he could become strong enough to fend off his bullies.

However, this obviously did not end well, with the world facing irreversible consequences.

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In the final episode of All Of Us Are Dead, government officials stormed into the science teacher’s home to retrieve his research. There, they found his zombified son and wife in chains. The officials seized the zombies and transported them to government facilities unharmed. 

If there is a sequel, it could entail the government studying the zombies to create a vaccine or an antidote. But on the flip side, greedy officials could exploit it for money or even biological warfare. 

In the webtoon Now At Our School by Joo Dong-geun, the virus spread to Japan, so Season 2 of All Of Us Are Dead could follow a similar plot. 

All Of Us Are Dead ending explained 

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With the show’s roaring popularity, it is likely that the All Of Us Are Dead will be renewed for a second season, where our burning questions may finally be answered. 

The director even revealed that the series was officially written with a second season in mind! Now, the only thing to do is wait. 

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