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Yeo Jin-goo blew the audience away in the Baeksang Award-winning Beyond Evil, where he played a morally-grey detective who’s determined to get to the bottom of a 20-year-old serial murder case. And so, it wasn’t a surprise when we found out that he was offered the lead role in an upcoming drama called Link

A drama where people can feel the emotions of others

Link is a fantasy romance drama with elements of mystery. The show follows the lives of the main characters, Noh Da-hyun and Eun Gye-hoon. 

One day, Gye-hoon suddenly experiences the emotions of a woman called Noh Da-hyun. Could it be fate that brought the two together? 

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Yeo Jin-goo has been offered the role of Eun Gye-hoon. Gye-hoon is a restaurant owner who operates his restaurant in the same area where his twin sister died 20 years ago. Gye-hoon finds himself laughing and crying out of nowhere, and discovers that these emotions are not his own, but of a woman named Noh Da-hyun.

Kim Seon-ho was reportedly offered the same role back in November 2020. There has been no updates about Seon-ho’s appearance in Link, but we know that he’s preparing for an upcoming drama called Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. The drama will be premiering in August.

Moon Ga-young is also in talks to star in Link

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Moon Ga-young has been offered the role of Noh Da-hyun. Da-hyun considers herself unlucky in all aspects of life. One day, she meets Gye-hoon, her neighbour, and discovers that he’s been experiencing all her emotions. How will their relationship unfold after this?

Yeo Jin-goo may star as the male lead in Link

Yeo Jin-goo showcased a spectacular performance in Beyond Evil earlier this year, and fans have been eager to see more from him. His company confirmed that he’s currently reviewing the offer to star in Link, and we hope to hear good news soon. 

Meanwhile, you can stay updated on Yeo Jin-goo’s whereabouts via his official Instagram account.

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