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Starbucks Korea’s 2nd 2022 Spring Collection Welcomes The Cherry Blossom Season In Full Bloom

Starbucks Korea 2022 Spring Phase 2 

Starbucks Korea’s seasonal collections are something fans look forward to for their limited edition creative designs.

Spring in Korea marks the cherry blossom season, when flowers are in full bloom. The Spring Phase 2 Starbucks collection features merchandise and a seasonal menu redolent of cherry blossoms. 

Special springtime Starbucks Korea menu items

To welcome the spring, five new menu items have been added.

starbucks korea 2022 spring - midnight bergamot cold brew
Image credit: @starbuckskorea

In 2021, the Midnight Bergamot Cold Brew sold more than a million cups in a month. Due to high demand for the drink, it has been relaunched in 2022 as a seasonal item.

starbucks korea 2022 spring - strawberry dream matcha latte
Image credit: @starbuckskorea

Matcha lovers will be delighted by the Strawberry Dream Matcha Latte, which is a refreshing and sweet strawberry latte topped with a shot of matcha.

starbucks korea 2022 spring - pink crystal chamomile tea
Image credit: @starbuckskorea

The caffeine-free Pink Crystal Chamomile Tea is a lemonade that combines the flavours of chamomile, mint tea, and mangosteen. The drink is garnished with sugar-free candies in the shape of cherry blossoms.

starbucks korea spring 2022 - lasagna & vegetable meal box
Image credit: @starbuckskorea

The Lasagna & Vegetable Meal Box is a set meal that includes plant-based meat, grilled vegetables, and lasagna. It is priced at KRW6,700 (~USD5.49).

starbucks korea spring 2022 - cherry blossom chocolate cake
Image credit: @starbuckskorea

Another spring menu item is the Cherry Blossom Chocolate Cake (KRW6,300, ~USD5.17), which is a black chocolate cake layered with cherry whipped cream. 

New merchandise in pink and purple

The new spring merch collection includes products such as mugs, cold cups, tumblers, thermos, and bags, all of which are available in shades of purple and pink.

starbucks korea 2022 spring - flower handle glass and ceramic teacup set
Image adapted from: Starbucks Korea and Starbucks Korea

The Flower handle glass is a heat-resistant cherry blossom-shaped mug with a capacity of 355ml.

The Ceramic teacup set comes with two teacups that have a capacity of 89ml each and are painted with delicate pink and purple cherry blossom petals, and they’re great for a relaxing afternoon tea.

starbucks korea 2022 spring - cherry blossom bud ceramic mug & blooming blue handle mug
Image adapted from: Starbucks Korea and Starbucks Korea

The Cherry blossom bud ceramic mug can hold up to 355ml of liquid, and is designed to look like the petals and leaves of a cherry blossom.

The Blooming blue handle mug, which is painted in a light blue colour with designs of white cherry blossoms, has a capacity of 355ml and is a sturdy cup that is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Prices of the mugs range from KRW18,000 (~USD14.74) to KRW28,000 (~USD22.94).

For those looking for portable cups, the pretty cold cups, tumblers, and thermos are the way to go.

starbucks korea 2022 spring - plain coloured cold cups
Image credit: Starbucks Korea

There are plain coloured cold cups, which cost KRW19,000 (~US15.57).

starbucks korea 2022 spring - studded cups
Image adapted from: Starbucks Korea and Starbucks Korea

If you prefer something more fancy, these studded cups (KRW27,000, ~USD22.13) will be just right up your alley.

starbucks korea 2022 spring - cold cups emblazoned with cherry blossoms motifs
Image credit: Starbucks Korea

To match the season, Starbucks Korea is also selling cold cups emblazoned with cherry blossom motifs (KRW35,000, ~USD28.67).

For even better insulation, go for the tumblers.

starbucks korea 2022 spring - pink siren tumbler & iceland tumbler
Image adapted from: Starbucks Korea and Starbucks Korea

Some tumblers, such as the Pink Siren Tumbler (KRW31,000, ~USD25.44) and the Iceland Tumbler (KRW35,000, ~USD28.71), are coated in a solid colour.

starbucks korea 2022 spring - pink elma tumbler
Image credit: Starbucks Korea

The Pink Elma Tumbler is a tumbler printed with a design that showcases a birds eye view of cherry blossom in the mountains and a cable car that passes through it.

starbucks korea 2022 spring - miir cluster tumbler
Image credit: Starbucks Korea

If you prefer simpler tumblers, the Miir Cluster Tumbler (KRW33,000, ~USD27.08) has an intricate but minimalist cherry blossom design in gold.

The merchandise line includes other household goods such as an umbrella, a picnic mat, and a coaster.

starbucks korea 2022 spring - lavender waterfront umbrella
Image credit: Starbucks Korea

The Lavender Waterfront Umbrella sells at KRW23,000 (~USD18.83), and has designs of a cherry blossom tree and petals on both sides of the umbrella.

starbucks korea 2022 spring - fantasy acrylic coaster
Image credit: Starbucks Korea

You can protect your tabletops with the Fantasy Acrylic Coaster (KRW7,500, ~USD6.60), which is not only affordable, but also aesthetically pleasing as it bears drawings of cherry blossoms in pink, white and blue. 

Cards with a cherry blossom design

Starbucks Korea introduced new gift card and loyalty card designs with cherry blossom patterns.

starbucks korea 2022 spring - physical gift card
Image credit: Starbucks Korea

These special cards, available in both electronic and physical forms, can be purchased on the Starbucks Korea website and in physical stores.

starbucks korea 2022 spring - electronic gift card
Image adapted from: Starbucks Korea

Say hello to spring with Starbucks Korea 2022 Spring Phase 2

Starbucks Korea’s 2022 Spring Phase 2 collection is available in most physical stores till 11th April 2022.

Head down to a Starbucks outlet to grab these limited edition goods that are perfect for the cherry blossom season before they run out of stock!

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Cover image adapted from: Starbucks Korea