Kim Young-dae leaves School 2021

Fans looking forward to Kim Youngdae in School 2021 received a rude shock on 15th July – he will be stepping down from the show’s line-up. It has since been confirmed by his agency, but KBS says otherwise. 

Here’s what you have to know about his withdrawal from School 2021.

Reasons for his departure

In May 2021, Kim Young-dae was set to play the role of Jung Young-joo in the long-awaited School 2021. Young-joon is a mysterious transfer student who has a hidden past with the main character, Gong Ki-joon, before entering vocational high school. 

However, there were significant changes made to the character Kim Young-dae was supposed to play, and hence, he decided to leave the drama.

kim young-dae school 2021 - reason for departure
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After Kim Young-dae’s company confirmed his departure from School 2021, media outlets started reporting that the actor received a casting offer for the male lead role in Shooting Star, alongside Lee Sung-kyung, who received an offer in April. 

Kim Young-dae was offered the role of Gong Tae-seong, an A-list actor in showbiz who masks his actual personality with a clean-cut image in public. 

KBS responds to the sudden news

KBS has followed up with a statement regarding Kim Young-dae’s sudden exit from School 2021.

KBS shared that Kim Young-dae’s decision was one-sided and done with no negotiations. Kim Young-dae’s agency conveyed the news while KBS was preparing to start production of the drama in early July. 

KBS and the production team have not agreed to the actor’s abrupt decision to leave and are trying to settle this situation on good terms.

Kim Young-dae will no longer be in School 2021

It’s a shame that we will no longer be seeing Kim Young-dae in School 2021. However, if what KBS says is true, it would be good if the actor can be more professional when making decisions that will affect not just himself, but also other staff members. 

School 2021 is slated to air in the second half of 2021.

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