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Kakao Friends Launches Ryan In Pink & In Love, Makes A Perfect Gift For White Day

Kakao Friends launched pink version of Ryan 

Ryan is arguably the most popular Kakao Friends character. From adorable Ryan shrimp plushie to Ryan soju cups, there can never be enough merchandise to satisfy loyal fans of the character. However, the recent launch might just change your mind and help you reach merch nirvana. 

Ryan is now available in pink

Kakao Friends Ryan - the pink Ryan and mini versions of pink Ryan
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

Fans of Kakao Friends will know that the signature colour of Ryan is orange. But what if a heart-eyed, pink version of the character was launched? Cuteness overload.

Pink Ryan couldn’t be more apt for the upcoming cherry blossom season and White Day in Korea. Besides an eye-catching colour, the pink Ryan plushie is also adorned with heart shapes everywhere – in his eyes, on his chest, and even his feet!

Kakao Friends Ryan - pink Ryan
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

It’s hard to keep our eyes off the cuddly pink Ryan, but don’t be fooled by its cute exterior – he’s gigantic. 

Pink Ryan weighs about 2kg, which means he’s not the cuddliest sleeping companion. However, you can comfortably lean against it while watching Netflix. 

This huge soft toy is priced at KRW129,000 (~USD106.81). 

Kakao Friends Ryan - mini versions of pink Ryan and Apeach
Mini versions of pink Ryan and Apeach
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

But for the more practical folks out there, there are mini versions of pink Ryan and Apeach, which can be used as a throw pillow.

You can grab the mini version of Ryan at KRW39,000 (~USD32.29), whereas the Apeach soft toy is priced at KRW29,000 (~USD24.01).

Kakao Friends Ryan - cute jelly PJ set
Who says homewear has to be plain and mundane?
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

What do we call winding down with a cute set of PJs while deciding on which K-drama to watch next? Flex.

If you look closely, the Ryan prints on the PJs take the form of gummy bear jellies. That’s right, Kakao Friends has launched a jelly PJs set for all homebodies out there.

The pink and green sets are available at KRW59,000 (~USD49.80) each, while the yellow set is priced at KRW39,900 (~USD33.17). This is a sign for you to level up your homewear game, period. 

Available in two flagship stores

Kakao Friends Ryan - Kakao Friends flagship stores
Image credit: @kakaofriends_official

Unfortunately, pink Ryan isn’t here to stay. If you’re lucky enough to be in Korea right now, pay a visit to the Kakao Friends’ flagship stores located at Gangnam and Hongdae. 

Pink Ryan seems to be only available at the flagship stores for now. But if you’re looking for the pyjamas, you’re in luck – they’re sold on Kakao Friend’s official online store

Kakao Friends Ryan showers you with love this White Day 

If pink Ryan makes you squeal with excitement, you’re not alone. For lovebirds out there who’re in search of a unique gift idea, why not make a trip down to Kakao Friends’ flagship store and grab one for your significant other?

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Cover image adapted from: @kakaofriends_official and @kakaofriends_official