Kakao Friends X Care Bears

If you thought Apeach and Ryan couldn’t get any cuter, you’re in for a treat as Kakao Friends recently joined hands with the iconic Care Bears to release Ryan and Apeach merch in rainbow colours.

Ryan and Apeach available in pastel rainbow colours

Kakao Friends X Care Bears - ryan and apeach
Image credit: Kakao Friends

Loved for their bright and lively colours, the Care Bears are a fond childhood memory for many of us.

Fans of Kakao Friends should look forward to this collaboration as it sees the already adorable Ryan and Apeach Care Bear-ified in pastel colours that resemble cotton candy.

Kakao Friends X Care Bears - ryan carebear
Image credit: Kakao Friends

The colourful Ryan plushie (KRW 32,000, ~USD26.09) is the perfect size for cuddling, and it will keep you company on nights when you don’t have anyone to hold. 

From Ryan’s purple nose to the characteristic heart-shaped paws on its feet, the plushie will remind you of the loveable Care Bears.

Kakao Friends X Care Bears - ryan cute tail
Image credit: Kakao Friends

Kakao Friends X Care Bears - apeachImage credit: Kakao Friends

The limited-edition Apeach plushie (KRW 32,000, ~USD26.09) has heart-shaped cheeks, and it’ll make for a great gift for your significant other to brighten their day.

Kakao Friends X Care Bears - apeach butt
Apeach with tiny hearts on his fluffy butt
Image credit: Kakao Friends

Kakao Friends X Care Bears - cute face wash headband
Image credit: Kakao Friends

Besides plushies, the collab also has lifestyle goods. 

With the fluffy face wash headband (KRW13,000, ~USD10.60), your night routines won’t have to be boring as you can wash up in style and comfort.

Kakao Friends X Care Bears - phone case and keyring
Image credit: Kakao Friends

For those who prefer something more practical, you can get the heart-shaped keyring to personalise your belongings. 

Kakao Friends X Care Bears - keyrings
Image credit: Kakao Friends

The keyrings are priced at KRW10,000 (~USD8.15) and are available in two colours: purple and pink. 

More products to be released on the 8th of April

Kakao Friends X Care Bears - all products
Image credit: Kakao Friends

If you’re a fan of Kakao Friends, keep your eyes on Kakao Friend’s official online store as more products, such as room slippers and phone cases, will be available on 8th April.

Take note that the official online store doesn’t offer international shipping, but you can engage a parcel forwarding service to purchase these adorable goods if you don’t live in Korea.

Kakao Friends collab with Care Bears is unbearably cute

Kakao Friends never misses with their collabs – they have always delivered cute merchandise that sell like hotcakes.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for your friends or loved ones, make sure to get your hands on the limited edition Kakao Friends X Care Bears goods before they’re sold out. 

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Cover image adapted from: Kakao Friends

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