Park Ju-hyun to star in Drive, an action thriller film

On 8th June, it was reported that Park Ju-hyun will take on the female lead role in an upcoming action thriller film, Drive. This will be her first lead role in a movie.

As a rookie actress, getting the female lead role in a movie is an incredible achievement. 

A popular streamer tries to escape from a speeding car

park ju-hyun drive - park ju-hyun inmouse
Park Ju-hyun in Mouse.
Image credit: tvN 드라마(Drama)

Drive is about a popular live-streamer who tries to escape from the trunk of a speeding car. The main cast of Drive consists of Park Ju-hyun, Kim Yeo-jin, Kim Do-yoon, and Jung Woong-in.

Park Ju-hyun will play Han Yu-na, the popular streamer who is forced to stream her escape live on YouTube. She will only be able to live if she earns a large sum of money from her stream. 

park ju-hyun drive - yeo-jin in vincenzo
Kim Yeo-jin in Vincenzo.
Image credit: tvN 드라마(Drama)

Kim Yeo-jin takes on the role of detective Park Jung-sook, the only person who helps Han Yu-na. Yeo-jin last acted in Vincenzo as the lawyer Choi Myung-hee. She’s also appeared in Extracurricular as Lee Hae-kyung, a policewoman.

Kim Do-yoon plays Choi PD, the CEO of an agency. Choi PD’s role in the movie has not  been revealed yet. Do-yoon acted in the zombie movie Peninsula as Goo Chul-min, a refugee from the Peninsula who is living in Hong Kong.

Jung Woong-in takes on the role of director Na Jin-soo, who makes use of Yu-na’s ambition to make secret deals. Currently, there isn’t much information on his role.  Woong-in is an experienced actor who has acted in numerous dramas, such as Prison Playbook and My Sassy Girl.

The release date for Drive has not been confirmed yet. It’s reported that filming started on 6th June. 

Ju-hyun won “Best New Actress” at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards

park ju-hyun drive - ju-hyun in extracurricular
Image credit: Netflix

Ju-hyun starred in Extracurricular as Bae Gyu-ri, a wealthy and popular student in school with good grades. She was recognised for her great acting in the drama, and was awarded the “Best New Actress” award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards.

park ju-hyun drive - ju-hyun in mouse
Image credit: tvN 드라마(Drama)

She also starred as Oh Bong-yi in Mouse, alongside Lee Seung-gi, who took on the role of Jung Ba-reum. Bong-yi is a high school student who has a crush on Ba-reum, until she discovers his dark secret.

Park Ju-hyun in Drive

Given her stellar performance and experience in thriller dramas such as Mouse and Extracurricular, we are sure that Ju-hyun will do well in Drive.

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