Imsil Cheese Theme Park

Many Korean dishes feature cheese in abundance – think dakgalbi and Korean hotdogs. If you love cheese as much as Koreans, Imsil Cheese Theme Park is the perfect spot to add to your itinerary.

Though the theme park is mainly catered to kids, adults can have their fair share of fun too. The best part is that admission is free.

About Imsil Cheese Theme Park

imsil cheese theme park - about the park
Image credit: @kimjaehaklanscape

Imsil Cheese Theme Park opened its doors in 2004. It was built by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to commemorate the efforts of a Belgian priest, Didier t’Serstevens, who created this cheese and brought the economy back on its feet in the 1960s.

imsil cheese theme park - exterior
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Imsil Cheese Theme Park sits on a land space of about 32 acres in Imsil, and is designed like a village you would see in Switzerland.

imsil cheese theme park - swiss village
Images adapted from: @snowman631 and 광주반하다

The theme park is also dotted with cute statues all around, with some of them inspired by classic cartoons characters such as The Smurfs

imsil cheese theme park - smurfs
Images adapted from: @so1_so2__ and @so1_so2__ 

The most eye-catching building here is the gigantic cheese wheel that is used as an observatory. Inside, you can get a birds-eye view of the entire theme park.

imsil cheese theme park - giant cheese observatory
Image credit: @songin4803

You can also find other cheese structures around the park.

imsil cheese theme park - cheese structures
Images adapted from: @ban_teak_ki and @ban_teak_ki

Come spring, the theme park is filled with colourful blooms in red, yellow and pink – a mesmerising sight indeed. 

imsil cheese theme park - in spring
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– What to do in Imsil Cheese Theme Park –

Besides taking pictures with the statues and gaping in awe at the giant cheese wheel, here are some other things you can do at Imsil Cheese Theme Park.

1. Make your very own cheese & pizza at the Experience Center

imsil cheese theme park - mozzarella cheese making class
Image credit: @iamseunghwan

Try your hand at making your very own Mozzarella Imsil cheese in the cheese making program (치즈체험) at the Experience Center. It costs KRW13,000 (~USD11.55) per participant, and you get to take your cheese home too.

imsil cheese theme park - mozzarella cheese making class 2
Mozzarella cheese making class
Images adapted from: @been.ssue and @been.ssue

You can also choose to go for a pizza making course (피자체험), where you can prepare a pizza for 1, and enjoy it after the class. This course costs KRW12,000 (~USD10.66).

imsil cheese theme park - pizza making class
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To register for either of these courses, click here.

2. Check out the Trick Eye Museum

imsil cheese theme park - trick eye museum 2
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The Trick Eye Museum opens from 10AM-5PM from Tuesdays to Sundays, and is also free for all. The exhibits allow you to be one with famous paintings inspired by Van Gogh, and one exhibit even makes you seem like you’re floating in the air with a bunch of balloons while sitting on a cut of cheese.

imsil cheese theme park - trick eye museum 1
Images adapted from: @shinhoo__ and @shinhoo__

3. Relive childhood memories at the playground

imsil cheese theme park - playground
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The kids playgrounds at Imsil Cheese Theme Park may prove too childish for adults, but you can still go on a huge slide located near the giant cheese observatory. It’s probably more than 300m long and that will take you down a hill of flowers.

imsil cheese theme park - giant slide
Image credit: @nayoung.lee.0502

4. Visit the goats in their barns

imsil cheese theme park - goats 2
Image credit: @jianoh

Imsil Cheese Theme Park also has a barn area. Head down there to visit the resident goats here – you can even feed them with the hay placed around the area.

imsil cheese theme park - goats 1
Image credit: @jianoh

5. Fill your tummies at Hwaduk Cook

Imsil Cheese Theme Park has a restaurant called Hwaduk Cook that offers a mix of Western and Korean food. It operates from 11AM-8PM, and they take their last orders at 7PM.

imsil cheese theme park - hwaduk cook 1
Hwaduk Cook Pizza
Image credit: @ckkim79

Try their signature Hwaduk Cook pizza (KRW26,000, ~USD23.09) and shrimp risotto (KRW16,000, ~USD14.22) – both popular dishes here.

imsil cheese theme park - hwaduk cook 2
Shrimp risotto
Image credit: @ckkim79

Most customers have commented that Hwaduk Cook is pretty generous with their serving sizes, so if you have a small appetite, make sure you keep in mind not to over order.

Discover more of the restaurant’s offerings here

Getting to Imsil Cheese Theme Park

imsil cheese theme park - how to get there
Image credit: @hopefulimsil

This theme park is perfect for children and grown-ups alike, and you get to try your hands at making cheese after you go around admiring the sights here too.

Imsil Cheese Theme Park is located in Jeollabuk-do, in the south-western region of South Korea.

How to get here:

  • Take the KTX to Imsil Station via the Mugunghwa Train. Do book a ticket for a transfer train on the Korail website. An adult ticket costs KRW34,700 (~USD30.94) and a child ticket (6-12 years old) is KRW17,800 (~USD15.87). The KTX ride from Seoul to Imsil will take about 3 hours.
  • After getting off at Imsil Station, hail an orange or silver taxi to get to the theme park. Inform the taxi driver “임실치즈테마공원으로 가주세요” (eem-sheel chee-jeu teh-ma gong-won euh-ro kah-joo-say-yoh), which means “Please take us to Imsil Cheese Theme Park”. 
  • The taxi fare will be about KRW4,100 (~USD3.66), and it’s roughly a 3-minute ride. 

Address: 50 Doin2-gil, Seongsu-myeon, Imsil-gun, Jeollabuk-do
Operating hours: Tues – Sun, 9AM-6PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 0507-1338-9540

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Cover image adapted from: @songin4803 and @hopefulimsil

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