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As mischievous kids, most of us have doodled on furniture and walls, which inevitably results in a good scolding from our parents. But now, we can do it and call it art. Heartline Project is an art studio where students get to learn how to paint on all sorts of canvases, including bottles and mirrors. 

Variety of canvases

Heartline Project - paint on bottles
Image credit: @heartline_project

At Heartline Project, customers get to choose from a wide variety of surfaces to paint on, including mirrors, vases, and glass bottles. But those who want to go back to basics can opt for a regular canvas instead.

Heartline Project - acrylic paint
Image credit: @heartline_project

Most people choose to use acrylic paint for their artwork, and they get to utilise a wide variety of brushes with different tips. Other tools such as pencils and markers are also provided.

Heartline Project - paint on mirrors
Image credit: @heartline_project

If you are less confident in your artistic talent, the studio can provide you with templates and sketches, which you can then build upon. 

Heartline Project - art jamming studio
Image credit: @seul._.kia

Similar to an art jamming studio, there will be a teacher on hand to provide basic coaching. Otherwise, you can pay an additional fee for a more personalised teaching experience.

Apart from teaching you how to paint and which strokes to use, the instructors will also give specific advice for how you should care for your finished products in order to ensure its longevity. 

Heartline Project - paint on a canvas
Image credit: @heartline_project

After completing your masterpiece, the studio will wrap your artwork in decorative paper and place them in a bag to make it easier for you to take home. 

Interior with a range of photo spots

Heartline Project - interior of the art jamming studio
Image credit: @under412

The architecture of the studio is just as beautiful as the artworks within it. 

Heartline Project - painting room with red lights
Image credit: @lovejack_92

Before entering the main painting room, you’ll be led to a cloakroom that’s illuminated by red lights. Here, you can hang up your outerwear, put on the provided aprons, and snap a few selfies before you head in. 

Heartline Project - vintage aesthetic
Image credit: @annjuhyung

The rest of the studio adopts a vintage aesthetic, with mini Greek-inspiredi statues, vases filled with artificial flowers, kitschy lamps and lights, and lace tablecloths decorating the space.

Heartline Project - photozone to take pictures of your artwork
Image credit: @j_510_j

Corners of the studio are decorated strategically so that you can pictures with – or of – your completed artwork. 

Heartline Project - paintings of customers
Image credit: @heartline_project

The paintings of other customers are also displayed around the studio for others to admire and take inspiration from.

Heartline Project - date idea for couples
Image credit: @kiwijjune

Due to its aesthetic interior and engaging activities, Heartline Project is a popular dating spot for couples.

Shop from small businesses

Heartline Project - stickers sold in the studio
Image credit: @heartline_project 

True to its goal of being creatively nurturing, merchandise from independent artists, such as jewellery and art prints, are sold in the studio.

Heartline Project - blank sketches to paint on
Image credit: @___________life

Customers can also purchase additional blank sketches to bring home and paint or colour on. 

Getting to Heartline Project

If you want to spend an afternoon or even just a few hours immersed in the world of art, head down to Heartline Project and create something of your own. Sessions start at KRW19,900 (~USD15.45).

How to get there:

  • Take the train to Noksapyeong Station and exit by Exit 2
  • Walk to the Noksapyeong Station bus stop and ride bus number Yongsan 03
  • Alight in 2 stops at Great Church bus stop
  • Walk for 1 minute and you will reach Heartline Project. 

Address: B1F, 7 Hoemu-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 1pm-7pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 010-3161-6591 | Heartline Project Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @j_510_j, @annjuhyung, @heartline_project

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