Dessert bar Won Hyeong Deul’s coriander cake

Similar to the heated mint chocolate debate, coriander sparks conflict between those who enjoy the pungent scent and unique taste of the herb, and those who frown upon its soapy taste. The recent opening of Won Hyeong Deul, a dessert bar located in Seoul, captivated the attention of many netizens because of one item on its menucoriander cake

The idea of incorporating coriander into cake is so unusual that even coriander lovers may find it difficult to wrap their heads around it. 

Won Hyeong Deul coriander cake

coriander cake - won hyeong deul
Image credit: @wonhyeongdeul

At first glance, you’d think that this is a savoury 1950s-style dish decorated with coriander leaves. But upon closer look, you’ll notice that it is, indeed, a cake covered in coriander cream. 

coriander cake - grapefruit filling
Image credit: @bibigcotton08

After slicing it open, you’ll be greeted with grapefruit cream filling on the inside of the cake. Surprisingly, the combination of coriander and grapefruit – another love-it-or-hate-it ingredient – cancels out the worst of each other. Sometimes, the grapefruit cream is replaced with a lemon cream, but both citrus options work to mellow out the overwhelming taste of coriander. 

The coriander cake has been gaining traction on Instagram, with many netizens quipping that even mint chocolate lovers won’t be able to deal with the odd combination of coriander and cake. However, those who have tried the cake were pleasantly surprised as it tasted better than they’d imagined. 

Korean netizens react to the cake 

Given the strangeness of the coriander cake, many Korean netizens were in two minds. Some were game to try the cake, while others were appalled.

coriander cake - comment
Image adapted from: @gi.habibi

coriander cake - comment
Image adapted from: @g_kkuri

Instagram user @gi.habibi succinctly commented, “Yucks.” User @g_kkuri took a similar stance by commenting, “Wow this is a… nope.” 

coriander cake - comment
Image adapted from: @xong2_k 

coriander cake - comment
Image adapted from: @yejeon

In the adventurous camp, we have Instagram user @xong2_k, who commented, “I’m curious.” User @yejeon commented, “It should be possible for coriander lovers.” 

coriander cake - comment
Image adapted from: @hyeonsu898

Instagram user @hyeonsu898 tagged and challenged @hyxxnez, commenting “Do you want to try this together next year?” 

Where to try Won Hyeong Deul’s coriander cake 

coriander cake - cake
Image credit: @jxnghon

Regrettably or thankfully the cake is only available in Seoul, South Korea. If you are living in Seoul, or are planning to visit there in the near future, you can drop by Won Hyeong Deul and get a taste of their coriander cake (KRW15,000, ~USD13.13)

Address: 32-16 Chungmuro 4(sa)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Opening hours: 2PM-9PM, Closed every Sunday

Telephone: 070-7537-3216

The list of peculiar and questionable food combinations is only going to get longer from here. Perhaps anti-fans of coriander might like this – if you never try, you’ll never know.

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Cover image adapted from: @wonhyeongdeul and @bibigcotton08

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