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Research Analyst Predicts BTS’ Enlistment Will Happen In 2022 & Members Will Enlist Together, Big Hit Music Responds

BTS’ enlistment predicted to happen in 2022

All South Korean men have to serve mandatory military service. The members of BTS, one of the world’s most popular groups of all time, will need to complete their military service too. The question is how, and when?

As BTS’ older members approach 30 years old, fans are debating on whether they should enlist together or separately. On 21st April, a research analyst released a report on his analysis of HYBE Corporation and his prediction on BTS’ enlistment.

A research analyst releases a report on BTS’ enlistment

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Image credit: 방탄소년단

Analyst Yoo Sung-man, from Leading Investment & Securities, predicts that BTS members will enlist together in the 1st half of 2022.

He believes that there will be pre-made content during their military service period, so that BTS will effectively only be inactive for a year. With BTS’ current level of popularity, the group will be able to bounce back easily once they have finished their military service.

He also mentions that HYBE Corporation still has many other artists to promote during BTS’ absence, so it seems feasible for all BTS members to enlist together. 

The relationship between HYBE Corporation and Big Hit Music

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Image credit: Big Hit Entertainment

On 19th March, Big Hit Entertainment revealed that the company will be rebranding and changing its name to HYBE Corporation. The changes were put into effect on 30th March. Under HYBE Corporation, there are HYBE Platforms, HYBE Solutions and HYBE Labels.  

There are multiple entertainment companies under HYBE Labels, such as Big Hit Music, Source Music and Pledis Entertainment. BTS and TXT are under Big Hit Music. Groups under the other companies include SEVENTEEN, NU’EST and GFriend. Therefore, even if all the members of BTS enlist, they still have multiple K-pop groups to promote.

On 2nd April, HYBE Corporation acquired Ithaca Holdings, which means that HYBE Corporation will also be handling foreign artists such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Demi Lovato under HYBE America. With so many artists under their care, HYBE Corporation seems more than able to afford all the BTS members enlisting at once.

Big Hit Music responds

Big Hit Music responded to the report on the same day, stating that they have nothing more to say about the issue aside from what the members have already mentioned about military enlistment.

Jin has expressed his willingness to serve military service

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Image credit: 방탄소년단

During a press conference for their album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, BTS was asked about their thoughts on military enlistment.

Jin, the oldest member of the group, said that it’s a sensitive topic and he feels that military service is a duty. If he is called to enlist, he will be ready to do it.

Military Service Act allows exceptional pop stars to delay enlistment

On 1 Dec 2020, the Korean government revised the Military Service Act to allow exceptional K-pop stars to delay their enlistment till they are 30 years old. 

Before that, only international award-winning athletes and classical musicians were allowed to be exempted from military service. 

BTS enlistment dates are still unconfirmed

There hasn’t been any updates on BTS’ enlistment so far, and it’s best not to speculate until the company confirms the arrangements. 

When the time comes, ARMY will continue to support BTS while they are serving the military. 

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