BT21 X The Creme Shop skincare collection

Staying at home all day and working from home can be stressful. More often than not, the stress negatively affects your skin, and we really don’t need skin issues to add to our current pile of problems. 

But not to worry – BT21 and The Creme Shop have joined hands to release a skincare collection that features our favourite BT21 characters. You can now pamper yourself with this BT21 skincare collection and indulge in self-care.

A variety of BT21 skincare products to choose from

The BT21 skincare collection includes macaron lip balms, cleansing towelettes, sanitising sprays, pore strips, sheet masks, under-eye patches, and headbands. Every product is emblazoned with at least one BT21 character. 

bt21 skincare collection - lip balm
Image credit: The Creme Shop

The BT21 macaron lip balms are small and convenient to carry. These cute lip balms bear the faces of the BT21 characters, and each one has a different colour and flavour. For example, the KOYA Macaron Lip Balm (USD8) is purple and açai berry-flavoured, while the CHIMMY version is yellow and lemon-flavoured. See the complete list here.

A complete set of 7 lip balms costs USD49. The lip balms contain vitamin E and shea butter, ingredients that can keep your lips nourished while you work from home.

bt21 skincare collection - sheet masks
Image credit: The Creme Shop

The collection also includes BT21: Printed Essence Sheet Mask. 1 sheet costs USD4. A set of 8 costs USD30 and a set of 16 costs USD58

There are 8 different sheet masks in total, and each one targets a different skin concern. You can take a look here for the complete list.

bt21 skincare collection - eye patch
Image credit: The Creme Shop

The BT21: Hydrogel Under Eye Patches (USD4.50) is an essential for those who are suffering from dark eye circles thanks to long hours of staring at a screen. There are 7 different types, and each one is represented by a different BT21 character. Each eye patch also serves a different purpose. Take a look at the complete list here

A complete set of 7 under-eye patches costs USD29. Shipping starts on 15th June for this product, but you can pre-order them now.

bt21 skincare collection - towelette
Image credit: The Creme Shop

There is also the BT21: Complete Cleansing towelette, which helps remove makeup in 1 swipe. Like the other products in the collection, each pack is represented by a different BT21 character, and contains different key ingredients, such as salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid.

1 pack contains 20 towelettes and costs USD6. A set of 7 costs USD39.

bt21 skincare collection - pore strips
Image credit: The Creme Shop

Get rid of blackheads with the BT21: Bye Bye Blackheads printed pore strips. A set of 8 pieces costs USD8 and a set of 16 costs USD15.

bt21 skincare collection - headbands
Image credit: The Creme Shop

Aside from skincare products, the collection also includes BT21: 3D Teddy Headybands that can keep your hair away from your face while you work or put on a sheet mask. 

A headband costs USD12, and a set of 7 costs USD78. Shipping starts on 15th June, but you can pre-order them now.

bt21 skincare collection - sanitising sprays
Image credit: The Creme Shop

Sanitising sprays are an essential during this pandemic, and there’s no reason to stick to boring sanitising spray when you can get a cute BT21 version. 

However, the BT21 sanitising sprays are only available in the US. If you live outside of the US, you can consider engaging a concierge service. 

1 sanitising spray costs USD8 and a set of 7 costs USD49.

Where to buy the BT21 X The Creme Shop skincare collection 

You can purchase products from the BT21 skincare collection directly on The Creme Shop’s website.

The Creme Shop offers international shipping to countries in Asia, Canada, South America, Central America, and Europe.

BT21 skincare collection will soothe your skin and soul

The BT21 skincare collection is both cute and useful, so there’s no reason not to get your hands on 1 or more products from the collection.

BT21 blesses fans with new collaborations regularly, and more so now that BTS has made a comeback. Follow their Instagram page to stay updated.

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