Ediya & Nongshim potato stick milkshake

True connoisseurs know that the superior way of eating french fries is to dip it in McFlurry – the sweet and salty, warm and cold contrast is to die for. But not everyone is enlightened, and some recoil at the combination of the two. The potato stick milkshake, launched by Ediya Coffee in collaboration with Nongshim, sparked a similar debate.

Ediya Coffee is a popular Korean coffeehouse chain known for their affordable drinks, while Nongshim is one of Korea’s giant food and beverage companies. It’s only been a day since the launch of the milkshake, but it has already captivated the attention of many Korean netizens.

Sweet & salty potato stick milkshake

Potato Stick Milkshake - how it looks like
Image credit: @real.__.jmt

The collab item is called the PoStick milkshake, which is short for “potato stick milkshake”. This glorious cup is a combination of Ediya Coffee’s Origin Milkshake – which is basically a regular milkshake – and a generous amount of cheese sauce. The milkshake is topped with Nongshim’s potato stick snack.

Potato Stick Milkshake - dip it with cheese sauce
Image credit: @ediya_jangpyeong

Koreans are all for the “단짠단짠” (dan-jjan-dan-jjan; sweet-salty) combination. This PoStick milkshake will be right up your alley if you enjoy flavours similar to salted caramel. You get a touch of sweetness thanks to the origin milkshake, and a kick of salt from the cheese sauce and potato stick snack.

Potato Stick Milkshake - cheese sauce
Image credit: @ediya_dp

Netizens’ reactions 

It’s always exciting when big brands join hands to launch a creative product. Many expressed their support for the potato stick milkshake.

Potato Stick Milkshake - comment
Image credit: @myeongseon4750

Instagram user @myeongseon4750 tagged their friends and commented, “A collaboration between Ediya Coffee and potato stick. Are you curious about the perfect combination of sweet and salty? If you are, let’s meet at Ediya.” 

Potato Stick Milkshake - comment
Image credit: @juntakm88

Evidently a huge fan of the sweet and salty combination, user @juntakm88 commented, “Dan-jjan-dan-jjan is a national rule. Let’s meet at Ediya!!!” 

Potato Stick Milkshake - comment
Image credit: @1016.105

Instagram user @1016.105 tagged @doriyamm_ and commented, “We don’t have to go to Shake Shack!” 

Potato Stick Milkshake - comment
Image credit: @casstella0000

Instagram user @casstella0000 succinctly commented, “Wow daebak.” This comment sums up the general sentiment of Korean netizens in response to the launch of the milkshake.

Where you can try the potato stick milkshake 

Potato Stick Milkshake - promotional poster
Image adapted from: Ediya Coffee

It’s a pity that the potato stick milkshake (KRW4,800, ~USD4.14) is only available at Ediya Coffee chains located in Korea. However, there’s good news for those living in Korea – you can participate in two ongoing events hosted by Ediya Coffee. 

The first event, which ends on 5th September, selects three winners who will be given a mobile voucher of KRW5,000 (~USD4.33). All you have to do is follow Ediya Coffee on Instagram, and tag your friends to let them know about Ediya Coffee’s collaboration with Nongshim. Winners will be announced on 7th September.

Potato Stick Milkshake - event poster
Image credit: @ediya.coffee

The second event, which comes to a close on 6th September, selects three winners as well. If you drink a total of five drinks from Ediya Coffee including their PoStick milkshake, you will be given five stamps. After collecting the stamps, follow Ediya on Instagram and tag your friends to let them know about the collaboration.

First prize is a limited edition camping cooler, while the second prize is a free coupon for PoStick milkshake. Finally, the third prize is a discount of KRW500 (~USD0.43) on PoStick milkshake. Winners will be announced on 11th September.

Ediya Coffee’s collaboration with Nongshim

If you live outside of Korea, you can try recreating the potato stick milkshake. For maximum authenticity, search for “Nongshim potato stick” and pair it with a vanilla milkshake. Top it off with nacho cheese sauce.

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Cover image adapted from: @ediya_jangpyeong and @real.__.jmt

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