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Music Bank To Include TikTok Views In Music Scoring System, Garners Mixed Reactions From Netizens

TikTok views in Music Bank scoring

K-pop dance challenges are a popular trend on TikTok, and they have managed to earn many K-pop groups a lot of attention. With Music Bank’s new plans to include TikTok engagement as a criteria for their scoring, a change in the score charts of music shows can be anticipated. 

New criteria for K-pop songs to win

On 9th June 2021, the Korea Music Contents Association announced that they signed a data partnership with the social networking platform TikTok. 

music bank tiktok views - gaon and tiktok ceremony
Image credit: Gaon Chart

With this agreement, the Gaon Chart will begin including data from the app, starting with engagements from TikTok clips that use K-pop songs.

On 25th February 2022, KBS’ Music Bank introduced a new “social media” segment in their K-Chart scoring method, which will now include Youtube and TikTok engagement taken from the Gaon Chart. 

music bank tiktok views - music bank statement
Statement released by KBS Music Bank regarding scoring metrics for the K-Chart.
Image adapted from: KBS

With this new approach, the criteria for songs ranking on Music Bank will be calculated as follows: 60% for digital streaming, 20% for broadcast, 10% for viewer’s choice, 5% for album sales, and 5% for social media engagement. In the past, 65% was allocated to digital streaming. 

Netizens react to new system

This new charting system has received varied responses from netizens.

music bank tiktok views - twitter netizen 1
Image adapted from: @THEGIDLEROOM

Many international K-pop fan bases have started disseminating information on how to promote their faves with the new scoring metrics.

music bank tiktok views - twitter netizen 2
Image adapted from: @hooniestyles

International fans were also excited about the possibility of their favourite bands standing a better chance at charting on music shows.

However, Korean netizens have shown more unfavourable reactions to this change.

Image adapted from: theqoo

An anonymous account commented, “Isn’t TikTok highly advantageous to songs with dance challenges? It’s going to be even more advantageous now.”

music bank tiktok views - korean netizen 2
Image adapted from: theqoo

Another anonymous netizen criticised the system, saying, “TikTok. You must be kidding me.”

Image adapted from: theqoo

An anonymous commenter sarcastically added, “Wow, looks like we’ll be able to see all kinds of trends. Do it, do it. Now you’re even adding a TikTok score??”

New Music Bank scoring with TikTok views

While details about how social media engagements will be recorded have not been announced, this new criteria suggests that international fans will have a larger impact on K-pop songs charting on music shows. 

Competition for the first place on Music Bank is expected to get more intense, and the increased influence of international fans will likely be interesting to observe. 

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Cover image adapted from: KBS