Munei Cafe in Seoul

Yes, you’ve read it right – Munei Cafe is a cafe in Seoul that specialises in sandwiches disguised as cakes. If you’re up for a mind-boggling experience or simply want to find an aesthetic cafe to pop by, Munei Cafe is the place to look out for. 

Prank your friends with the sandwich cake

 Munei Cafe - sandcake
Image credit: @j_suu__

At first glance, Munei Cafe’s Sandcake looks just like a fresh cream cake with cute daisies as decorations.

Munei Cafe - sandcake
Image credit: @cafe_zzzim

However, once you cut into it, you’ll realise that it’s actually a sandwich cleverly disguised as a cake with the help of a layer of cream. For those who are on Team Salty, this will be the best birthday cake you can get. 

Munei Cafe - sandcake
Image credit: @moonji22

While a sandwich covered in whipped cream may sound odd, the sweet taste goes surprisingly well with the savoury ingredients. 

The sandwich consists of ingredients such as rye bread, apples, cheese, arugula, ham, and garlic mayonnaise – all pretty standard stuff, presentation aside. 

Munei Cafe - sandcake
Image credit: @hi_jissoo

The Sandcake is priced at KRW16,000 (~USD12.43), and you’ll have to make a reservation for it by DM-ing Munei Cafe on Instagram

Explore the cafe’s futuristic interior

Munei Cafe - interior
Image credit: @yyeuning

To get to the cafe, you’ll have to go through a narrow stairway and climb up to the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor, where a variety of wines are displayed and sold, also belongs to Munei Cafe.

Munei Cafe - interiorImage adapted from: @macciatto_official and @eatin_gmood

Upon entering the cafe, you’ll notice a screen that projects a video of ocean waves, which drenches the cafe in washes of purple when it’s darker at night.

Munei Cafe - interior
Image credit: @macciatto_official

Besides cool lighting, the cafe is also characterised by their minimalist and futuristic interior such as windows decorated with colourful geometric shapes and screed concrete floors. 

Munei Cafe - items for sale
Image adapted from: @bebedor_h and @munei_cafe

While waiting for your food, spend your time looking through the cute knick knacks on display as the cafe has small items, such as kitchenware and jewellery, for sale. 

Munei Cafe - mirrors
Image adapted from: @vanxn__ and @k.mh56

At Munei Cafe, you’ll even be able to secure some cool mirror selfies to show off your OOTD as there are many areas where you can find photo-worthy spots.

Try out their signature desserts and drinks

Munei Cafe - food
Image credit: @2seoyoung

Besides the Sandcake, Munei Cafe is also known for their Istone dessert (KRW7,000, ~USD​​5.42), which is a chewy chocolate brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and popping candy.

Munei Cafe - rare cheesecake
Image credit: @munei_cafe

Another of Munei Cafe’s signatures is their cheesecake (KRW7,000, ~USD​​5.42), which is a harmonious combination of sweet vanilla, fresh lemon, and yogurt.

Munei Cafe - menu
Image credit: @like_0ne

Apart from desserts, you can also try out Munei Cafe’s signature ades – Konglish for carbonated drinks – such as Blue Lagoon (KRW6,500, ~USD5.03) and Red Ocean (KRW6,000, ~USD4.65).

Munei Cafe - magnifying glass
Image credit: @ncozyh

On each table, you’ll find a magnifying glass on that can be used as a photo prop – we don’t know why the cafe owners decided to put them there, but it sure is fun to play with.

Getting to Munei Cafe

Munei Cafe - interior
Image credit: @dndpdpdpdpr

Hidden in the alleys of Seoul, Munei Cafe is a quirky cafe that warrants a visit if you’re into the minimalist but offbeat aesthetic.  

How to get here:

  • From Euljiro Station Line 3, go to Exit 8 and cross the crosswalk at Myungbo Art Hall.
  • Turn left and then turn right when you see an alley.
  • Once you see Wooil Coating Printing, head towards the left direction and you’ll spot Munei Cafe’s signage.

Address: 2-3F, 11 Marennae-ro 4-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 12PM-10PM | Sun 12PM-9PM
Telephone: 070-7769-0331

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Cover image adapted from: @cafe_zzzim, @eatin_gmood, @_ra_neee

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