Forest Outings in Gyeonggi-do

The green movement is all the rage these days, and the same goes for cafes in Korea. These days, greenhouse cafes have become increasingly popular as they let you get in touch with nature while chilling with a drink. Experience nature indoors at Forest Outings, a cafe with a lush garden, fountain, and even a mini man-made lake. 

2 floors with high ceilings

exterior of cafe
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Forest Outings is eye-catching even from the outside, with its tall, house-shaped brick exterior and arched windows.

interior filled with plants and bright lights
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The interior of the cafe is even more breathtaking, being entirely consumed by greenery. The effect resembles a chapel maintained by a millennial obsessed with plants.

green plants and trees around the cafe
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Tall plants dot a large area of the cafe, and potted plants are placed all around the cafe. To add to the natural aesthetic of the cafe, synthetic grass is used as flooring for some parts of the premises.

ground floor seats with plants as decoration
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seating options on the steps
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The cafe has 2 floors and there is an abundance of seating options on both floors; there are even seats along the steps that connect the first and second floors.

floor-to-ceiling windows with brick pillars
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Natural lighting is abundant in the cafe as there are plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows on the sides of the building.

glass panes on ceiling
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There are also glass panes on the roof, letting sunlight stream in just like how a greenhouse would.

red brick walls and pillars in the cafe
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A trademark feature of the cafe is its use of red brick. The walls and pillars of the cafe, as well as the exterior of the building, are all made of red brick, giving the cafe a timeless and rustic look. 

Lake with a fountain & bridge in the middle of the cafe

view of cafe from the second floor
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True to its name, Forest Outings has a mini forest in the heart of its interior.

front view of mini lake, fountain, and bridge
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In the middle of the ground floor, there is a mini man-made lake with a smalli fountain, which is illuminated by a brightly-coloured light.

plants and trees surrounding the mini lake
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The mini lake is surrounded by all sorts of trees, including many species of palm trees.

side view of bridge over mini lake
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There’s an arched bridge that spans the lake, letting customers cross over the water. This bridge is lit up by a strip of LED lights on its edge, as well as hanging star light decorations. 

Picturesque pastries, drinks & brunch food

table full of main dishes
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At Forest Outings, you can not only feast your eyes, but also your stomach.

chocolate-filled cupcake
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There is a bakery-like section of the cafe with several tables displaying all sorts of pastries and sweet treats, from cream-filled croissants to slices of strawberry shortcake.

drinks sold by cafe
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Quench your thirst with the wide selection of beverages sold by the cafe, such as fruit ades, citrus coffees, and flower teas. Drinks range from KRW5,500-9,000 (~USD4.27-6.99).

top view of a plate of salad
Image credit: @forestoutings_ilsan

One-dish meals are also available. These dishes include pastas, salads, and pizzas, and can cost anything from KRW17,000-27,000 (~USD13.20-20.96)

Getting to Forest Outings

How to get there:

  • Take the train to Baekma Station and leave by Exit 1
  • Board bus number 11 at Baekma Station bus stop.
  • In 4 stops, alight at Youngsim-dong Village bus stop
  • Walk for 5 minutes and you will reach Forest Outings. 

Address: 1124 Goyang-daero, Ilsan-dong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Daily
Telephone: 070-4154-8955

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Cover image adapted from: @hyungjune_lim, @jintaebangtae0130, @latt.tim

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