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Lee Do-hyun Wins “Best New Actor” At 57th Baeksang Awards For Role In “18 Again” 

Lee Do-hyun wins “Best New Actor” at 57th Baeksang Awards

The past year has seen a fresh crop of up-and-coming actors who aren’t just good looking, but also talented. Case in point: Lee Do-hyun, who starred in 18 Again, has just won the “Best New Actor” award at the 57th Baeksang Awards.

The award ceremony was hosted by actress Bae Suzy and comedian Shin Dong-yup, and broadcasted live on JTBC, a Korean cable channel.

Here’s the complete list of winners for the TV and Film categories. 

Nominated for his role in 18 Again

57th Baeksang Awards Best New Actor - Lee Do-hyun 2
Image credit: JTBC

Lee Do-hyun was nominated for his role in 18 Again, a drama about a washed-up middle-aged father who finds himself at the brink of a divorce. One day, he miraculously transforms back into his 18-year-old self, and he resolves to turn his life around with his newfound youth.

He took on the role of Go Woo-young, who’s actually the 18-year-old version of Hong Dae-young. Woo-young uses his transformation as a chance to return to high school and fulfil his abandoned dreams. In the process, he befriends his 2 teenage children and tries to get to know them better. 

Other nominees for “Best New Actor” 

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(L-R) Lee Do-hyun, Kim Young-dae, Song Kang, Nam Yoon-su, and Na In-woo.
Images adapted from: JTBC, SBS, Netflix, Netflix, and KBS

Lee Do-hyun was up against strong competition for the “Best New Actor” award. The nominees were as follows:

  • Lee Do-hyun in 18 Again
  • Kim Young-dae in The Penthouse: War in Life
  • Song Kang in Sweet Home
  • Nam Yoon-su in Extracurricular
  • Na In-woo in River Where the Moon Rises

57th Baeksang Awards Best New Actor - Kim Young-dae
Image credit: SBS

Kim Young-dae was nominated for his role in The Penthouse: War in Life, which revolves around wealthy families trying to cover up the murder of a young high school girl.

He played the role of Joo Seok-hoon, a brooding high school student who’s the son of a real estate magnate. He falls in love with Bae Ro-na, a gifted singer who comes from a poor family. Seok-hoon has to protect his twin sister from their abusive father, shield Ro-na from school bullies, and deal with the aftermath of contributing to the death of his tutor.

57th Baeksang Awards Best New Actor - Song Kang
Image credit: Netflix

Song Kang was nominated for his role in Sweet Home, a post-apocalyptic horror drama. The drama follows a group of survivors who find themselves trapped in Green Home, a derelict apartment building. As it turns out, they were barricaded in the building for their safety – monsters lurk right beyond the gates, ready to tear apart anyone who leaves Green Home.

He starred as Hyun-soo, an ostracised and suicidal shut-in who dropped out of high school due to bullying. Despite being faced with an onslaught of hostile monsters, he finds the strength to protect his fellow survivors, as well as a renewed sense of self.

57th Baeksang Awards Best New Actor - Nam Yoon-su 2
Image credit: Netflix

Nam Yoon-su was nominated for his role in Extracurricular, a Netflix series about a top student who runs a prostitution ring on the side. One day, his rich classmate finds out about his side hustle and blackmails her way into becoming his business partner.

He played the role of Kwak Ki-tae, a school bully who’s dating a delinquent named Min-hee. Min-hee works for the prostitution ring, despite being a minor, in order to earn enough money to buy expensive gifts for Ki-tae.
Nam Yoon-su also starred in Beyond Evil, which was nominated for the “Best Drama” category. He played the young detective Oh Ji-soo, a kind and considerate person who’s a far cry from Kwak Ki-tae.

Image credit: KBS

Na In-woo was nominated for his role in River Where the Moon Rises, a historical drama based on a Korean folktale and the 2010 novel Princess Pyeonggang. It tells the tale of Princess Pyeonggang, who has been training to become a soldier her whole life.

Na In-woo plays On Dal, a simple commoner-turned-general who falls in love with the princess. He took over the role from Ji Soo, who was embroiled in a bullying scandal earlier this year. In an episode of Radio Star, a variety talk show, In-woo revealed that he had little time to prepare for his role, and 80% of his lines were improvised.

Lee Do-hyun takes home “Best New Actor” award at 57th Baeksang Awards

Congratulations to Lee Do-hyun, the winner of the “Best New Actor” award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for him in the future, and what projects he’ll tackle next.

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