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Hwangridan Street: 10 Must-Try Foods At The Latest & Hottest Hangout Spot In Gyeongju

Hwangridan street

Housing 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Gyeongju is known for its culture and rich heritage. Located in this old city is Hwangridan Street, a district brimming with traditional architecture that has been repurposed into trendy cafes and shops. Here are 10 foods at Hwangridan Street you have to try when you’re in South Korea.

1. Hwangnam Oksusu

Image adapted from: @jjo_dalsim_1 via Instagram 

Hwangnam Oksusu sells fried corn kernels that you can’t find elsewhere. There are 2 flavours to choose from: mayo sauce and its signature Hwangnam sauce, which is a sweet and spicy homemade sauce.

Each cup of corn is only KRW3,000 (~USD2.10), and it makes a great snack to munch on as you walk down the street.

Image adapted from: @oksusu_gyeongju via Instagram 

You can also give their Corn Ice Cream (KRW4,500, ~USD3.15 a shot), which is a corn-flavoured ice cream topped with fruit loops and corn crackers.

Address: 1085 Poseok-ro, Gyeongju–si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Opening hours: 11am-9pm, Daily
Contact: 0507-1446-0533

2. Yangji Dabang

Image adapted from: @seungikjang11 via Instagram, @seungikjang11 via Instagram 

Yangji Dabang is a traditional coffee house adorned with antique furniture that make you feel like you’ve teleported back in time.

Image credit: @yjdabang via Instagram 

Try its signature Yangji Einspanner (KRW6,000, ~USD4.20) and Yangji Cream Latte (KRW6,500, ~USD4.55), which are served in old-school glasses and topped with a stick of dango (Japanese rice dumpling).

Image adapted from: @9_how via Instagram 

Despite its nostalgic decor and setting, Yangji Dabang sells trendy desserts such as the Strawberry Souffle Pancakes (KRW15,000, ~USD10.49) which consists of 2 thick slices of souffle pancakes drowned in cream, strawberry syrup and strawberry slices.

Address: 7-2 Sajeong-ro 57beon-gil, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Opening hours: 11am-8pm, Daily
Contact: 0507-1337-3009

3. Hwangnam Sand

Image credit: @hnsd1982 via Instagram 

Hwangnam Sand sells premium butter sandwiches in 8 different flavours. Some interesting flavours include Pistachio Caramel, Lemon Dill, Rum Raisin and Fig Milk.

Image credit: @hnsd1982 via Instagram

The butter sandwiches can be bought at KRW2,200 (~USD1.66) per piece or KRW17,000 (~USD12.83) for a mixed box of 8 pieces.

Each butter sandwich is handmade and individually packed, making it a great gift for any occasion. A present box and ice pack can be bought at KRW1,000 (~USD0.70)

Address: 1074-2 Poseok-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Opening hours: 12pm-8pm, Daily
Contact: 0507-1310-1206

4. From Sanglok

Image credit: @jyo_ony_cafe via Instagram 

From Sanglok is a cafe specialising in soboro choux, alternatively known as crumble cream puffs. The cream puffs come in 7 flavours including custard, chocolate, and injeolmi (roasted soya bean powder).

Image adapted from: @hugup_zigup_ via Instagram, 쭈타니 via Naver

The Matcha-flavoured cream puff is the bestselling item at From Sanglok. It is generously stuffed with thick matcha cream, and priced at KRW4,500 (~USD3.15) each. Do check the prices for the seasonal items as the prices may vary. 

Note that From sanglok is a no-kids zone.

Address: 17-5 Poseok-ro 1068beon-gil, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Opening hours: 11am-9pm, Daily
Contact: 054-748-3366

5. Noka

Image credit: @noka_gyeongju via Instagram 

Noka is a paradise for all green tea lovers.

Since it specialises in green tea and gelato, Noka’s signature item is its Green Tea Gelato that comes in 4 different levels of intensities. Each cup of gelato is KRW5,000 (~USD3.50), and you can choose up to 2 flavours to mix and match.

Image credit: @noka_gyeongju via Instagram 

Besides gelato, Noka also sells bingsu and gelatte, also known as a latte topped with a scoop of gelato ice cream. 

Its signature gelatte is the Daereungwon Gelatte (KRW7,000, ~USD4.91), which is a matcha latte topped with a scoop of matcha ice cream and cookie. The gelattes also come in other flavours including hojicha, black sesame and chocolate.

Address: 21 Poseok-ro 1068beon-gil, Hwangnam-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Opening hours: 11.30am-8pm, Daily
Contact: 0507-1308-1422

6. Gyeongju 10 Won Bread

Image credit: @kwakseongyeon1 via Instagram 

As its name suggests, Gyeongju 10 Won Bread is shaped just like a KRW10 coin, and its shop has been featured on Korean variety shows such as Omniscient Interfering View and Same Bed Different Dreams.

Video adapted from: @imhungryyyyz via Instagram 

Gyeongju 10 Won Bread only has one item on its menu, and it is none other than the mozzarella cheese bread.

Each piece of bread costs KRW3,000 (~USD2.10), which is bang for your buck (or won, in this case) as it is stuffed with a generous amount of mozzarella for that satisfying cheese pull.

Address: 1083 Poseok-ro, Hwangnam-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat-Sun 10am-10pm
Contact: 0507-1495-9981

7. Yellow Doughnut

Image credit: @yellow_doughnut via Instagram 

Yellow Doughnut specialises in stuffed doughnuts with interesting fillings such as kaya jam and butter, earl grey and blueberry cream cheese.

Some of their signature doughnuts include the Milk Fresh Cream (KRW3,700, ~USD2.60) and Vanilla Custard (KRW3,900, ~USD2.74). The doughnuts are fluffy and not overbearingly sweet, which makes it a great snack to binge on.

Image credit: @longvvly via Instagram 

Note that the doughnuts sell out fairly quickly. Typically, all doughnuts are sold out before their closing time, so we highly encourage you to make your way down earlier in the day.

Address: 1068 Poseok-ro, Hwangnam-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Opening hours: 12pm-8pm, Daily
Contact: 0507-1412-9511

8. Le Repas

Image credit: 고독한미식가 via Naver

Le Repas is known for serving pasta in hotpots. Its bestselling item is the Shrimp Rose Pasta (KRW23,000, ~USD16.20) which has a soupy rose sauce and large portions of seafood such as shrimps and squid. It has a mix of farfalle and Rotelle pasta, giving a different texture to every bite.

Image credit: 션 엘로그 via Naver 

Another popular dish is the Apple Pizza (KRW15,000, ~USD10.55) which consists of baked apple slices and mozzarella cheese, and topped with almond slices for the extra crunch.

Image credit: 여행플러스 via Naver 

If you’re of age, we recommend you get a bottle of Gyeongju Beer (KRW12,000, ~USD8.46). From dark ale to wheat ale, there are a total of 6 types of ale available. Fret not if you’re not a fan of ales – the Emille Lager or Donggung and Wolji IPA (KRW6,500, ~USD4.58) are worth a try too.

Address: 1083-4 Poseok-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Opening hours: 11.30am-7.30pm, Daily
Contact: 054-741-8201 

9. Quafe

Image credit: 딩딩 via Naver 

Quafe specialises in twisted doughnuts with 18 interesting flavours such as Mint Oreo, Maple Bacon and Raspberry Rosemary.

Image credit: @foodyeon1212 via Instagram 

Their signature twisted doughnut is named the Unicorn (KRW2,500, ~USD1.75), and it’s a cream-soda-flavoured doughnut with a rainbow-coloured glaze.

Image credit: 망땅이엄마 via Naver

You can also get your hands on the Gyeongju Special (KRW4,500, ~USD3.16), which is a matcha-and-pistachio-flavoured twisted doughnut topped with hazelnut ganache and a Cheomseongdae-shaped chocolate.

* Cheomseongdae is the oldest astronomical observatory in Asia. 

Address: 15-1 Cheomseong-ro 81beon-gil, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Opening hours: 11am-6pm, Daily
Contact: 054-705-0909

10. Oncheonjip Gyeongju

Image credit: @ppoppo.lee via Instagram 

Oncheonjip Gyeongju is a shabu-shabu restaurant that is great for solo diners as they sell single portion sets at only KRW19,500 (~USD13.74)

Each set includes a pot of soya bean paste soup, a tray of beef slices, assorted vegetables, and dipping sauces. 

Image adapted from: 쥬이쓰 via Naver 

Besides the shabu-shabu set, we encourage you to try their signature Water Parsley Meat Pancake (KRW18,000, ~USD12.68). This crispy pancake is served with spicy marinated water parsley, which helps to mellow the greasiness of the pancake.

Address: 13 Sajeong-ro 57beon-gil, Hwangnam-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Opening hours: 11am-9.30pm, Daily
Contact: 054-773-8215

Trendy foods & traditional architecture at Hwangridan street

Image credit: 김정훈 via Naver 

While you’re in the city touring the historical and archaeological sites of Gyeongju, we definitely recommend you kill two birds with one stone by paying a visit to the up and up Hwangridan street to try its many food offerings, a few of which are exclusive to the street too. 

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Cover image adapted from: @noka_gyeongju via Instagram, @foodyeon1212 via Instagram, 고독한미식가 via Naver, @9_how via Instagram 

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