Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe: 24-Hour Manhwa Cafe In Hongdae To Eat, Read & Rest In A Homey Setting

May 10, 2023

Brimming with more than 80,000 comic books and tasty yet affordable meals, Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe is an ideal space for…

Kairos: Cafe With Floor-To-Ceiling Windows, Beautiful Lake View & Customisable Coffee For Maximum Relaxation

May 10, 2023

Located away from the bustling city life, Kairos promises a serene and tranquil experience by the lake along with a…

Lady Suro Flower Tribute Park: Seaside Park With Dragon Statue & Hilltop Cafe At The End Of A Hike

May 9, 2023

Rich in history, Lady Suro Flower Tribute Park boasts beautiful views, unique sculptures, and insightful information for locals and tourists.

Cafe Neige: Cafe In The Heart Of Daegu That Looks Like A Scandinavian Cabin In The Forest

April 28, 2023

With natural sunlight streaming in from the glass windows and unique coffee choices, Cafe Neige embodies a warm, summer afternoon.

SlowButBetter: Spacious Cafe In Daegu That Makes You Feels Like You’re In An Art Museum

April 28, 2023

Boasting a huge space with a beautiful outdoor garden, SlowButBetter is a cafe situated away from Seoul that has an…

Dojjaebigol Sky Valley: Ride A Bike Over A Tight Rope In The Sky At This Goblin-Themed Valley

April 28, 2023

At Dojjaebigol Sky Valley, cycling while suspended in midair and admiring the vast blue sea is made possible. Plus, there's…

Nueseom Island: Silkworm-Shaped Island Only Accessible Twice A Day By Walking Across The Sea

April 28, 2023

Boasting a huge humanoid sculpture and tall windmills, Nueseom Island is the ideal place to soak yourself in nature and…

Dongyang Bakery Cafe: Massive Cafe In Incheon With Korea’s Top Bakers & Baristas

April 28, 2023

Cafes exuding an industrial vibe has been on the up and up, and it looks like Dongyang Bakery Cafe understood…

Gangnam Grandpa Bakery: Seaside Cafe With Sick Views, & Delicious & Affordable Sweet Treats

April 28, 2023

Gangnam Grandpa Bakery checks off the box of what every avid cafe-hopper wants: sick views and aesthetics, and affordable yet…

Ireulli Cafe: Traditional Korean House Cafe That Looks Straight Out Of A Historical K-Drama

April 28, 2023

Ireulli Cafe looks like a traditional hanok, but with modern elements. The vibes of this cafe changes every season too.